September 28, 2023
Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 3] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 3] (18+)

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Jack the Jerk, that’s what I always call my boyfriend when we have our misunderstandings. Young love, that’s how it is most of the time, he is always stirring up trouble, causing me to nag to no end then I end up looking like the troublesome one. I have always crushed on Jack right from grade 10.

When he eventually asked me to prom in our final year you could imagine how happy I was. It was a dream come true for me. The handsome boy I’ve crushed on forever actually likes me.

I had one of the best nights of my life, I got my first kiss too and since then we stuck like glue. We had a beautiful relationship even though we always had one difference or the other to settle from time to time. Jack is an athlete and he worked out a lot.

His abs, broad chest, and biceps that looked like that of Greek gods are physical results of his time spent in the gym. I’m not a vain person but his body is one of the reasons why I love him and many other girls do too.

Jack knows what he has and how to use it therefore girls flooded him not minding that he was in a relationship.

I on the other hand too wasn’t doing that bad. I’m what you call a boss ass bitch, cause damn, have you seen my ass? I, Beatrice also known as beauty, has a very slender waistline and a wide set of hips. Then looking at my behind, you’ll find one of the most succulent bouncy asses God created.

My ass bounced with every step, even the slightest ones. People stared at my ass when I walked down the street and some mischievous boys from school named me couch castle. Guys flooded me too as girls did my boyfriend but I only wanted Jack, he’s the only guy I know and I gave him my virginity.

Jack on the other hand has made it his duty to serve every girl that comes his way his dick. He lived with his older brother but that guy is seldom around, leaving Jack in a 3 bedroom flat to control. It was in that house that Jack spread my legs, spread my pussy lips, and dug into me with his dick.

It was painful and sweet too and ever since I have never denied Jack access to my body anytime he wanted it. I didn’t even give any other guy a chance cause I wanted to be the dedicated and loyal girlfriend.

The first time I caught him with a girl, I was so angry. The girl escaped with Jack’s aid and I was tearing the room apart. Jack did all he could to calm me down and deep down in my heart, I knew I wasn’t really mad at him for sleeping with another girl. I was madder at the girl for sleeping with my boyfriend.

But I couldn’t blame the girl either. If I was her, I’d want to fuck Jack too, he’s that cute. Now I can’t blame Jack too, when a girl wants a guy in her panties, they would do whatever to get you and I know my Jack is too weak to say no to free pussy.

The anger ended with me blaming myself for visiting Jack without giving him a heads up. If I had done that, he would have made sure he finished screwing that girl before letting me come. When I finally came to my senses, I had made a whole mess of his room but he stuck there grabbing me from behind trying to get me to calm down and before I could say,

Jack, I was underneath him, moaning and begging him to dig deeper into my pussy. Jack is really good sex, a pleasure machine even. He has a long straight thick veiny dick that caresses every nerve in the pussy walls with each of his thrusts.

I could no longer blame Jack or the girls he cheated with. He’s the kind of guy that fucks you and you have no choice than tell of the experience to your other girl folks and they also would try to come to confirm his efficiency for themselves. It was like that.

I couldn’t blame him but I always made a scene anytime I caught him. After expending my energy shouting and throwing fits, I end up getting fucked silly by this boy in romantic ways. I couldn’t resist him. Our make-up sex is always better than our fallout. Most of the time, the princess here would lose her voice for days after.

Still, I wanted Jack to myself. The fact that I wasn’t blaming him or the girls or that I stopped complaining doesn’t mean I was ok with what he was doing. I was always green with envy. I wasn’t seeing any guy and I wanted him to be that way too but he just kept getting worse.

It made me feel insecure, I spent time looking at the mirror checking if maybe I wasn’t all that pretty. But I was wrong. I have a body worth dying for. Something most ladies would go under the knife and pay to have. Many of the girls’ Jack was fucking were not even up to my niche.

Was it the sex? Was I terrible at sex? The answer is a plain no. When I’m with Jack my inner hoe is always out. We’d fuck for hours in different styles anywhere he wanted it. So far, we’ve fucked at restaurant restrooms, bank restrooms, changing rooms in a boutique, on a balcony, in a shopping mall banking lot, and even in the club.

So, what else does he want? I had no idea so I just lived with his bad habit. Now, not to defend him, he’s a darling. He treats me right, never hits me nor denies me attention but this cheating habit is what I hate.

One of the days I hated most in my relationship is the day that I wrote a new chapter and the reason why this story is here now. That day I had called ahead to let Jack know I would be spending the day at his place.

Spending time at his place simply means I’m coming to have my pussy devoured. I did not doubt in my mind that Jack would do a good job, he always does. So I dressed pretty, shaved my pussy and everything. I even bought chocolates for us to snack on during the sex. It was supposed to be a perfect day but it wasn’t.

I got to Jack’s place and the door was unlocked, I stepped into the living room and there was a lady’s purse on the table. Jack never mentioned a female relative to him but I sincerely hoped right there that it would be his mum, sister, aunt, niece, grandma, or even cousin.

I know cousins fuck themselves too but my hope was it was just a lady related to Jack that was with him at home and not one of those pussy slinging girls. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting around to find out, the girl announced herself to me.

The way she was moaning and grunting, Jack for sure was tearing her pussy up! That was my dick! It was supposed to be tearing my pussy up at that moment! I felt a sharp pain in my heart like I’d been shot. I stared at the chocolate box in my hands.

My brain was all up for me banging the door like a mad woman and causing trouble but my legs thought something else. It kept moving me farther and farther away from the door and soon I was out of the place and headed for my place. My eyes were teary but the tears didn’t drop.

I had no one to blame now. It caused me more pain than ever because I notified him I was coming therefore I couldn’t blame myself.

I lay there on my bed moping and eating my chocolates. Going through my WhatsApp, one of these guys that had made passes at me but gave up after I paid him no attention posted something that enraged me.

It was something about girls being cheats and not worth all that stress. That hit me and I snapped. I poured all my anger and frustrations into his DMs and we spent the next two hours arguing over it. His own babe too was serving pussy to boys. We were in the same boat.

For the first time since I started dating Jack, I made a male friend. It took me a while to realize that Jack had been blowing my phone up with messages, you can’t blame me, no. I was too busy pouring my heart out to someone in his DM. I let Jack know that I had come over to his place but he was busy.

He immediately started to apologize but I had no anger left in me and just let him be. My new friend and I got closer, sharing our relationship pains and consoling each other. I never visited his place though and my love for Jack didn’t take any blows.

I however stopped complaining or acting up anytime Jack messes up.

I had someone to talk to now and after that ill go get some sensual deep pounding from my boyfriend. I felt whole and wise. Well, I had a shocker one day. After weeks of talking over the phone and refusing to visit my bestie, I had no choice other than to visit him one day.

It was all going fine and well till my head somehow ended on his chest and his palm was on my ass. It’s probably my fault for wearing leggings that proclaimed my butts. This guy was squeezing my ass cheeks and I just lay there dumb not knowing how to react.

His dick was rising in his shorts right there, I stared at his groin and saw his dick go from flaccid to turgid. I could hear his heart beating fast, he was practically breathing hot on my head.

Written by Reezy Sama

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