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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 2] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 2] (18+)

She kept pushing in and out holding onto the shower, the rushing water washed her juices away and she eventually came on her dildo. She felt light and finally satisfied, she dried herself up and returned to the bedroom, Sylvester was still asleep, he looked cute and she went in for a kiss, his breath reeked of alcohol but she kissed him nevertheless.

That was when it struck her, it was the alcohol, Sylvester does not drink alcohol maybe the one he took today was the difference. She thought of getting drunk again before their next sex then she remembered Fuad and Adaora. If this alcohol could make weak Sylvester this active, what would be going on with Fuad? She wondered.

Funke quickly picked her phone up and dialled Fuad’s contact first, she got no response, she tried again, no response still. She tried Adaoras’ line, but she did not get a response at first, she finally got through on the second try but all she heard was low gasps and a thud sound.

She became agitated when she tried again and the line was unavailable, Fuad was not picking up.

Funke quickly put on one of Sylvester’s tops, a bum short and headed for the car, she was greatly disturbed.

*At Fuad’s Place: Adaora, clearly better at holding her alcohol, had Fuad’s arm over her shoulder as she dragged him to his flat.*

As soon as they got in, she helped him to the chair and went for a shower. The water was really cold and the alcohol was making her feel naughty and she felt a burning sensation down there. She needed some of that Fuad’s big cock before going to bed for sure.

She came back in a towel that started above her chest and ended just a few inches below her ass. Fuad sat there on the chair staring at the ceiling, she tiptoed to his side and knelt in the middle of his spread legs. She rubbed her hand over his crotch and there it was, the anaconda is semi-erect, her pussy cried for what would be put through it in moments.

She slowly unbuckled his belt, his zipper was acting tough, she cursed under her breath as she struggled with it. Fuad looked down, helped unzip his trouser and pulled it down to his knees. His long dick sprang out and stood there like a pole, Adaora looked at it lustfully thinking of where to start from.

She locked the shaft, Fuad gave a deep exhale, she loved that. She grabbed his balls and carefully jigged them before giving his dick cap a hard lick making sure to clean off the pre cum. Her lips wrapped tightly on his dick head and her tongue danced on it giving Fuad no choice other than to run his hand through her hair.

By the time Adaora had 4inches of the dick in her mouth, tears were already running down her eyes as Fuad was already knocking on the back of her throat.

She was really working with Fuad but was already getting tired, she heard her phone ring but that was not important now, Fuad was grunting, he was getting close already and she needed that hot cum nowhere but deep inside her pussy.
She quickly freed herself from his hold, grabbed his dick and started to gently sit on it. The phone started to ring again, she picked up this time but a huge dick was spreading her pussy apart she was only able to whimper into the phone before it fell off her hand, hit the floor and switched off.

Fuad could not hold himself anymore, he held Adaoras’ waist in a spot, this was not the time to slowly slide his dick in and out, he was smashing her pussy from beneath and Adaora was in tears now but she was not pleading for mercy, fuck mee, babyyy fuckk mee.

She urged him on in tears, holding his head tight against her small-sized boobs wondering where a slim guy got that strength from. Fuad eventually started shooting hot cum up her pussy making her squirt. She ran off him when she realized Fuad did not go soft yet and wanted to continue.

Funke busted in only to see a fully naked Adaora run from a half-naked Fuad. Adaora saw her friend and quickly rushed to pick up her towel as she ran into the bedroom. Fuad turned around only to meet face to face with his best friend.

Funke stood there rooted to a spot, she cut a surprising figure as her eyes caught the length of Fuad’s dick, she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The size of his dick made Sylvesters’ dick look like a dick cap. It took a while for Fuad to gather himself and it was amusing watching him struggle to hide his hard dick inside his trouser before he also ran into the bedroom.

Funke simply stood there trying to process what she just saw, she always thought Adaora was exaggerating but now she thought Adaora sold Fuad short. Adaora came back to the sitting room with Fuad being her, he was in a flowing Jalabiya and she wore a nightdress, she told them what made her come over and asked if she could sleepover because it was too late to drive back to Sylvesters’.

The couple readily agreed and disappeared back to their room, Funke made herself comfortable on the couch ready to calm her nerves and get some good night’s sleep.

Some hours in and she felt disturbed in her sleep, some noise was filtering through, it stopped for a while and then started again. When Funke finally came to, there was no noise and she thought she was dreaming but as soon as she put her back on the couch, it started again and the noise started getting louder. It was coming from the bedroom and she immediately knew what was up.

They were fucking again, she watched from the keyhole, Adaora who faced the door eyes were tightly shut, Fuad was behind her, one of his hands was on her waist, the other seemed to have disappeared into her pussy but his dick definitely was in her pussy, his movements and her cries confirmed it.

She had no bra under her top and her nipples were hardened, her bum shorts had a very wet patch. She went back to the couch having trouble sleeping all through the night. The scene of her best friend fucking her roommate continued to play in her head.

Fuad made a delicious meal the next morning and they all ate but Funke’s mind was not at ease. She watched how her roommate limped around, that’s what a real dick does to a woman.

She wanted to have a taste of how it feels but her mind was in disarray, she would be betraying her boyfriend and her roommate, what if Fuad also was not interested in the act she ends up ruining the friendship they have built up over the years.
Adaora kissed Fuad goodbye as she and Funke walked to the car, returning to their hostel. When they got to the hostel Adaora went to the bathroom. Funke spoke to Sylvester on the phone. She had finished before Adaora came back.

Funke laid on the bed as her roommate dressed up in a sports bra and a lacy g-string before sitting on the bed with her legs thrown apart.

“Fuad has messed my pussy up, I don’t think I have any more cum in me for the rest of this week, I need to sleep, he fucked me till daybreak and he was even still hard when we stopped” Adaora started to fill Funke’s ears with what happened in the bedroom with Fuad.

She was close to tears, she just continued to tighten her thighs together as her pussy would not stop producing juices as Adaora continued to paint different pictures in Funke’s head.

Her bum shorts were beyond wet now and her nipples taut. She wanted to keep her phone and sleep her horniness off before realizing her bag was missing. After scanning the room she realized she left it at Fuad’s she felt a bit red that she would have to return there and see what she wanted that she probably would never have, she picked up her keys and left the room without telling Adaora where she was headed.

Safe for the cluster of papers on the table, the sitting room was empty, Fuad was drawing again, Funke was happy that he still did, she quickly got closer to it to check it out but was taken aback. The drawing featured sex, she took a closer look and soon understood the male model was Fuad himself but the female model was not Adaora.

The female model was short, plump, her boobs were outrageous, she did not need to go further, it was her! She was amused and a bit angry, angry because he had exaggerated her boobs but she could not blame him, he had not seen them before, he got her ass perfectly, kudos to years of him walking behind her. She was amused that Fuad actually ogled her.

He came in with his mouth opened, shyness and guilt all over his face and a can of energy drink in his hand. Good, Funke thought, more energy, she boldly towards him, no words was needed just actions.

She grabbed his dick through his Jalabiya, something that big was not hard to locate. Even through the clothing, it vibrated like it had life in it, she never felt that in Sylvesters’ dick. Fuad bent a bit and placed his lips on hers, engaging her in a hot kiss.

He had wanted to do that for a very long time, one hand found her big boob and the other caressed her ass cheeks. He squeezed the boob hard making Funke moan in his mouth as goosebumps appeared all over body, her pussy felt really hot now, and her bumshort were drenched.

When Fuad located her nipple through the fabric, he pinched it, Funke’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She quickly pulled the shirt over her breast and pushed his head down.

Fuad did the needful sucking her boobs enjoying how she cried into his ears and ran her fingers through his curly hair.

She had never felt that way before, she had never enjoyed foreplay this much, she was frustrated when Fuad stopped but when with his Hausa accent he said,

“Remove your shorts’ ‘ it sounded so sexy she almost fell relieving her bum shorts of duty. Fuad was totally naked and Funke finally saw the full length of his dick, her stomach churned, she feared it would damage her insides.

Fuad downed the rest of his energy drink before closing on Funke, he pushed her back against the wall, pinned both her hands above her head and resumed kissing her with two of his slim fingers running in and out of her pussy. Funke hoped to live like this forever, her legs drifting off the floor, Fuad’s arms under her thigh.

He had lifted her off the floor with her back still against the wall.

Her wet pussy made the sliding in of Fuad’s dick easy but they still laboured a bit, Funke wanted to jump off at this point and run away but her leg felt so weak. He was only halfway in and her pussy was not taking anymore but when he slid out and pushed back on with force, her pussy walls had no other choice than to let the dick go all the way in.

Funke knew two things then, one, she would never feel Sylvester’s small dick in her pussy again, two, she had suffered a tear in her pussy. Fuad saw his Bestie in tears, he fucked her softy, her entire body was soft, his lips were wrapped around her nipple.

Funke lost the count of climax she had whole Fuad fucked her on the wall, he eventually put her on the floor before pushing her on her knees, he pointed his dick at Funke’s face and dumped cum all over it. It felt so sexy and she just left it there as she lay on the floor landing on her boobs.

Now that she had Fuads’ dick and had climaxed, guilt was eating her up. She had just betrayed her boyfriend and her roomie. She felt like a terrible person but she had really enjoyed the sex and would want it over and over again.

Fuad’s dick had reached some parts of her pussy that Sylvester’s dick had never ventured into. She was sure that the next time he fucks her she probably would not feel his dick in her. She was confused about what to do, should she confess to her boyfriend and roomie or keep quiet and keep fucking this sweet Hausa dick.

Her decision was made when she felt her ass cheeks parted and Fuad’s wet tongue ran over her pussy in a way that made her go ahhhh. Sylvester thought this was gross but here is Fuad softly eating the pussy licking up all juices that escaped the opening, driving her crazy, making her shiver and cry for more.

He ate her to climax, she just lay there trying to catch her breath but Fuad was not done, his dick was pushing at her hole again making an entrance. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Funke hollered as the 7inch dick gradually filled her pussy.

She definitely would not confess to Sylvester and Adaora, she would keep quiet and fuck Fuad to her fill and if she can not get enough, she would take Fuad from Adaora. Yes! She screamed again as Fuad slammed in from behind.

The End

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