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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 1] (18)

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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 1] (18)

The Black and White duo have been well known for years.

They did not come together during their university days but from Primary school. Their friendship is one of a kind and when they walk around, their colleagues have no other choice other than to look on in awe.

The name Black and White on the surface would look like something coined from their complexion but looking at it from a more keen perspective, one would see that it was because of their differences. As good friends as they are, they had more opposites than similarities.

Fuad (White), is a tall lanky cute guy with curly hair of Hausa descent. His fair skin has no blemish, he can always be seen with his glasses and a cap on his head. Funke (Black), is a thick short lady with very long natural hair of Yoruba descent. She is the human representation of “Black and shine”.

The only similarity between both of them perhaps would be the first two letters of their name “FU”. As they shared different genders and bodily attributes, so did they share very different behaviours. Funke is the loudmouth and Queen Bee, she was bold and not scared of anyone and anything.

Fuad on the other hand is a very reserved individual, he is always very shy and timid and does not talk much. Fuad also is a very good cook and also knows how to draw and paint. Funke’s special ability is speech-making and protecting Fuad.

They both got along very well but because of how they were, people called them BLACK & WHITE.

The funniest aspect of their friendship is that they are rarely side by side, most of the time, Fuad walked behind Funke like she was his shield against the world.

Funke to some extent truly served as a shield to Fuad. In fact, their friendship kicked off when Fuad was getting bullied by another girl. They were in primary 5, they were not seatmates but they were neighbours and went to school together.

Funke due to her ability to talk to anyone and everyone was able to get to talk to Fuad who would not say much to the rest of the entire class. He was unable to deal with Funke’s wahala at home and school and had no other option other than to respond to her.

He made a drawing one day in class and his seatmate saw it. He was astonished by how much attention was paid to detail in his drawing and drew the attention of the entire class to come see what Fuad had drawn.

Fuad, who did not enjoy the idea, quickly hid his drawing, denying them the chance of seeing it. They did not leave his seat and insisted on seeing it, Funke came around and spoke to Fuad to let them see the drawing so he could have his peace and he agreed but, as soon as he pulled it out a girl snatched it from his firm grip and they both ended up with half the drawing in their hand.

Fuad got frustrated at this point and shot up from his seat in anger but the girl pushed him back down. Fuad started to cry as the class started to make fun of him. Funke reached her boiling point and gave the girl a piece of her mind and she made to push Funke too.

Funke had her back on the floor in a matter of seconds. Before the teacher could come in, Funke was already beating four girls while Fuad stood behind her crying.

The entire class got punished but Fuad and Funke stuck together ever since and Fuad walked behind Funke. Their friendship lasted through secondary school and they both made it to the same university. They studied different courses and were in separate hostels but still, they bonded really well and could be seen together many times.

As young adults, Fuad was very cute and his English was well mixed with his Hausa accent made his talks stand out. Funke on the other hand was a toast to all boys on campus. Her short stature carried her endowments so well.

She was heavy at the front, her Tommy flat as though she wore a waist trainer, her waist was thin and her hips curved beneath like a bracket. Her nice protruding ass complimented all the attributes and her straight legs were a bonus.

Funke was able to secure herself a serious relationship with Sylvester whom she loved and vowed to stay loyal to. She started looking out for a good girl to pair with Fuad so he was not alone every time. She soon found a potential girlfriend for Fuad, a cool girl who also was her roommate (Adaora).

Adaora had many similarities with Fuad, she was fair and tall too. She had just enough boobs and ass, not in excess but enough to look good in and out of clothing. After much pushing on both sides, they both agreed to hook up and got along pretty well. It was at this point Funke knew a few more things she never knew about Fuad.

Adaora filled her in on how gentlemanly he treated her and how nasty he was in bed. She told her how long and thick Fuad’s dick is and how his penetrations alone make her see the innermost of cloud 9.

Funke found it a bit hard to believe her Bestie could be that good at sex but was happy for him and always looked forward to the sex gists between him and his girlfriend.

She was happy Fuad was able to keep his relationship but she had her own sadness. The guy she had pledged her loyalty to was a terrible fuck and she never enjoyed sex with him. His full erection never grew beyond 3inches and the dick was slim.

That alone she could still manage but the fact that he skips foreplay and goes straight to penetration seriously annoys her the worst was he could not even satisfy her. Barely fifteen thrusts in and Sylvester is already cumming all over her pussy.

Once he’s done ejaculating, he crashes the bed like a log of wood and snores till the next morning, denying Funke both satisfaction and a good night’s sleep.

Funke grew tired of urging Sylvester to try foreplay because the day he eventually tried it he almost chewed her nipple off her breast and he came before the real sex could even start. She ended up losing in many ways, her nipples ached, she was horny and she could not even have sleep,

Sylvester was snoring so loud like it was his primary function. She accepted her fate that night, she would just let Sylvester have his one and half minute fuck because half bread they say, is better than none. She bought herself a dildo to pleasure herself and used the stories told to her by Adaora to paint an image of Fuad taking care of her.

A function brought all heads together and they decided to treat it as a double date. Sylvester, Fuad, Adaora and Funke all occupied a table at each party with his/her partner. It was a fun-filled party, Sylvester and Funke got on the dance floor and off some moves, she stuck to Sylvester like glue grinding her backside on his crotch and he gripped her waist too trying to dictate how hard she ground him.

Fuad and his girlfriend sat and looked on, both having no interest in dancing. When Funke and Sylvester returned, drinks were served and Adaora took point, downing shots after shots challenging the rest of the table to a drinking contest in which Funke opted out of at least one person would drive.

Fuad thought it would be fun and joined in along with Sylvester. It did not take long before the trio got quite wasted and Funke knew it was time to go.

It was not really hard to lead them into the waiting car, there were many slurry words and gibberish but Funke was able to drive down to Fuad’s hostel in peace and she watched him and Adaora drag each other towards the main entrance before she zoomed off to Sylvester’s hostel. As soon as they hit the bed, she got out for a shower to wipe off the sweat, when she returned,

Sylvesters was awake with his dick hard. Funke regretted that she had taken the shower too soon, she knew what to expect. She quietly lay on the bed expecting Sylvester to quickly get over with his business. Four minutes in, Sylvester and Funke were sweating profusely, she never expected him to last this long but hoped in her mind that he would not stop any time soon.

She kept trying to grab onto something but her hands could only grab her long hair and Sylvesters’ sweaty body.

He kept slamming into her like he was making up for all the terrible sex he had been giving her all this while and she was more than enjoying him. Once he started to make a face, Funke’s heart broke. She knew Sylvester was already very close and this would end soon. She was a bit close to an orgasm and hoped he would just hit her pussy a bit harder and enable her to go over the edge.

The moment she moaned “harder” into his ear, she felt warm cum all over her pussy after Sylvesters’ very hard second slam. He fell off her catching his breath, she lay beside him unsatisfied but could not deny that she had enjoyed it. It was the first time she felt like a woman with Sylvester, it gave her a glimpse of what Adaora was enjoying with Fuad.

Sylvester was already snoring when she pulled her 6inch dildo from her bag and went into the bathroom. She put the shower on and enjoy the water soothed her warm body, she continued to think about the sex she just had with Sylvester, what had changed, what made him last that long? She thought as she parted her leg and slipped the head of her dildo into her pussy.

The fading sensation reawakened inside her and her pussy felt hot, the cool water splashing on her body made goosebumps spread over her body. “Fuck” she moaned out pushing over half of the dildo into her pussy. She enjoyed her slow thrusts, always too scared to push more than 4 inches into her pussy, she was a bit addicted to Sylvesters’ small size.

To be continued

Written by Reezy Sama

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