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Incredibly Happy Ending by Farida B.E Smith
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Incredibly Happy Ending by Farida B.E Smith

Today being Monday means extra work and sore muscles.

I hissed slowly and leaned back on the swivel chair, eyes closed as I inhale and exhale deeply.

Just then, my phone that was lying carelessly on the piled-up table started vibrating. I slowly picked it up and seeing it was my Bryan, my husband, a smile quickly replaced the frown marring my face.

“Hi, baby, what’s up”?.

He said in his husky voice that I love. The voice that moans for me, that calls my name in utter pleasure. I shook off the feeling and the moistness creeping between my thighs and replied;

“Yes my love. How are you doing over there? How is Abuja?”.

“Well, I would say not fine, because I am missing you so bad it hurts baby. I just want this trip to be over so I could come home to you my love”.

“I miss you too baby, and I also want you home. Come home soon, daddy”.

I whined, moaning softly as I was literally melting in my seat.

“I miss your delicious meals, your scent, and most of all, your sweet pussy. I am so much looking forward to coming back so I could eat you up, baby”.

A soft moan escaped me as my hand unconsciously started massaging my full boobs, which were pushing against my blouse.

“What time are you going home baby? I want to watch how much you miss me, baby”.

I weakly looked up at the wall clock and saw it was already 4.

“I will just round up and then go home”.

I said as I forcefully took away my hands from my breasts and stopped rubbing my thighs together.

“Okay then baby. Call me when you reach home. Take care of yourself for me. I love you”.

“I will. And I love you too baby. Bye”.

Just then, a colleague and friend, Lucy walked into my office. I sat upright as she sat on the chair facing mine.

“Hey babes, aren’t you done yet?”.

“I’m done Lucy. Just gonna tidy up this messed up table and poof, be gone!”.
I said as I started putting the files together.

“There is this new spa in town, Brenda was there last week and she said their massage was so relaxing. Would you like to go there and have a session?”.

I stood and thought for a minute. I really need a massage to take away this sore feeling my taut muscles were giving me. But then, Bryan will be waiting for my call. After much thought, I decided to give the spa a try.

“Where is the spa located?”.
I asked Lucy as I shoved my feet into my heeled cover shoe and straightened my skirt.
It is here in Lekki. Let’s go in your car because mine is being serviced”.

“Let’s get going then”.

The spa wasn’t hard to find and no lies, the place was mini heaven. We booked a massaged session and were waiting for them to set up.

After about ten minutes, we were ushered into different rooms. The place smelt of sweet musk and lavender and the chill was making me relax already. I was carried away by the beauty of the room that I didn’t hear him enter.

“Good dye Ma’am. Can you please take off your clothes and lie on this bed?”.
I turned around startled and oh Lawd! This man is what we call a hunk, a demi-god of sexiness and handsomeness! I couldn’t help gulping as I took in his body.

He wasn’t wearing any shirt and his trousers hung low on his waist, revealing the end of his toned ads. His muscles were huge and his dark complexion popped his looks even more. His nicely trimmed stubble lay neatly on his face and his elegantly chiselled jaws further complimented him. His brown orbs got me wondering if he was wearing a contact lens.

He cleared his throat which brought me back to life. I felt so embarrassed at being caught ogling a man. Damn my stupid hormones! Come on Maddie, you are fucking married! I scolded myself as the hot guy ushered me behind a curtain and left me to strip off after handing me a towel.

I took off my clothes in seconds and tied the towel around my chubby frame and looked at myself in the mirror placed on the wall.

The towel was just slightly below my knee which looks not too decent for a married woman. After much struggle of trying to bring it lower without having to reveal too much of my boobs, I gave up and came out of the dressing room.

He was still standing there, still shirtless, still sexy with the faint outline of his groin. I gulped hard and moved to the bed and sat down nervously.

In a slow gait, he moved towards the bed and took the bottle of olive oil that was on the stool.

“Make yourself comfortable. You need to lie face down and I will get to it immediately”.

Subconsciously, I lay face down on the bed. After a lot of shuffling around, I felt warmth trickling down my back, it was after some time that I came to know that was the oil. And then came his hands!

The softness of his palms against my skin made me inhale deeply and my eyes closed. He ran his fingers in a light caress all over my back, added more oil and added more pressure on my shoulders where the muscles were taut.

The nape of my neck also got some attention. I was literally sighing as he worked my muscles, caressing where needed, putting pressure on needed areas and before I realized it, he was working towards my lower back.

My insides instantly became moist as I felt his hands above my buttocks. He drizzled more warm oil and started massaging. I gasped lowly and looked back at him, just when he also looked up and stared at me through his orbs, his fucking beautiful eyes!

I quickly looked away shyly and buried my head in the pillow. He continued massaging my lower back, gliding on my buttocks and quickly moved up to my back and lingered there before lightly massaging my buttocks.

I moaned softly which I guess urged him because the next thing I knew was his hand gliding up and down my butts.

He parted my ass cheeks and took each in his hands, and not minding how he couldn’t hold them all, he started squeezing them, then spanking them lightly before moving back to massaging them.

My moans grew louder as I grew moist and my pussy was screaming to breathe.

A loud gasp came from my mouth and I quickly turned to look at what this holy fucking demigod was doing. His oiled coated hand was spreading my ass cheeks and one finger disappeared. He was rubbing my pussy lips and I am fucking married! I am not supposed to do this!

God help me fight this! It’s too sweet. You have to stop this. But before I could say or do anything, his finger slipped into my wetness. I screamed in lust as he impaled me, sweetly. I moaned loudly as I felt my swollen lips and silky insides hugging his finger, trying desperately to have more of this heavenly bliss.

I unconsciously started grinding into the bed as he increased the pace of the finger fucking.

This time, I couldn’t hold my moans in. This man has fat fingers, oh lawd! My pussy walls were tightening viciously and liquid was just seeping out.

I was on cloud nine! I started rocking my hips violently as I felt my orgasm building.

Adding to the raging fire, this fuck king started spanking my butts lightly. I don’t mind being heard, I screamed as my body started shuddering. He added one more finger, which instantly sent me off the edge. My orgasm came crashing as my body was violently vibrating.

My pussy spasmed and my liquids were freely flowing. Rubbing his hand up and down my buttocks and bareback while still finger fucking me, my orgasm subsided.

I was soaked in sweat and my thighs were soaked with my cum. I panted heavily and pressed my face down on the pillow.

Did I just have an orgasm with another man, not Bryan? Oh God, I’ve messed up! Regret was starting to dawn on me when this man interrupted me. He gently took hold of me in his strong arms and turned me so I was lying on my back.

He looked at my swollen breasts and I caught him gulping. Who wouldn’t!? I have a very nice pair of tits which were full of brown nipples that are always erect.

Taking the bottle of the oil, he looked into my eyes while drizzling it on my boobs. I gasped at the warm feeling and surprisingly, my pussy became wetter. He slowly bent forwards and took them in his hands.

I moaned softly as my hands reached up and lightly stroked his arms. He started massaging me lightly while still staring at my face.

After some time, one hand slowly traced down my stomach and slipped between my thighs. Well, here comes my second orgasm!

My conscience was warning me but I paid no heed. Come on it’s just for today! I closed my eyes as I felt his two fingers slipping into my wet folds, impaling me again. I moaned and started rolling my hips as he increased his pace, one hand still caressing my boobs.

This time, I lasted longer and when my orgasm came, I dragged his face towards mine and kissed him while still shuddering. He continued fingering me as my body shook, my tongue slipping in and out of his mouth as my orgasm was lasting longer than usual.

He hugged me tightly and kissed me back hungrily, bumping his tongue against mine. Another orgasm came crashing and I almost went out of my mind. I shook violently and screamed, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

He kissed my neck as my orgasm climbed down from its peak.
He held me against him, his body against my sweaty body as I panted heavily and leaned more into him, eyes closed. After about two minutes or so, I pulled away as guilt crept up my being. What did I just do? I just cheated on my husband oh God!

I quickly stood up, almost knocking over the stool and rushed into the dressing room and slipped into my clothes, tears streaming down my face. I rushed out and met him still there. This man made me cheat on my husband!

Without sparing him another glance, I placed his tip on the bed and walked out to the reception where I met Lucy waiting for me.

“Hey Maddie, how was the massage?”. She asked as we got into my car.
“Not bad”.

I just said and drive out of the damn spa.


Written by Farida B.E Smith

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