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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter V (18+)

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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter V (18+)

This was a whole new way of making love, it wasn’t about fucking your partner, it was about eroticism, it was fully exploring a person’s body to find out where their most erogenous places were and paying proper attention to each of them, and right now Ifunanya the babysitter, daughter of her friend from down the street, had her warm mouth and soft tongue on her amazingly sensitive breast. Kemi decided that life was pretty good at this moment!

Unable to resist the temptation any longer Ifunanya started to slide up and down Kemi’s leg, softly humping her knee. In order to enhance the experience for her, Kemi slightly raised her right knee, the extra ‘bump’ causing Ifunanya’s pussy lips to part a little when she slide over it. Ifunanya was still going from breast to breast while softly gliding over Kemi’s knee, her licks and sucks were getting a little wilder as her arousal grew and grew.

Kemi could tell that Ifunanya was closing in on orgasm and decided to go a little further; beginning with fondling the small breasts through Ifunanya’s little white top, even though the material she could feel the hardened nipples upon the small breasts. Kemi was tingling all over, loving actually being aroused but also the thrill of knowing that she was arousing Ifunanya as well, the moisture on her leg from her pussy and the feel of the two erect nipples left her in no doubt of that.

“Mmmmm,” Ifunanya was feeling her orgasm building up inside her and it was going to be a big one, she was certain of that. Her body took over and her hips bucked against Kemi’s knee, she raised herself up from the breasts she had been toying and put her hands on Kemi’s shoulders, bracing herself against them to hold her steady while she increased her speed. Kemi looked up at the teenager who now leant over her, there was such passion, such lust in her eyes.

Ifunanya’s head lolled down and soon her face was inches away from Kemi’s, they stared blissfully into each other’s eyes as their lovemaking rapidly came towards its first climax.

When Kemi put her hands under Ifunanya’s little top and massaged her breasts, with her thumbs rubbing the incredibly sensitive nipples, and then, just for good measure, raised her knee up further into Ifunanya’s groin, the orgasm that had been building up in her slender young body finally began to break.

Ifunanya quickly moved a hand away from Kemi’s shoulder and put it in-between her own legs, she stop rocking against the leg that had given her so much pleasure and instead parted the lips of her vagina and rubbed vigorously at her erect clitoris. That was the last straw.

It started with a tingling in her legs, arms and stomach which spread over her body leaving a feeling of warmth in its wake. Then she felt as if she was falling from a great height, like going over a huge drop on a rollercoaster, her body was suddenly rigid and the tingling returned but this time it was between her legs.

“OOhhhh, Mmmmm,” Ifunanya cried out involuntarily.

She felt like she burst open, her pussy tingled and leaked its juices onto Kemi’s already soaking leg and waves warm of energy shot through her body. Her body eventually started to feel heavy and she fell into Kemi’s arms. Kemi held her as the final waves of pleasure ran through her body, and when it was over Ifunanya raised her head just high enough to allow their lips to meet. They held each other and their body’s relaxed as they shared a soft kiss, afterwards they just looked into each other’s eyes, they were both relaxed, they were both comfortable and they were both smiling.

Kemi shivered with excitement after Ifunanya broke the silence.

“Your turn,” she whispered into Kemi’s ear.

Just as Ifunanya moved in to kiss her once again they heard a soft crying sound coming from the baby’s room.

“Oh Ayo, of all the times to interrupt your mummy,” said Kemi.

Ifunanya could see that Kemi was disappointed to leave her, even for a moment.

“It’s ok,” Ifunanya said as she raised herself off Kemi’s leg. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I shouldn’t be long, he normally sleeps straight through,” Kemi said apologetically.

Ifunanya sat back and smiled while she watched Kemi sort herself out, when she stood up her dress almost fell to the floor but she caught it in time and hurriedly fastened the clasp at the back and pulled her skirt down over her butt as she walked away.

“Kemi,” Ifunanya said as she watched. “Why don’t you get out of that dress when Ayo’s settled? I will hate to be responsible for damaging such a pretty dress.” A wicked grin played across her lips.

When Kemi entered her son’s room she immediately saw the problem, he had managed to kick his covers off and his doll had found its way onto the floor. She quickly retrieved the doll and rinsed it off under the tap in the bathroom before returning it to its rightful place. His needs satisfied, Ayo drifted off to sleep again, freeing his mother to go and have her needs satisfied.

Kemi went back to the bathroom and stripped out of the little black dress, there were butterflies in her stomach again and she didn’t have enough bravery to walk downstairs naked. Instead, she wiped herself down with a towel, suddenly self-conscious about the stickiness between her legs. As she cleaned herself up she caught a glimpse of the moisture on her thigh and knee, it wasn’t hers, of course, it had leaked out of Ifunanya’s pussy when she ground against her.

As if amazed by the glistening substance she reached down and touched it then brought her hand up to examine it more closely. She knew what she wanted to do, but if she did it would that make her dirty? Well, considering what she had already done tonight, she decided that it would be ok, so she gathered up more of the juice from her leg onto her fingers and quickly put them in her mouth.

“Are you ok?” Ifunanya softly called.

“Yeah sorry, I’ll be right there,” Kemi replied, still tasting the girl’s sweet juice on her tongue.

Kemi quickly finished cleaning herself off and grabbed her bathrobe, then she threw the bathrobe away and instead got her gold satin robe. It came down to her ankles and clung to her body; she loosely fastened it in the middle and checked herself in the big mirror.

She looked a mixture of sexy and slutty, which suited her mood perfectly. Then she took a deep breath and headed back downstairs. Despite her deep breathing, the sight that she saw when she entered the living room still took her breath away.

Ifunanya was leant against the wall staring at her, she was completely naked. She stood on one foot because the other one was up on the arm of a chair. Kemi was frozen on the spot and was unable to take her eyes off the young beauty that stood before her, and her gaze fell to Ifunanya’s pussy that was accommodating three of her fingers. Ifunanya continued watching Kemi, taking in the gorgeous figure, as she gently pumped her fingers inside herself.

Then she stopped and removed her hand from her groin and lowered her leg, she walked slowly towards Kemi who still seemed to be under a spell.

Finally, they stood toe to toe. Ifunanya looked up into Kemi’s eyes and smiled. Kemi smiled back as she felt Ifunanya begin to undo the front of her delicate nightgown. Once it was undone Ifunanya brought her lips up to Kemi’s and, as they slowly kissed each other Kemi shrugged off the silky robe and both women stood naked in the living room, oblivious to anything else in the world other than each other’s soft, warm touch.

Ifunanya took Kemi by the hand and led her back to the sofa. That piece of furniture had seen plenty of action tonight and, Ifunanya thought with a smile, they were far from finished! Once they were in front of the sofa Ifunanya put her hands on Kemi’s shoulders and eased her down onto the seat.

When Kemi sat back Ifunanya leaned in close and, with her lips almost touching her ear, whispered seductively, “Now just relax and let me take care of you.”

Kemi nodded and leant back, her heart was thumping so much she could barely hear Ifunanya’s whispers. She felt more vulnerable and exposed then ever before, this feeling grew as Ifunanya stood back and studied her naked body, she could feel the girl’s eyes on her. What surprised her was that she didn’t attempt to cover herself up, her arms were down by her sides and her legs were slightly apart.

While Ifunanya stood in front of her, Kemi took the opportunity to examine the pretty young thing that had given her so much pleasure already. Her slender figure, her cute breasts and, of course, the glistening moisture that sat on a hairless pussy. Kemi had shaved down there this morning; just in case she had been swept off her feet by her date tonight, funny how things can turn out!

Finally, Ifunanya stepped forward, she bent down and put her hands on Kemi’s knees and gently eased them apart and stepped into the space she had created and knelt down. The sofa was pretty low to the ground so on her knees Ifunanya was just below eye level to Kemi.

Ifunanya could tell how nervous Kemi was feeling, so far she had managed to hide her own apprehension about their experience but, in truth, now that Ifunanya had this beautiful woman in front of her and she was tasked with bringing this person to a climax similar to the two she herself had experienced tonight, she felt shakier than ever. Up to now it had all come fairly natural to her and she was certain that Kemi had no idea that this was her very first sexual experience.

Ifunanya decided that, rather than guessing what Kemi might need in order to peak, she would do things that she herself would like. She began by kissing Kemi’s knee and slowly made her way further up the sexy long leg. Kemi’s chest still thumped away, even more so as she felt Ifunanya’s soft lips making their way along the inside of her left leg.

Kemi’s breathing became more ragged and shallow as Ifunanya got to her inner thigh, now the girl was licking as well as kissing the soft skin of her upper leg. As she got closer to the special spot between her legs, Kemi closed her eyes and soon she could feel Ifunanya’s warm breath on the sensitive lips of her vagina.

Now faced with the sweet-smelling, and highly lubricated pussy, Ifunanya resisted the urge to dive straight in and, instead, planted a firm wet kiss just above the juicy lips.

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