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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter III (18+)

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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter III (18+)

Ifunanya heard the car door slam outside and quickly gathered up the porn DVDs, feeling incredibly guilty, like she had pried into something deeply personal. 

Just as she lifted the DVD drawer back onto its tracks she heard a child sobbing and realised Ayo had been disturbed and needed her attention. She rammed the drawer into its slot and ran past the door, reaching the upstairs, landing just as the front door opened. 

Ayo had stopped crying already so Ifunanya had time to compose herself before walking downstairs acting perfectly natural.

“Oh, Kemi,” she feigned her surprise. “I didn’t realise you were home!”


They sat beside each other on the sofa with a glass of wine each, the bottle of Carlo Rossi sat on the table in case there was a tragic emergency of an empty glass.

When Kemi entered the house after only 45 minutes of her date with Ubong, Ifunanya knew something had gone wrong. Her eyes gave it away, they were sad eyes, and when Ifunanya looked into those beautiful eyes she almost cried herself. She had the look of a woman who was fighting back her tears.

“Are you ok Kemi,” (stupid question.) “I didn’t think you’ll be back for a couple of hours,” Ifunanya said, genuinely concerned.

“No, not really, just another man who thought a single mother would be an easy…” Kemi’s voice trailed off as she forced the last words out. Her stiff upper lip failed at last and as Ifunanya walked towards her, arms open, a flood of tears soon trailed down her face.

The two women hugged each taking comfort from their firm embrace. Kemi’s head lay on Ifunanya’s shoulder, moistening the soft material of Ifunanya’s top, and her hair flopped against Ifunanya’s arm tickling her skin.

After a moment had passed by they slowly broke apart, Ifunanya’s grasp a little more reluctantly loosened. It was Kemi who suggested the wine and now they sat together. Ifunanya felt awkward as she had to position herself in such a way so that her exposed pussy would not be in full view. 

Kemi couldn’t seem to relax properly, she sat hunched forward with her legs crossed and her head slightly bowed, it was as if she felt ashamed, embarrassed even, and normally she would want to be alone now. But there was something about Ifunanya that made her glad of the company. 

Besides if she were alone she would only have gone to bed and cried herself to sleep, no, she wanted Ifunanya to stay.

When Kemi leaned forward to reach her drink the V neck section of the dress slightly parted, giving Ifunanya a side view of her entire left breast! She had to suppress a gasp and tried to remember that she was supposed to be supportive (of the tearful woman, not the breast.) Still, Ifunanya couldn’t help feeling slightly pleased with the outcome of the date. 

Earlier she had thought about this man being with Kemi and it had sparked a deep sense of jealousy in her. It made her feel guilty, and she knew she shouldn’t be so selfish, but it was a feeling that wouldn’t go away.

As they continued sipping their wine Kemi told Ifunanya about the date.

As soon as the door closed behind them and they headed towards Ubong’s car, Kemi felt uneasy. He had taken her by the hand and at every opportunity, he stared at Kemi’s breasts.

“I dressed nice to look alluring, but I didn’t think I would be ogled the whole time! It was nice, well; it was flattering for a while. But it’s hard to hold a conversation with the top of someone’s head,” Kemi explained. Ifunanya nodded, and then quickly peeked at the breasts in question before she continued her story.

When they were in his car heading for the restaurant Kemi had tried to engage him in conversation, asked him how he was, if he had been to this place before, talked about the weather and so on. In response, she got a lot of one-word answers. 

Then, while they were waiting at some traffic lights, Ubong leaned over and placed his hand on her exposed thigh saying how gorgeous she was, then the hand was gone and they were on their merry way again.

“Seriously?” Ifunanya asked, amazed at the man’s rudeness.

“Seriously,” Kemi affirmed. “What do you say in a situation like that? I just let it pass and thanked him for the compliment, really I should’ve just told him to ‘fuck off’ and got out but, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” Kemi was shaking her head as if she should have known better.

They had arrived at the restaurant shortly after and were quickly shown to their table for the evening. Kemi had attracted a fair bit of attention from some of the male patrons but she was far too shy to admit this to Ifunanya.

Kemi had expected to be sitting at opposite ends of the small table but Ubong had insisted they sit side by side. The table was one of about five that were on a small raised platform towards the back corner of the restaurant. 

The light was soft and their table had a small lamp with a fancy lampshade atop it giving just enough light. It was a romantic setting but, after they got comfortable, Ubong became less of a gentleman.

As they were in the back corner of the room they were quite hidden from the other people in the place, Kemi couldn’t help wondering if that was the very reason he had reserved this table in particular. 

The waiter had left the menus and while looking through the available dishes Kemi felt a hand on her knee. Ubong simply smiled at her as his hand slowly slid up her leg and gently stroked her thigh.

“I told him to stop,” Kemi told Ifunanya, as if defending herself.

“Did he?” Ifunanya asked.

“No, he just smiled and said, ‘hey baby just relax, you know you like it.’ Then his hand shot up my dress and he started trying to pull my panties off!” Kemi blurted it out, sounding a bit like a child accusing someone of picking on them.

“Oh my god,” Ifunanya said. “What did you do?”

“I just pushed his hand away and stood up but he still had a grip on my panties and they just snapped!” Kemi was blushing and Ifunanya’s mouth hung open.

“My god, what then?” Ifunanya asked.

“I ran, right out of the door,” Kemi said. Her eyes were filling up again but she continued. “I wasn’t frightened, just angry; I walked over to the street and called a taxi. I felt so embarrassed though, I felt like everyone knew I was bare down there,” Kemi’s eyes lowered indicating that she meant her pussy. “The taxi only took five minutes to pick me up, I kept looking around but I didn’t see him. Then I just came home.”

She managed a weak smile before adding, “I just thought the sick bastard’s still got my panties!” She looked disgusted and Ifunanya didn’t blame her. However, Ifunanya hadn’t let the fact that Kemi was now naked under that little dress pass her by.

“Would you like me to go?” Ifunanya asked, hoping the answer would be negative.

“No, stay with me for a while,” Kemi said. “I don’t want to be alone just yet, let’s have another drink.”

“Sure,” Ifunanya replied, feeling relieved and, for the first time in a long time, feeling wanted. Feeling needed. It gave her a slight buzz to feel that way.

The two women carried on talking for a short while but Ifunanya could see that Kemi still felt really tense. She had said that she wanted Ifunanya’s company, but she still couldn’t relax for some reason.

“It’s ok, everybody makes mistakes, it’s his fault, not yours,” Ifunanya’s voice was soft, hushed even. She gently combed her fingers through Kemi’s hair, brushing it back behind her ears. Then, she went back to stroking with her palms but pressed on a little bit, causing Kemi to push her head gently into Ifunanya’s hand.

“Why do men think that because I’m separated and have a kid that I’m some kind of slut, a whore that they don’t have to pay, like because I’m a single mother I should be grateful for a cheap fuck,” Kemi said, again holding back her tears.

“Shh, I don’t know,” Ifunanya said in her calming voice. “You’re very beautiful and I guess guys are always gonna be after you, but just because one or two of them might think those things it doesn’t mean they’re right.” Ifunanya’s hands fell to Kemi’s shoulders, gently massaging the tension out of her muscles.

“I know you’re right,” Kemi said. Her voice was calmer now and she was enjoying the young woman’s soothing touch. “It’s just hard.”

“I know, but look at what happened tonight, you didn’t act like a slut or anything, you got up and walked away, and then you came straight home!” Ifunanya felt like these words of wisdom needed to be drilled in. “If you really were like that you would have stayed with him. You should be proud of yourself, you could’ve lost your self-respect tonight but you held on to it!”

“That’s so sweet,” Kemi said with a croaky voice. “Thank you, I’m so happy it was you who babysat for me and not my mum!”

“I’m sure your mum would understand as well,” Ifunanya said.

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