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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter [Finale] (18+)

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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter [Finale] (18+)

“Mmmmm,” Kemi moaned. She surprised herself as she was never usually vocal during sex, but this wasn’t the usual kind sex. Ifunanya was pleased that what she was doing was going down well and another kiss in that area got a similar response. Despite the position, they were in and where Ifunanya’s head was, Kemi had no idea what the other woman’s intentions were.

She had a secret collection of lesbian/bi-sexual pornography and, more often than not, the women would end up performing oral sex on each other. When she and Ifunanya had begun their ‘lesbian encounter’ however, she had not expected it to come this far. She had performed oral sex for Osaze but had never actually received it in return. Experiencing so many new things at one time was a mixture of fear and excitement as well as feeling extremely erotic.

Ifunanya was enjoying teasing Kemi; she would drag her tongue right along her inner thigh and stop just short of that moist area. Then she placed her tongue just above those pussy lips and lick all the way up to Kemi’s navel. Now, Ifunanya thought, it’s time to go to the next level, with that thought in her mind she again brought her face closer to Kemi’s excited opening.

With the tip of her tongue she delicately licked around Kemi’s pussy, she didn’t dive straight inside the naked woman’s body; instead, she ran her tongue up and down the slick slit, adding a little more pressure each time. Slowly she worked her tongue between the lips and was soon lapping at the pussy like she had been doing it all her life.

“OOhhhh Ifunanya,” Kemi’s entire body was reacting to the gentle intrusion of her pussy; her legs quivered and she felt something like little spasms in her stomach, she had never even dreamed this level of arousal even existed before these last few moments. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter and every time Ifunanya’s tongue came near to her erect clitoris Kemi couldn’t help gasping.

The sexuality of it all was so exquisite, her mind was racing, her heart was thumping, her pussy throbbed and her senses were overflowing and overloading with sexual energy, she knew an orgasm wouldn’t be too far away.

Ifunanya was also enjoying herself immensely, every time Kemi moaned or shivered it sent a thrill right through her because she was doing this to her. It was her actions that were giving Kemi such intense pleasure, she felt bolder and her nervousness had fallen away. She could tell that Kemi was close and she wanted to push her right over the edge, her tongue technique was good but she needed more.

She withdrew her tongue for a moment and used her forefinger to gently stroke the engorged clitoris, the second she touched it Kemi shivered and moaned louder than before. Ifunanya was satisfied with this response but decided a softer touch was required there so she trailed her fingers down Kemi’s slit and positioned them at the wet entrance to her writhing lover.

Kemi felt Ifunanya’s fingertips around her hole and instinctively braced herself for what was bound to happen next. She cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples, unable to keep her hands still. Then it happened. Ifunanya penetrated her pussy with what felt like two or more fingers which seemed like more than enough to fill her up.

The two digits went further and further into her body until they were as far in as Ifunanya could get them, then she withdrew them slowly all the way back out again. The next time three fingers were introduced, the added thickness made Kemi gasp, her body was tingling and the gentle fucking was dragging her to climax.

Ifunanya didn’t add any more fingers in case it hurt; instead, she picked up the pace with each penetration.

Ifunanya’s fingers were sliding in and out of Kemi’s slick hole quicker now and each time they did she gasped and moaned. Kemi had stopped massaging her breasts and now her hands were on her head combing through her now bedraggled hair.

“OOHHHH,” Kemi’s voice was rising, clearly oblivious to her sleeping child upstairs. She felt as if she would float away, however, when she suddenly felt Ifunanya’s tongue on her highly sensitive clitoris; she soon came crashing back down to earth.

“Ohhh my GOD! FUCK.”

Kemi’s pussy gripped Ifunanya’s fingers and, even though Ifunanya knew she had done enough, she kept on licking that sweet clitoris and fucking the hole that was quickly releasing more and more moisture, it served only to further lubricate Ifunanya’s fingers so she still persisted in her full-frontal assault on the burning pussy.

“OOOH Ifunanya, MY…” Kemi’s grasp of the English language was rapidly fading.

Kemi felt like a hot wave had slammed into her body, her muscles tightened and she squeezed her eyes closed. Her skin tingled and her senses were unbelievable sharp. The feelings subsided but only for moments, Ifunanya’s continued stimulation was bringing her quickly to another peak and once again her muscles tensed as the second wave hit her.

Ifunanya had taken her fingers away from the dripping pussy, unable to continue because Kemi had become so tense down there, she didn’t stop licking and sucking on the clitoris but she did slow her movements. She wanted to prolong the beautiful woman’s climax as much as possible but Ifunanya felt the strain and her muscles were slowly tiring as the adrenaline seeped out of her system.

Kemi felt like she had spent a full day at the gym working out, her body still tingled and in a way, she still wanted more but, for tonight at least, her body had run its race.

Ifunanya raised her head up from in-between Kemi’s thighs and the two exhausted women looked into each other’s eyes and shared a wonderful, contented smile. Kemi leant towards Ifunanya and they shared a kiss, it was a different kind of kiss than before though. They stroked each others hair and embraced. Kemi could taste her own wetness on Ifunanya’s lips but it didn’t repulse her as it might do some other women, although she wouldn’t imagine that she would do this part with a man. But, after all, this had been a night of new things.

“Your mum will be wondering where you are,” Kemi said regretfully, not wanting to part with her sweet lover just yet.

“No, I called her when you went upstairs to check on Ayo and to um, get changed, I told her that we were getting on really well and that I wanted to stay over to watch some movies and have some wine,” said Ifunanya.

“I hate that you had to lie to her,” Kemi replied shaking her head.

“I know, maybe I should have said that I wanted to stay here so I could lick your pussy,” Ifunanya giggled at first and when Kemi joined in they both laughed for a while before embracing each other again.

Later that night after cleaning themselves up by taking a quick shower together they both went into Kemi’s bedroom. They lay naked under the covers and talked and kissed and hugged until finally, while still embraced and still smiling, they slept.

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