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Husband & Personal Manwhore by Farida B.E Smith

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Husband & Personal Manwhore by Farida B.E Smith

I checked myself once more in the standing mirror and smiled.
“How do I look, baby?”.

I asked my husband who was busy on his computer. He looked up and a smile escaped from him. He shut down the computer and walked to where I was standing.

“You look so yummy!”.

He said in a low tone that sounded like a moan, immediately sending shivers down my spine.

“I want you now baby”.
He added, taking me by the waist.

“Come on baby, I have an appointment and you know that. Do you want me to lose this opportunity?”.

I whined, trying to pry away his hand which was already caressing my thigh.

“Just a quickie? Please?”.

Before I could reply, he caught my lips in his. I gasped, which gave him more access.
Slipping his tongue in, he grabbed my ass through the skirt I was wearing, earning a low groan from me.

My hand slipped to the back of his neck as I hungrily kissed him back, unconsciously grinding into his groin. His hard erection pushed back against me, making me moist between my legs.

Slowly, he started unbuttoning my shirt, then unclasped my bra and immediately devoured my breast. I gasped and closed my eyes, panting heavily as his tongue did magic to my engorged nipples. While working on one melon, his hand was massaging the other, twerking the brown nipples between his fingers.

My knees started bucking as I was in ecstasy. My hand flew to his zippers. I quickly undid them and in no seconds, his hard, long, fat dick was in my hand.

His sucking pace on my boobs increased as I furiously pumped his shaft, feeling very hot between my legs and I could already feel my juices seeping from my lace panties.

Raising my chin, he looked into my eyes and slowly kissed me, softly this time.

“Suck me”.

He said, looking back into my eyes. Hypnotized, I slowly dropped to my knees and looked up at him.

“Feed me, daddy”

A moan escaped me as he took his cock in his hand and lightly slapped my cheeks with it before shoving it into my welcoming mouth.

Using one hand, I started jerking the long shaft, gently sucking the head which was oozing precum.
His groans started getting louder as I worked my jaws. He leaned back on the wall, his chest heaving up and down.


I moaned as I felt my juices running down my thighs. I let go of the cock and shoved his balls one at a time into my mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck!!!”.

He half screamed, grabbed my hair which was tied in a ponytail and started bucking his hips. I took back his shaft into my mouth and continued sucking, making sloppy sounds that filled up the room together with his groans.

His thrust grew wild as he fucked my throat, gagging me. Drool and tears were running down my jaw as I tried escaping but he was having none of it.

His groans started getting louder as his cock twitched in my throat. Warm liquid filled up my mouth and after his orgasm subsided.

he stood me up wiped away the cum on my face and licked it up, giving me a naughty smile.
I smiled back and wiped the tears on my face, then slipped out of my skirt.

I watched as his eyes tailed the laces of my panties, biting his lips.
“Be quick”.

I said as my hand got hold of his semi-hard dick and gave it a few strokes, which made it spring back to life. I smacked my lips as the moist feeling came back.

Pushing me facing the wall, he knelt down and took the laces of my panties with his teeth and slowly teetered it down. I slipped out of it and threw it across the room.

I hugged the walls and moaned as his tongue ran down my booty flesh, leaving wet feelings as I lightly shook in lust.

“Mmmmmmm…shit baby, fuck me already!”.

Giving no heed to what I said, he continued his traces down to the back of my lap, and with his hands, he part my butt cheeks and blew air against my exposed pussy.
I screamed in ecstasy as my whole body started shivering.

My hard nipples started throbbing and I pressed them harder against the walls.
He moved his licking towards my pussy lips, letting his tongue lightly glide against my lips before going back to my thigh.

By this time, my juices were flowing freely and my moans grew louder.

“Please put it in baby! Fuck me you manwhore!”.

I groaned in a raspy voice and I pushed back my ass against his face. His tongue suddenly slipped into my warm fuck hole which made me scream.

My voice caught in my throat as he fucked me with his tongue. I started thrusting back on his tongue really hard. My orgasm was almost at its peak when he took it out, leaving me feeling empty.


I whined in disappointment, but before I could turn, he slammed his hard dick into my pussy, which made me crash against the wall, gritting my teeth.

He groaned and bit my naked shoulder, filling me up with his big cock.

I started grinding back against him unconsciously.

“Please fuck me, hard… Baby, please”.

With that, he pushed his dick against the walls of my cervix which made my knees buckle violently.

He held me back in place and started pounding into me. Giving it to me real good from behind.
I couldn’t keep my voice down and I just let my feelings take over.

I was sure if there was anyone else in the house, he or she would have known my husband was fucking me real good.

“Oh shit, you’re so tight baby, fuck! Mmmmm!”.

He groaned out, pumping faster and harder into me.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled up the room, and the air conditioner was of no use because our bodies were sweating, mixed with our sex fluids.

I snaked my hand around his neck and brought his lips crashing onto mine and kissed him hungrily.

He slowed his pace and took one of my legs in his hand, pressed me hard against the wall and started pounding me real hard.

I screamed from pain and pleasure as I felt my orgasm building.

As if on cue, his cock started twitching against my pussy walls as they hugged it tightly.

Hitting the right spot, my body started convulsing. Unconsciously, I let go of the wall as my knees were shaking profusely. My husband held me tightly against him, stopping me from falling.

After what seemed like an eternity, my orgasm subsided.

I leaned against him and closes my eyes, panting heavily.

He whispered, his breath fanning my neck.

“Let’s go and get you washed”.

I nodded and blindly followed him to the bathroom. After a quick bath, I quickly got dressed and kissed his cheeks.

“Should I drop you off?”.

“No, I’m almost late, I have just 30 minutes before the interview. We might end up fucking in the car, so no”.

He chuckled and lightly spanked my ass as I walked out.

I smiled at myself and sat in the car, kicking the ignition into life.

“That was good”.

I mumbled to myself as I drove out of the house.

Written by Farida B.E Smith

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