June 9, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0608] (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0608] (18+)

The room was dimly lit but bright enough for Grace to see where everything was, the bed was laid to perfection and the ceiling glistened from the reflection of the bedside lamps.

The lady suddenly pulled Grace close to her before smashing their lips together, they kissed passionately as she led them onto the bed. The alcohol in her system made everything feel even better, Grace was so horny she started to think of the chief’s dick.

She was so wet and needed her throbbing hole to be filled with something hard and thick, Grace started to grind on the lady hoping to satisfy her tingling pussy. The lady pulled away from Grace and excused herself making Grace whine at the loss of contact, the lady dashed into the bathroom which made Grace a little curious.

She was just about to start touching herself when the bathroom door opened shining a bright light into the room, the lady stood proudly showing off her fake penis. Grace couldn’t tell if it was the skin colour or the thick veins on the dildo that made it look so real, Grace couldn’t believe how hard she was thirsting over the fake dick.

Grace was so horny she could have begged the lady to fuck her but she didn’t have to because she was more eager to fuck Grace

Grace still had her fingers positioned on top of her pussy as she started hungrily at the silicon dick.

“Ummm I see someone was getting impatient” the lady purred as she crawled onto the bed to meet Grace

The lady leaned in, lightly touching her lips to Grace’s and gradually deepened the kiss as she pulled Grace closer. She reached down and grabbed the hem of Grace’s dress, Grace put her hands up as the lady pulled the dress over her head and tossed it to the side.

The lady pressed her mouth on Grace’s neck and kissed it with lots of tongues and a little graze of teeth as her hands slid down to cup Grace’s ass. Grace was totally mesmerized by the lady’s touch, how she knew the exact spot and handles to turn Grace into a sopping mess.

She couldn’t help the sweet moan that left her lips every time the lady would stroke her skin, she gently moved them unto the bed as she kissed and touched Grace all over.

“My goodness your skin, like butter” the latter muttered into Grace’s skin
“I want to fuck you so bad” she added
“Yes,” Grace said breathlessly

It was all the confirmation she needed as she quickly spread Grace’s legs apart before moving down to cover her sopping wet pussy with her mouth, she muttered something unintelligible before pushing two fingers into Grace’s hot hole. All she could do was moan and push against her fingers as she started to work it in and out of her slowly.

“Your pussy is so pretty,” she whispered

Grace could feel her admiration which made her so hot she almost came.
She leaned in and kissed Grace’s clit before sucking on it gently. Grace felt so light with every part of her body bursting into a million pieces in pleasure

As Grace tried to catch her breath she slid into her, Grace wasn’t prepared for the amazing sensation, the familiar shape and size of a real cock. It wasn’t as hard as a real cock but it felt deliciously different.

She started to move and Grace couldn’t help moaning out loud, as she moved in and out of her slowly. she moved slowly at first then gradually found a rhythm a hard, fast rhythm. Grace widened her legs, taking it all as she arch her back to meet her movement.

Grace found the sounds coming from her mouth, it was like a different person as she felt her climax building. She grabbed unto the lady moving faster to match her strokes

“Harder?” She asked as she pushed deeper.

Yes nodded her head vigorously, loving how the fake dick ticked deep inside her pussy walls.
The lady fucked her harder and faster

“Harder? She asked as slammed into Grace
“Yes yes harder” Grace cried out

She slammed deeper as she grabbed and squeezed graces nipples, that did it for her every time. Grace screamed out as her orgasm hit, her pussy clamped down hard on the fake dick trying to milk something that isn’t there.

The lady didn’t stop, she slowed down and rubbed Grace’s nipples gently. A burst of pleasure rocks her body wave after wave as the lady continued to fuck her slowly and gently.

She could feel her pleasure building up again and it was driving her crazy. Grace couldn’t believe she was about to come again for the third time that night. Her orgasm felt like it was lasting forever as she dug her fingers into the sheet to avoid digging it into the lady.

Grace could see the satisfied grin on the lady’s face which made her think of the chief. She shook her head to shake out the thoughts, she didn’t want to overthink anything, she just wanted to enjoy the high of her climax.

She looked up at the lady who looked mesmerized and bent on giving all her pleasure and smiled.

It’s been so long since she’s had orgasms back to back and she was definitely not going to waste it. She bucked her hips against the lady.

The lady got the message immediately and grinned as she started to move again.

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