June 26, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E22] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E22] (18+)

They all arrived at the hotel with the guys already there and booked the rooms, they both tried talking to Grace but she acted uninterested and tired.

Her keys got handed to her and it looked like an ATM card, she was in awe of how classy the hotel looked but she didn’t want the boys to see her gawking at the magnificence of the hotel lobby. They took the elevator and got directed to their rooms.

Grace wanted to ask Nina how to open the door but Nina was practically joined by the waist to the guy she spent time with all night.

Thankfully their rooms were first and Grace had a chance to see them use the key, feeling anxious when they arrived at her door. Grace took the card and placed it as she saw Nina did and the door clicked open.

Grace wanted to scream and jump out joy but she had to stay composed as the guys were behind her, one of them asked if they could come in but she said no

“I’m tired,” she said softly before opening the door
“Good night guys,” she said as she stepped in

Grace leaned against the door after she closed it, she was glad she played hard to get but now she wasn’t sure how she’ll get the boys to pipe her now without going to knock on their door.

After a while of racking her brain trying to find a way to get the boys to come beg for her pum pum, she decided to go freshen up. After taking a shower, she slipped into the hotel robe and tired her hair up in a towel, she had always wanted to wear a hotel robe and tie up her hair just like in the movies.

As she looked herself over in the bathroom mirror she heard a knock on the door, she dashed to the door hoping it was Nina; she will like to ask her how to get with the guys. But when she opened the door it was one of the guys she remembered his name because she thought it sounded fancy, behind him was a hotel staff standing with a trolley covered with different things.

She smiled impressed by his efforts and let him in, the hotel staff rolled the trolley inside, opened all the lids to reveal the fancy snacks and fruits, then left them alone.

Grace sat with her legs crossed feeling so good about herself, especially with how the guy was staring at her like he could snap and devour her at any time, the robe split showing off her legs and thighs as she crossed her legs.

As he started to get close, there was another knock on the door. He was visibly annoyed by the knock but she stood up and went to open the door, she chuckled when she saw the other guy standing with another hotel staff with a trolley carrying a champagne bottle in an ice bucket.

She let them in with a wide smile on her face, the guys were not very happy to see each other but they each sat opposite her. The staff popped the bottle and poured them drinks before he left, they drank and talked and soon they all got very comfortable on the big bed.

The drink tasted so good and their presence was making her pussy moist but she didn’t want to make the first move so she lifted one leg and placed them on Brian’s leg, he instinctively started to rub her feet slowly.

Grace closed her eyes and sighed heavily, she would occasionally moan as he gave her a gentle foot rub. Theo feeling left out sat on the bed and started to massage her shoulder, it was the best feeling having two influential guys giving her a massage.

Their movement slowly moved higher and lower, Brian started to move up to her legs as Theo moved lower on her shoulders. Grace was so turned on feeling her juices pool between her legs, she opened her legs ever so slightly moaning sweetly.

She could feel how fast Theo’s breathing got faster as he massaged her shoulders and her chest, and Brain did something that caught her off guard. He put her toes in his mouth and sucked, making her moan out loudly, she wasn’t ready for the sensation that shot up to her pussy.

He swirled his tongue around her toes and she threw her head back onto Theo and moaned, her shoulders drooped letting her robe fall even lower. She tilted her head to the side and Theo leaned down and kissed her neck deeply.

Everything felt so surreal to grace and it was the best feeling, Theo kissed her neck while feeling her boobs up from the side while Brain started to kiss up her thighs. He stopped when he was close to her throbbing pussy and looked at her like he was asking for permission, Grace nodded yes and he went ahead to quickly clamp down on her pussy.

Grace moaned out as he swirled his tongue between her wet folds, it felt so good getting her pussy eaten out while Theo massaged her boobs. Her moans got louder as Brian devoured her pussy like it was a fountain and he was dying of thirst, grace reached out and grabbed Brain’s hands squeezing them against her breast and nipples.

She wanted to feel more, he was panting as he touched her everywhere, grace could feel his hardness against her back and she wanted to see it. Brian must have had the same thought as he half stood on the bed frantically trying to unbuckle his trousers, he finally unzipped the trouser and whipped out his dick.

Grace gasped as his dick sprung out, Nina wasn’t kidding about him having a big dick. Instinctively she opened her mouth and he pushed his dick into her mouth. She knew it was going to be a lot of work on her jaw and mouth but she didn’t care.

She couldn’t get all of him into her mouth so he started to move slightly fucking her mouth gently while Brain sucked hard on her pussy, Grace’s moans were muffled by Theo’s fat dick in her mouth. Grace could feel her body heating up as her orgasm started to build, she wasn’t ready to cum yet so she started to gesture at Brian who immediately got it. He stood up so quickly and pat himself down before quickly fishing out a condom.

Grace wanted both of them at the same time but she was feeling shy to ask, she closed her eyes and pulled away from Theo’s dick

“Two of you together” she blurted out

They stopped and stared at each other before Theo pulled out a condom and tore it out with his teeth, watching him do that was making Grace’s pussy quiver. She wanted to feel his veiny dick inside of her, brain half laid further into the bed and she came to kneel facing her back to him.

She assumed the position pushing her ass up in the air, he started to squeeze her ass cheeks before he spread them open and started to rub his thumb on her ass hole. Grace moaned out pushing her ass back into his thumb, he spit on his finger and rubbed it all over her quivering asshole.

Theo was beside her squeezing her breast before he got in front of her. He pulled her towards him gently and she stood up and straddled him, she sat on him taking his dick inch by inch moaning out as his dick stretched and filled her up. She wanted to start riding him but she felt Brian’s dick pushing against her asshole.

It felt so good at first till it started to hurt

“Don’t clench up dear, we’re almost there’s he said gently
“Just relax and breathe,” he said gently

She took a deep breath and braced herself, he pushed himself into her tight asshole slowly till he was completely buried inside her. Grace felt so full with both her holes quivering uncontrollably.

Brian started to move and she moaned out loudly, Theo moved under her slowly making her cry out, his dick was hitting the right spot with every movement. It felt like she would get ripped in two but she loved it, her boobs bounced around as they both fucked her with Brian moving faster and faster.

Her fingers dug into Theo’s shoulder as Brian moved in and out of her faster, she cried out loudly as her orgasm hit her without warning. Theo groaned loudly as her pussy gripped him tightly, her juices were pouring down his dick which seemed to make it harder.

Her body was shaking as the sensation spread all over her body, they held her tight as she rode out her orgasm before they laid her down and switched positions.

Grace smiled as she felt Theo’s fat dick spreading out her pussy lips, it was going to be a night full of orgasms and she was so ready for it she thought to herself.

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