June 26, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E21] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E21] (18+)

The night felt like a dream, a very good dream.

After Nina’s friend was done getting dressed they all stepped out in a Porsche car followed by another car with the security.

Throughout the trip, Grace watched how Nina and her friend were interacting and secretly practised a new way of speaking. Even though she couldn’t speak as well as either of them she wanted to sound just as polished, Nina gave her one of her old iPhones to carry which made her feel like one of the big girls.

She was no longer wearing her drab clothes, she only had on the sexy dress and an expensive jacket just like Nina and her friend. Grace loved the makeup and pressed on nails they put on her which made her feel like a completely different person.

They arrived at their destination and Grace was in awe, the doors opened for them and a well-dressed lady directed them to their seat.

The light was dim but bright enough for one to see how cool and classy the lounge looked. They arrived at their table where four guys were drinking and gisting. The guys’ faces lit up as the ladies approached the table, they made room and the ladies plopped right down.

They immediately started to order drinks and food for the ladies, when one of the guys beside Grace asked for what she’ll like Nina offered to order for her

“Thanks, dear” Grace said in a soft sexy voice

Nina smiled at her, clearly impressed

The drinks arrived in style and it was the most delicious drink she had ever had.

Everything was perfect from the vibe in the room, to the drinks and the guys not being able to keep their eyes or hands off her.

Grace smiled shyly as the guys used every opportunity to touch her, she’ll let them get a bit comfortable before she pushes their hands away just as Nina told her to do.

They had drinks upon drinks and had different food brought to their table, after a while of eating, drinking and gisting it was time to go. They were going to a club to continue the night, the guys wanted grace to ride with them but Nina insisted on going to the club with their cars and security.

They got in their car and started driving to the club, Nina kept saying how proud of Grace she was as they drove to the club

“All eyes were literally on you, you just sat there poised and elegant,” Nina said

Nina’s friend didn’t seem very impressed, she and her boyfriend spent most of the time whispering and giggling as she clung to him throughout. It was a struggle not to roll her eyes anytime she looked in their direction, they finally arrived at the club.

The security team quickly open the doors for them, Nina’s friend got off and immediately went to find her boyfriend.

There were a lot of people waiting outside but they got led right to the door where the bouncer let them in, they got led to the VIP section which has fewer people and a comfortable sitting area.

Well-dressed servers came to their tables, soon after their table was filled with drinks that got brought out in style.

Grace was having the time of her life, she was experiencing the lifestyle she only heard of from her friends and movies.

As they drank and talked over the loud music, the guys glued to her side asked her to dance at the same time, Grace couldn’t contain her smile.

She felt like the only girl in the room, she accepted to dance with both of them. They stood up and followed her, she walked a few feet away from the table as Nina told her to do whenever she wanted to dance.

The guys took their position in front and behind her, all eyes were on them as they started to dance. Grace was fully having a fantasy moment and danced putting in very little effort but her ass and titties still jiggle in her cut out dress.

The guys were lost in her body which was making her feel like she was high, all the attention was moving straight to her vagina.

It felt good to have the undivided attention of two fine rich guys, she could feel how bricked up the guy behind her was anytime She went low and came up slowly rubbing her ass on his crotch. If not for Nina’s coaching she was sure she’ll let either of them take her to the bathroom and fuck her real good, she wanted to get piped so bad it brings her to tears.

The night was one of the best experiences for her, as the hype man would regularly come to their table and end up hyping her up, the expensive bottles of alcohol kept coming and it all tasted so good.

Nina’s friend kept making out at the table while Nina would occasionally dance with the guy she’s been talking to, once in a while she’ll smile and wink at grace who was sandwiched between the guys who were having a difficult time keeping their hands away from her.

Nina announced she wanted to use the bathroom and asked Grace to follow her, the bathroom was the best looking bathroom she had seen in a public place. There were some girls taking pictures at the mirror, Nina was quite tipsy as they walked to the bathroom mirror

“Goddamn you’re hot,” Nina said grabbing her boobs from behind before squeezing lightly and giggling

“No wonder all the men I know can’t think straight around you,” she said her words slurred
“So which of the boys do you want to fuck” Nina asked and giggled

When Grace smiled shyly and didn’t mention any of them, Nina’s eyes lit up

“Naughty girl, you want them both to run a train on you huh,” she said and laughed
“Everyone thinks you’re so innocent but you’re so bad, I love it,” Nina said running her thumb on Grace’s cheeks

“We will lodge at a hotel and you can do anything you want but make them beg for it, they like to feel themselves because of their influential parents. It’s nice to see them so thirsty but go for Theo he has the bigger dick” she added and giggled

Grace was excited that she got some kind of approval from Nina which means she can do whatever she likes. Grace imagined getting her holes filled up by the two guys. She had to clasp her thighs together to calm down her throbbing pussy.

Grace made up her mind to have them both so she can be sure of getting fucked real good, she couldn’t wait for the night to be done so they can get a room and slut her out.

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