June 26, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E20] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E20] (18+)

The days go by and Grace grows more impatient and horny.

Nina had thrown tantrums till her dad allowed Grace to cook for her, it was a change Grace welcomed wholly as it meant she won’t be idle as much but she was still bored and horny. It didn’t help that she and Ms Janet had gotten so close she sometimes cuddled Grace as they slept.

Grace doesn’t think she’s into girls that much but with the konji that has been clouding her mind, any warm body sends her pussy into a tingling frenzy. When Nina asked for her to come help her in her room Grace was excited to help as it meant she had something to keep her busy and away from fantasizing about every guy that looks like he can fuck good.

As she entered the room Nina was applying makeup and was in that stage where the placement of the powder made her look like a ghost in Nollywood home movies, Nina was excited as usual as she stepped in.

In a high pitched voice, she dragged Grace to where she spread out what looked like shrunken baby clothes

“So which do you like better” Nina asked excitedly

Grace wasn’t sure either was a good option as they both looked like something made for a baby

“You sure say this cloth fit enter you?” Grace asked picking one up to examine it

Nina giggled

“Not for me silly, for you,” Nina said
That was even funnier to Grace because she didn’t think the clothes will fit Nina talk less of her with her double D boobs

“Actually, why don’t you try it first” Nina
Grace stood dumbfounded as Nina picked up the piece of fabric

“Let’s start with my favourite” Nina added

Grace wasn’t sure what to do till Nina asked her to undress, Grace took off her clothes waiting to see what miracle Nina was about to pull.

After a couple of minutes of struggling with the fragile fabric they were done, Grace was in shock at how the flimsy fabric managed to stretch out and cover her body.

The dress barely covered much as it was cut out so much it looked like a net in most part, it was cut out to show off her body in all the right way.

Grace stared at the mirror in awe of how sexy she looked with a touch of elegance, these were the type of outfits she saw on famous Instagram models and now she was wearing one in real life.

“Damn girl, I knew I made the right choice. Worth every dollar” Nina said excitedly
“Let me quickly finish my makeup up and beat your face a little” Nina added gesturing with her makeup brush

Grace wasn’t sure what to do or say, on one hand, she was excited but on the other hand, she was scared of Senator’s reaction

“Ummm… we dey go somewhere?” Grace asked feeling uneasy
“Yes we’re going out, don’t worry I’ve planned everything” Nina answered
“But your dad” Grace stuttered

“Yes, I already asked Daddy for permission to allow you to come with me, I told him my friends are having a sleepover and I need you to help with the food,” Nina said looking very excited

Grace thought she didn’t look like someone who was going out to serve food and as much as she trusted Nina grace was still very worried

“What are you so worried about?” Nina asked as if reading gracefully.
“Camera” Grace said softly
“If you don’t want your pictures taken that’s fine,” Nina said as she started applying makeup on grace
“no outside camera,” Grace said pointing towards the direction of the gate

“Ohhh the CCTV, hmmm I’m beginning to have an idea of what went down,” Nina said giggling

“Don’t worry, we are not stepping out like this. You’ll wear your normal clothes on top and then wear a jacket” Nina added assuring Grace

After Nina was done with the makeup, Grace wasted no time checking herself out in the mirror.

Grace thought she looked surreal as she looked like someone famous straight out of Instagram“
So to get our story straight I lied to the guys we’re going out with about you, I told them your father is one of the biggest businessmen in Aba” Nina said surprising grace

“If anyone asks you don’t have to go into details and you need to speak good English as much as possible” Nina added

The whole thing was exciting to Grace and she was more than ready to put on the facade, they finished up the makeup and it was time to go. Grace put on her uniform on top of the sexy outfit before wearing one of Nina’s kimonos, Nina put on a long coat over her own outfits.

They got into one of the official cars and was followed by one other car that had security details

“Ughh, since the attempt on daddy everything has become much more official” Nina complained as they drove out
Nina filled Grace in on the lie about her background and how to act when they’re out, the ride was an interesting one to Grace as she listened attentively to everything Nina was saying.

They finally arrived at their destination and Grace was surprised there was a small checkpoint before they got to the gate mansion. Grace watched in awe as they went through the first and second gates before they went inside the compound. Grace was shocked at how large the mansion was, it looked even bigger than the chief’s mansion.

As they stepped out a young lady ran out and hugged Nina

“You’re not even ready,” Nina said and the girl just giggled

“You know I don’t take long to get ready besides we need to keep the boys waiting,” she said and giggled

They got led inside and Grace looked around with wide eyes, she was completely ignored but she didn’t care as she was busy practising her new persona in her mind.

Grace couldn’t wait to meet up with the guys they were going out to meet and hoped that at the end of the night she’ll be getting railed good.

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