June 26, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E18] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E18] (18+)

Grace was in great shock after meeting with Senator, she sat outside his door till Ms Janet came to get her. She could barely hear what Ms Janet was saying as she led her to the staff quarters, she reassured Grace to take it easy and not worry but to give him time to cool off.

Ms Janet led her to her small room inside the female quarters, and Grace began to see the great difference between where she lived and the great privileges she just lost.

She couldn’t help the hot tears that rolled down her cheeks, Ms Janet let her cry as she set her bags to one corner of the room before leaving to continue her managing duties. Grace was tired of crying, she had sat staring at the wall for what felt like forever.

When her phone beeped she scrambled to check and see who it was from, she almost threw it when she read the text from a strange number. It was from the guy at the party, she was so angry as fucking him was what put her in this mess in the first place.

She slammed her head in the pillow and screamed before she started crying again, she cried for so long that she fell asleep exhausted. She got woken up by Ms Janet telling her to get up and eat, Ms Janet had brought her a bowl of jollof rice.

Grace didn’t want to stand up or do anything but Ms Janet insisted she get up and take a bath before eating, she got up and reluctantly went to take her bath.

Usually, she enjoyed having her bath but having to use the communal bathroom in the staff quarters was just adding salt to injury. Meanwhile, some ladies in the staff quarters seemed to be in high spirits, they’ll snicker and whisper to themselves giggling whenever she passes.

Grace kept wishing the ground would open up and swallow her up but nothing happened, she dragged herself to Ms Janet’s room and got dressed. She ate the food even though she couldn’t taste anything

“You need to eat well eh” Ms Janet said in a calm voice

“Let me advise you dear, this is not the end. I know Senator is very angry now. You know how big men behave they don’t like to share” she added

“But just give him time to cool off but in the meantime just take care of yourself” she continued

Grace felt so grateful for Ms Janet that she started to cry again not knowing what to say

“Stop crying, put yourself together, Nina will soon be back for Easter break. Try to get to her so she can help you, you know she’s Senator’s favourite and I know she favours you” Ms Janet said with a smile
That made Grace smile and filled her with hope, she hasn’t spoken to Nina since she left the country but they occasionally exchange chats. Grace felt a silver lining in her dark situation and suddenly felt hopeful that things could get better

“Mmhm before I forget” Ms Janet started
“Let me give you something” she added before standing to look through her bag

“My prophet gave me this and it has been helping me, I’ll share this one with you,” she said as she handed grace a small bottle of oil

“After you bath, during your morning prayer you should pray over it and ask for divine favour before you use small” she said

“Everything will be alright as long as you’re still in this house, things will get better okay” she added

Grace felt so emotional, she rushed over and hugged her, thanking her and praying for blessings for her. After Ms. Janet left grace immediately went on her knees to pray, she prayed harder than she’s prayed in a while.

The prayer section left her feeling energized and hopeful, she went through her bag and picked out one of her favourite jeans that made her ass look amazing. She wasn’t ready to go into the mansion yet but she was ready to stop moping around inside Ms Janet’s small room, she needed some fresh air and some company.

As Grace walked towards the staff sitting outside their rooms some of the girls started whispering and laughing to themselves, grace held her head high and walked directly to them

“Na wetin happen wey funny like this” Grace said point-blank

“I hope say no be pesin matter dey make una laugh like so” she added making them feel awkward

“Na joke I dey joke” she said and laughed, the girls awkwardly laughed too
Grace found an empty crate and dragged it to join them all
“How una dey” she asked directing the question to the guys

They responded and started chatting with her.

Grace felt good for finally standing up for herself, she felt very hopeful that her situation will change soon. She looked forward to Nina returning and her getting back everything she’s lost, starting with Senator’s affection.

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