August 9, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E16] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E16] (18+)

Grace was frantic as he struggled to pull out his dick, she put her leg down and expertly unzipped his trousers.

He pulled his dick out and she immediately wrapped her hands around it, it felt so good. If they had more time she would have traced the veins on his hard dick with her tongue but she wanted his dick inside her before they ran out of time.

She turned around and bent over pulling her dress up over her waist, he grabbed her ass and squeezed like it was fresh bread. He held his dick and rubbed it between her asscrack. He used one hand to spread open her fat ass moaning as he rubbed his dick on her sopping wet pussy.

Grace couldn’t stand getting teased so she wiggled her ass and smiled as he groaned softly, he grabbed her ass cheek firmly before he started pushing his dick inside her. Grace sighed with satisfaction as his dick parted her folds and started to slide into her.

She moaned softly, liking how his dick was sliding in and filling her up, her pussy quivered as he pushed his entire length into her.

When he was lodged inside her, he gripped her waist with one hand before he pulled out slightly and slammed inside her. Usually, some men struggle to fuck her hard from behind because of her fat ass but this lean muscular guy was slamming into her with what felt effortless.

He started to pick up the pace grunting as he slammed in and out of her wet pussy, her boobs moved along with the movement. Grace placed one hand over her chest and the other on the wall for some balance. He was beginning to move faster, the way he moved and moaned was making grace feel good. She liked it when men lose their selves while fucking her, her juices were running down her thighs as he fucked her harder and faster.

Just when she felt like she couldn’t take the immense pleasure he reached and grabbed her hands, he pulled them back pulling her up slightly. She could feel the strength in his hands as he held her tightly, he started to move again a lot faster this time.

Their skins were making lots of noise as they slapped against each other, grace moaning was getting louder and louder as he fucked her hard. She could feel her shoulder begin to hurt but she didn’t care, it only made her pussy quiver even more. Pausing briefly he left her hands and grabbed her boobs, he was making a panting groaning sound as he squeezed her boobs and continued slamming into her.

Grace wanted to tell him not to stop as he picked up the pace again, he was sweating hard as he moved in and out of her moaning and grunting.

As they fucked like rabbits, a car went past then briefly lit up the small alley, his ride had arrived but Grace was done with him riding her.

He could also tell they didn’t have a lot of time so he pulled out and turned her around, grace whined as her pussy clenched trying to grab at the hardness that just slipped out of her. Before she could complain he had her against the wall and started to position his dick.

He wasted no time sliding into her hungry pussy, without even breaking a sweat he lifted her like she weighed nothing. It turned Grace on so much how strong he was, she enjoyed how he manhandled her.

She wanted the moment to last forever and as she thought about it her pussy started to quiver, she felt that familiar sensation that builds up I’m her pussy before it explodes. She held onto him burying her face on his sweaty neck, he slammed her down on his dick making her moan sweetly.

The sensation continued to build and she closed her eyes, his movements were getting harder and faster. He slammed her into the wall and held her up before he started to pound her pussy, she cried out loving how good it felt getting fucked so hard. Her fingers dug into his skin as the feeling between her legs exploded

“Oh my god” she cried out feeling like her whole body would explode into a thousand pieces

Her juices were pouring out, making him make some sweet sounds as he slammed into her, he cried out as he pulled out quickly and offloaded his seeds on her dress. He was panting hard like he had just ran a marathon, it made Grace smile. Her whole body, especially her pussy, was buzzing with excitement.

They had a little small talk before he had to go join them in the car, she waited for the car to leave before she hopped excitedly to the gate.

The smile on her face was plastered on her face all the way to her room where she jumped on the bed happily. She wiggled out of her dress and laid naked on the bed, her pussy was a bit sour but it buzzed with excitement.

She felt so happy and relaxed.

Grace had no idea how her world was about to turn upside down as she spread her legs open and brought her fingers down to caress her still wet pussy.

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