June 10, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E15] (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E15] (18+)

Grace has been walking on cloud nine since Senator promised to take her to Dubai, he had made good on that promise by having someone take her somewhere where uniformed officers took her information and pictures.

He later explained to her that it was for the documents she will need to go abroad, Grace hasn’t been able to stop smiling since then.

All of her free time was now spent daydreaming about her vacation abroad. She hasn’t seen chief since he blew her back out but she didn’t mind much as they spent most of her time daydreaming. As the sun was setting, she sat outside staring at the clouds, she didn’t have any chores and the mansion felt very empty.

All of the wives and children had travelled for the holidays and so had a number of the staff. If she had gone to the village, her days would have been filled with activities, she missed her hometown and family but she wouldn’t change anything.

Her dreams were coming through in front of her, so she would rather stay even though her days get boring. Grace was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t notice one of the staff had come to sit beside her, she has seen him a couple of times before but they’ve never had a reason to interact before.

She looked at him and he smiled

“How far” he started
“I dey o” she replied,

“You no travel for Christmas?” he asked

Grace thought it was obvious she didn’t travel but answered anyways

“Yes, I no dey travel” grace replied
“You dey go cross overnight?” he asked

Grace remembered cross overnights fondly, back home they would go to church to pray and worship then head to the village square to dance the night away, they would be lights, alcohol and firecrackers sounding off in the distance.

The night is usually drawn out till dawn with the cover of darkness allowing the naughty ones to sneak around fucking in the bushes.

“We dey organize small cross over party on the low key later you fit show,” He said when she didn’t reply
“Ok” she replied feeling excited inside

He nodded then stood up and left leaving Grace sitting there excited about the events of the day.

There wasn’t much for her to do with the house almost empty and Senator away on business, she still had a couple of hours so she decided to make tiny puff puffs for the party.

After she was done frying the puff puff, she sprinkled some sugar on it and took it out to her room. She got dressed, applied a light makeup of powder and lip gloss. Grace got into one of her favourite dresses, it was a flared gown that was snatched at the waist.

The dress accentuated her shape and turn heads whenever she wore it out, she carried out the snacks that she covered and headed out to the staff quarters.

Soft traditional music was already playing when she got there, they had most of the furniture and sat in a circle drinking and chatting loudly over the music. She recognised most of the faces there who responded to her greetings and hailed her as she came in with the snacks.

There were some faces she didn’t recognise but one, in particular, caught her eye, he watched her with a beer bottle, he took a gulp anytime she caught him staring.

As the night progressed and the music got louder, she found herself getting drawn to him. He was wearing a vest that showed off his tight muscles, those kinds of muscles one would get from hard work and not working out.

It must be the alcohol, Grace thought to herself as she couldn’t stop imagining what his biceps must feel like, she thought about how he looked like he could pick her up easily and slam her against the wall.

When she looked at him she caught him staring again and he smiled at her, with enough liquid courage flowing through her she went over to him. She watched amused at the shock on his face as she approached him

“This one way you just dey look me like say you wan swallow me,” she said feeling confident

“If I wan swallow you nko” he asked with a cocky smile

Grace smiled and sat beside him, they talked and laughed as the party continued. It didn’t take long for their conversation to turn sexual with him creeping his hands up her, it turned her on so much as his hands moved higher up her thigh knowing fully that she didn’t wear any underwear.

She could tell he was getting hard too, as his breathing got higher and his hands moved more feverishly, the thrill was intense as she moved her hands to his thighs knowing someone might catch on to them in the poorly lit room.

When one of the men came to inform them that they’ve been ordered to end the party, Grace groaned loudly with the rest. It was time for those who didn’t work there to leave which was disappointing as they had just started getting to the good part.

His hands were merely inches away from her throbbing pussy, he could already feel her wetness as it leaked down her thighs.

The lights came on and he had to withdraw his hands which made her even hornier, one of the men announced that their ride was on the way but they had to go wait outside the mansion as ordered by the guards.
Grace followed them out holding onto the man tightly, as they waited outside the two found a small corner between two mansions opposite the chief’s mansion.

They stood there whispering nothing to each other, he was now rock hard; poking her leg with his hardness as they stood there hardly visible from the others.

He growled behind her ear and pulled her up to his hard chest before reaching and pulling up one of her legs.

The adrenaline was making her insanely horny and she couldn’t wait to feel his hard dick inside her very hungry pussy.

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