May 27, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E11] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E11] (18+)

Everything happened so fast from the moment Grace rushed to get the nurses when the Senator woke up, it all went by as a blur to Grace from the night before and the next morning.

She was still trying to process what happened, as she sat in the waiting area with the excited family. Grace couldn’t help but feel proud, her hands had literally brought the chief back to life.

It felt exciting being the only one who knew an important secret, she had told the doctors who asked and the Senator’s family that she was praying by the chief’s bedside when she had him speak. It was the first time all the Senator’s wives were very nice to her thanking her profusely for watching over him, it all made her feel so good about herself.

Even the boys seem to look at her in a different light, their usual lust-filled gaze was replaced with an adoring one.

They waited for what felt like forever before a doctor came to tell them they can now go see him now, Grace hung in the shadows as they all went up to the chief’s room. His wives and daughters rushed to his side hugging happily, Nina peppered his face with kisses before hanging the cards and balloons and flowers.

The boys went over to him, he laughed at something they said which made Grace smile. Her heart was swelling with pride as she thought to herself about how he woke up, she would give him a hand and blow job sooner if she knew it would wake him she thought to herself.

As the family fawned over him, Grace’s mind wandered to the hotel room and the sex study with the doctor, her pussy quivered as she thought about the toe-curling head Tony had given her. The way he ran his tongue up and down her folds and how he’ll part them before digging in to lick her clit was doing things to her body, it made her want to

“Grace! Are you okay” she heard someone ask

Grace opened her eyes, realizing then she had her eyes closed as she was reminiscing about Tony’s tongue

“Eh um na stomach dey pain me I nova chop” grace said

“Oh dear why didn’t you say something we came with enough food, go help yourself” she added

“All this time and she still can’t speak proper English,” Stephen’s mom said and rolled her eyes

“Sorry ma, I speak better” grace responded

Grace went over to the food warmers and dished a large serving, she was lying about her stomach but she was hungry. She watched as the family laughed and interacted with each other, the chief watched them with a smile on his face.

He would occasionally look in Grace’s direction, briefly flashing her a big smile. Grace was excited he remembered what happened but it also made her feel a little shy and naughty.

A doctor came in with all smiles and told everyone they will be discharging him within the hour making the room erupt into joyous cheers. It felt like a lifetime ago that Grace had been in her room, she missed having her room to herself but it also surprised her that she was already missing the hospital.

She had gotten so familiar with all the hallways and staircases and she had become friendly with a lot of the hospital staff, especially the ones that cleaned up the room. It dawned on her that she won’t be seeing Mike and Tony anymore, it started to make her sad that she might not get to feel Tony’s tongue anymore.

Grace was feeling a lot of mixed emotions, on one hand, she was happy to be going back to the mansion and on the other hand, she wished she had more time.

Grace packed her bags and it was time to go, the doctor had promised to stay in touch with her which put her mind at ease. They got to the mansion and the staff and gave the chief a welcome fit for a king, everyone was happy to have him back.

She didn’t realize how much she had missed the mansion, after the welcome she finally got to her room. Everything was just the way she left it, Grace laid on her bed bored wondering when she’s been able to spend time with the Chief especially with his new added security.

She had noticed them from the hospital, they all looked like bouncers in their black on black get up.

They were stationed everywhere in the mansion and not just on the Senator’s wing. Now that she was back she realized just how bored she was there, at the hospital, she could sneak out and take walks around and outside the hospital not to mention her rendezvous with both Tony and Mike.

Grace felt her phone vibrating and she checked to see Mike calling, she was so happy to hear from him. He told her how much he missed her and how he can’t wait to make her feel things better than Tony making her laugh.

He told her that the doctor found them a new better location and he couldn’t wait to see her.
Grace was feeling so pumped after the conversation till she thought about how she’ll make it there, how will she be able to sneak past Ms Janet and the new security in the mansion to go get the orgasms waiting for her.

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