May 27, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E09] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E09] (18+)

“Stop stop I don’t know what’s happening, this has never happened before,” He said looking terrified.

“Na wa o” mike started
“Guy is your dick shy or what? You never do threesome before” he added
“Just shut up and give me a minute,” Tony snapped back.

From the look on Tony’s face, Grace could tell he was feeling embarrassed, she felt bad and wanted to make him feel better but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. He started stroking his limp dick with his eyes closed making Grace feel a bit awkward, she wasn’t sure what to do squatting between his legs as he pumped his dick like he was trying to start a small generator.

Grace looked over at the doctor who was busy writing furiously into a notepad, Grace’s eyes travelled to the side of the room where Mike sat his legs spread wide apart with his dick standing hard and proud. It reminded her of the first time she saw and sucked his smooth long dick, she looked up and saw him watching her and smiling.

It was obvious he knew she wanted his dick, she wanted to go over to him but she didn’t want to make Tony feel bad.

“Yo doc how about we both start since we’re both ready,” he said with a smirk
“Yes… I guess you’re right” she nodded at Grace who slowly stood up and headed towards Mike.

Grace squatted between his legs and grabbed his dick, she wrapped her hands around it delicately. She pumped up and down his length slowly, impressed by the amount of precum oozing out as she moved to the head from the base, opening her mouth she leaned down and stuck out her tongue.

Grace licked the precum off the head of his dick making him moan softly, grace enjoyed having such control on guys whenever she handles their dick. Opening her mouth wider, she took his dick into her mouth she moved down till she could feel him touching her throat, Grace rarely has gag reflexes but his dick was pushing it.

He reached down and barely cupped her breast, it gave grace an idea. She deepthroated his dick again, getting it very wet and sleek with her saliva before she changed her position to a comfortable kneeling position, she held up her breasts and smushed them together.

Mike understood what she was trying to do and positioned his dick between her boobs. He slid up and down and groaned deeply, he tried to move faster but it wasn’t moving smoothly between her boobs.

“Um doc did you pack any lube in that kit,” he asked the doctor
“Oh yeah” she replied

She quickly dropped her notepad and opened a box with a red cross painted on it. She dug through it and brought out a red tub that looked like toothpaste to Grace
“Here you go,” she said handing him the lube
“It’s edible too,” she said with a smile

“Perfect” Mike said as he opened the lube
He squirted the liquid on her boobs, he squirted a generous amount in between her boobs. He dropped the lube and took his position between her boobs. His dick slid smoothly in between her boob, he moaned deeply as he pushed his dick in.

“Ohhhh this is fucking amazing uhhhh fuckkkk” he moaned

It was a new and interesting feeling for Grace watching him get lost in fucking her boobs.

“Oh my god ahh.. yes.. ohhh yes” e kept mumbling as he fucked her boobs faster, Grace leaned her head down and opened her mouth.

She licked his dick head whenever he pushed in, watching him lose control that way was turning her on so much she could feel her juices sliding down her leg. He put his head on her head and started to pump faster, it felt good his dick moved between her slicked up breasts.

The little movements were creating some friction between her pussy and the back of her legs. She squeezed her breasts tighter enjoying the look mike had on his face, he looked like the feeling was too much and he couldn’t handle it.

“Oooh no ohhh fuck” he cried out as he busted without warning

Grace was taken by surprise as strings after strings of cum hit her face, she had to close her eyes to avoid it entering her eyes.

“Damn that’s hot,” mike said before crashing down on the cushion.
“Cmon Mike you know better, you should always give warning,” the doctor said rummaging through the kit.

She brought out wipes and handed them to Grace, mouthing the word “sorry”, it always makes her feel special when the doctor is sweet to her. Grace wiped her face feeling proud of how her breasts wiped out Mike but she was also extremely horny

“Mike are you good to continue so we don’t neglect the lady’s needs,” the doctor said
“Just give me a minute,” mike said Si catching his breath
“I can do it, I can give her head” Tony spoke up

Grace had almost forgotten that Tony was there with them which made her feel bad but she liked the idea of getting eaten out and with the look in his eyes he was going to eat her work well, she smiled at the doctor glad that she walked into her wanking the first time they met.

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