August 11, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E08] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E08] (18+)

It’s been two days since the Doc told her about her plans to study people having sex. She even went as far as talking to Ms Janet, Grace almost coughed out her heart when she saw the both of them talking but was relieved when Ms Janet told her that the doctor needed her as a pidgin translator for a small workshop.

She was impressed with the doctor for lying to Ms Janet, giving her an excuse whenever she came around and couldn’t find Grace. Tony was also informed about the study, the three of them had their blood drawn for a couple of tests by the doctor.

Grace has been counting down the hours waiting for the doctor to summon them so they could start the study, she was looking forward to fucking Tony again. Her phone rang and it was the doctor, Grace hadn’t been this excited about a phone call in a while. She quickly made her way down to the doctor’s office and wasn’t surprised that the boys were already in the office.

“Oh, my darling… welcome,” the doctor said with her warm smile
“We have been brainstorming, technicalities and location has been the biggest so far” the doctor started
“Tony here mentioned your little rendezvous spot here in the hospital,” she said with a smirk

“It’s an interesting spot but I will like to avoid the study happening in the hospital especially when it’s not in a secluded area, so I have decided we try using a hotel for now,” she said

“I know a good location, it’s affordable and the rooms are quite big plus the guy running the hotel is my guy,” Tony said

“Alright then, we will all leave in two hours” the doctor declared and dismissed them.

Grace went back to the Senator’s room, she was so excited she started sweating as she watched the clock. She had shaved everywhere the day before and now she was anxious, Grace popped into the bathroom for a quick shower that helped her calm down.

She started to imagine what it’ll be like in the hotel room sucking off Mike as Tony fondled her breast, her pussy tingling with excitement as she waited for them. Her phone finally beeped and it was the doctor, she told grace to meet them outside and grace jumped to it.

She has never walked down the hospital stairs as fast as she did at that moment.

Grace met the doctor waiting by the gate and she led her to the car, they both got in the backseat and drove off. It was a long silent ride except for the music if it felt like they’d been driving for hours when they finally stopped in front of a gate.

Tony honked a couple of times and the gate opened, they drove in and parked.

“Like we planned myself and Grace will go check-in, and you both can join shortly,” Mike said

They both walked into the hotel reception with Grace feeling very excited, it was like a scene from a Nollywood movie to her. Mike spoke to a guy that came down the stairs as they both walked in, they hugged like guys do slamming their shoulders into each other before the guy handed him the key and led them upstairs.

The guy would steal glances at Grace then smirk at Mike, they finally got to their room and hugged goodbye before Mike opened the door. He was right about the room being big, she walked around touching almost everything while Mike texted on his phone. When he was done he came around and hugged her from behind

“You know we never got the chance to finish what we started,” he said behind her ears

She could feel his bulge against her ass, she moved slightly against him smiling when he groaned into her ears. She had looked forward to fucking him since the day she first saw his dick, he moved his hand up and cupped her breast.

She leaned into it sighing out, he squeezed and she moaned out, he was about to dip into her bra when there was a knock on the door. He went to get the door and smirked at her when she turned around, the doctor and Tony walked in.

“Let’s get this party started,” Mike said smiling widely

“Not a party, a study but yes let’s get started, I was thinking we start with Grace and Tony since you two have gotten it on already,” she said

The reality of what they were about to do started to slowly dawn on her, it was still exciting but it was also a bit terrifying.

Things started to feel a bit awkward as they both started to take off their clothes, Tony looked most uncomfortable as he took off his trousers. He finally took off his boxers but covered his dick with his hands, the doctor directed and he sat on the bed still covering his privates.

Grace was used to being naked and being watched so it felt less awkward and the way the doctor was looking at her body in awe was making her excited.

She was sure how to start with Tony sitting with his hands covering his dick, and Grace decided to help him out by starting off with a blow job. She went over and squatted between his legs, and tried to pry his hands away from his dick.

He was reluctant at first but slowly took his hands away, his dick was flaccid and just hung there. Grace wasn’t sure what to do next, men usually get hard around her especially when she is naked. She scooped his dick trying to stroke it till it got a bit hard, she took his hand and placed it on her boobs.

She looked up and noticed he wasn’t paying more attention to her and was looking around towards the doctor and Mike. His dick wasn’t getting hard no matter what she does including putting it in her mouth

“Stop… stop… I don’t know what’s happening, this has never happened before,” he said looking terrified.

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