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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E07] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E07] (18+)

Grace woke up to an empty office, it took a couple of seconds to realize where she was and how she got there.

She stretched, feeling a bit tired and still slightly sleepy, she was trying to decide what to do when the door opened.

“You’re finally awake, how are you feeling,” the doctor asked as she closed the door

Grace opened her mouth to reply but a yawn escaped her mouth

“I am guessing you’re exhausted and still a bit sleepy, what do you say we put some food in you,” the doctor said smiling sweetly at her

Grace nodded, the doctor picked up her phone and spoke rapidly. Grace wanted to play with something as she waited awkwardly but she remembered her phone was charging before she got summoned here.

Soon, there was a knock on the door, when it opened a man in a green uniform entered, the doctor asked him to buy a couple of things, Grace couldn’t keep up with before handing him some money and a note.
After he left the doctor turned her attention back to Grace.

“Sweetie, could you wait outside for me, I need to see some patients” she started

“I’ll like to have a discussion with you but after we replenish your energy” she added smiling

Grace didn’t fully understand the words she used but she understood the doctor wanted her to wait for her, so she went outside and sat on the chairs outside the office. Grace sat outside wondering how long it would take till she had the talk with the doctor, she wondered what the doctor wanted to talk about.

She thought about how she got here and how strange it was that the doctor walked into her wanking but she stares at her like she was something special, Grace didn’t know why but the thought was making her smile and blush.

Grace was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the people that sat beside her, she was waiting when the man the doctor sent came back and walked into the office carrying nylon bags.

She waited outside wishing she had her phone with her for what felt like an hour till there wasn’t any patient waiting, the door opened and the doctor stepped out smiling sweetly at her.

“I am sorry, my dear, you had to wait so long” she started

“Please come in” she added

Something about how this woman treats her made Grace feel special and she knew that just like how she touched herself for her, she will do anything the doctor wants.

She never thought someone would walk in on her doing the nasty and still treat her sweetly, usually people will treat you like a disgusting slut if they ever walk in on you.

Grace couldn’t wait to hear what the doctor wanted, she started to smile shyly as she thought of all the possibilities.

“Here… eat up then we talk,” the doctor said
That’s when Grace noticed the takeaway of food and drinks, the size of the chicken on the rice made her stomach growl.

“Here when you’re done you can chew this glucose tablet,” the doctor said handing her some big looking tablet

Grace ate the food trying to be as ladylike as possible, she washed everything down with the energy drink. The doctor was right, Grace didn’t even realize she was hungry, she had been so focused on satisfying a different kind of hunger that she completely forgot about her stomach.

The doctor smiled at her as she gathered the empty takeaway and bottles inside one of the nylon bags. She sat back down after disposing of it in her trash bin.

“Now that you’re fed we can begin” the doctor started
“I want to ask you a couple of questions, is that okay?” She added

Grace nodded yes fidgeting with her fingers.

“Okay let’s begin, how old are you,” she asked
Grace smiled widely and started counting using her fingers which made the doctor chuckle

“Are you above 18?” She asked
“Yes ma” Grace responded nodding her head
“That’s great,” the doctor said smiling

“Are you sexually active” she added

Grace was a bit confused by the question not sure how to answer the question

“I mean have you been having sex,” the doctor said gesturing with her hands which made grace giggle
“Errm yes ma,” grace said and bite her lower lip shyly
“Since you’ve been at the hospital,” the doctor asked and grace nodded yes
“You go out to see your boyfriend or” the doctor asked

Grace nodded no

“Okay do you not have a boyfriend,” she asked and grace nodded yes
“Okay so if you don’t mind who were you having sex with recently,” she asked

Grace wasn’t sure if she should answer, she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble especially since she didn’t know why the doctor was asking all those questions.

“Don’t worry you can tell me, no one is getting in trouble okay?” the doctor said reassuringly

“Emm with nurse” grace said covering her face
“Interesting! Can you tell me who dear” the doctor asked

“Mike and Tony” Grace answered still covering her face
“Oh I see the plot thickens,” the doctor said

“Have you been” the doctor was saying when there was a knock on the door.
She called in and nurse Mike walked in.

“Your timing is impeccable, please join us,” the doctor said

Grace started to feel nervous, she had no idea where all these were heading to. What if the doctor reports them and they both get into trouble, she was about to start begging for mercy when the doctor started to speak

“So I haven’t really explained anything to Grace yet. Here’s the thing I want you both to have sex for me” the doctor said

Grace and Tony looked at each other confused

“Let me explain” the doctor added

“I have always been fascinated by the science behind sex but that’s not something they’ll let you study in medical school, the data is quite limited,” the doctor said

“After walking in on Grace here that passion got reignited and it gave me an idea for an off the record study on sex and I want you two to be my first volunteer” she added

“I don’t know what gave you the idea that I will want to be involved in something as unprofessional as that” Mike said looking baffled

“Grace already told me about you two,” the doctor said cutting him off
“Oh I see, so you just watch us have sex? That sounds like a kink to me” Mike said
“No Mike I don’t just watch I study, this is not personal it’s for science,” the doctor said

“Grace what do you think will you be interested in helping me out with my work by having sex with him while I watch and study the process,” the doctor asked Grace

Grace didn’t know what to respond but she didn’t want to disappoint the doctor and the idea of having sex while being watched sounded very sexy so she nodded Yes.

“Great! So, when do we start fucking for science” Mike asked smiling

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