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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E05] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E05] (18+)

She was in a sweet state of ecstasy that she didn’t hear the knock on the door or it opening and getting shut again.

“Hmm, I guess we’ve all needed to rub one out” Grace heard a smooth soft voice say.

Grace has never snapped her legs together so fast as she looked up to see a beautiful woman in white jacket smirking at her. The door opened again and Mike walked in pushing the nurses’ cart, he looked in her direction briefly before looking away and pushing the cart towards the doctor.

The silence in the room was deafening as the female doctor did some check on Chief while Mike wrote it down, he looked nervous and would sometimes steal glances in her direction. After what felt like forever the doctor finished her checkup and left with Mike, grace sat there feeling mortified.

It didn’t take long for the panic to set in, what if the doctor complains about what happened. She was sure the family would not tolerate her masturbating in Senator’s room while he lays unconscious, what would they say she wondered. Would they send her away and tell everyone of her shameful acts, so many scenarios played in her head as she sat with her head in her palms.

The morning had started so great and now she was sitting scared, there was a knock on the door and Mike walked through. Grace wasn’t in the mood and she was about to tell him to leave

“Doctor Ese wants to see you” he said
“Why” grace blurted out

“I don’t know maybe she doesn’t know you are supposed to be here, I explained to her but she still wanted to see you,” he said

Grace wasn’t sure how to react so she stood up her hands trembling a little and followed him out. Grace was so lost in thought as she followed him that she didn’t even hear him talking to her.
“Yo! Grace are you okay,” he asked stopping
“Eh?” Grace replied
“I asked if you’re okay, I’ve been talking to you and you zoned out,” he said

Grace nodded her head and he turned out looking s bit bothered, they walked down another hall before he pointed at a row of chairs and asked her to sit. He went through the door facing the chairs and soon came out

“You can go see her now,” he said

Grace stood up ready to beg the doctor to understand that it wasn’t what it looked like

“Hey I hope you’re okay, you can tell me what is wrong okay. Let’s see after” he said to her before opening the door.

Grace walked in and he closed the door behind her, the doctor sat behind her chair going through some papers. She pointed to one of the chairs opposite her without looking up, and Grace took one of the chairs wondering how to start apologizing.

“You know” she started setting the papers down and looking straight at grace
“In all my years as a doctor I have seen all kinds of things but what I saw today really took me by surprise” she added

Grace took that as her cue and went down on her knees begging like someone had a gun to her head. The doctor looked confused before she smiled and told grace to stand up

“I didn’t call you in here to expose you,no quite the opposite” she said looking away
“This is going to be the most unprofessional thing I’ve done but I couldn’t get the picture of your glistening vagina out of my head,” she said surprising Grace

Grace suddenly felt so relieved

“Um if you don’t mind could you show me again? It will be our secret” she added
Grace looked away from the doctor and rubbed her thighs even though she wanted to flip her blouse up but she didn’t want to give in too quickly.

“You don’t have to be shy I am a doctor,” she said
“You can sit there,” she added, pointing at an observation bed Grace didn’t notice before.
Grace wasn’t sure why the female doctor wanted to see her pussy, after all, they both had the same things but if it would stop her from bringing it up Grace would willingly give her what she wants to see.

She stood up and went over to the bed and holstered herself up before bunching up her skirt, the lady looked so focused on her movement as if grace was about to show her something extraordinary. Grace started to feel less anxious and more at ease as she watched the doctor.

She shifted inside the bed till her back was almost touching the wall before she pulled her legs up onto the bed. Slowly Grace parted her legs wide apart then flipped her skirt over to expose her pussy, the doctor was so close to opening her mouth as she focused on Grace’s pussy.

Grace was used to this kind of reaction from men but seeing the female doctor watching her like that was surprisingly turning her on. She watched the doctor swallow hard and felt the need to tease her but she didn’t do anything just let the doctor stare at her core like it was her first time ever seeing a vagina.

The doctor bite her lips and released it

“Um can you can you please touch it,” the doctor said
Grace pussy jerked in response to what she said and Grace could see how her breathing was getting hard and she wanted to tease her.

Grace smiled wickedly as she put her fingers inside her mouth and sucked on them, the doctor looked like she wasn’t breathing making Grace smirk.

“I’m just getting started,” Grace thought to herself as she brought her wet fingers down to her pussy.

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