June 10, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05 Finale ]
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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05 Finale ]

Grace spent days smiling and daydreaming, her every waking thought took her back to the moment when she had two cocks filling her up.

Her pussy throbs every time she thinks about how it felt, she silently wished she had her room back so she could touch herself.

The mansion seemed to be moving fast past her, she stayed outside the staff quarters so she didn’t get in anyone’s way, it was barely dawn but the rush of activities made it look like it was afternoon.

Grace wished she could join them to do something or even sneak out instead of sitting idle with the thoughts of the guys piping her good, she was getting tired of being horny and not being able to do anything about it.

Soon the day got brighter and she could see that the staff were cleaning every inch of the mansion, the flowers were getting trimmed and there were more people she hasn’t seen before cleaning up. Even the cars were getting washed and polished.

As she watched mostly the buff guys working especially the guys washing the car as they took off their shirts and worked in their singlet. Even though she wished she was in the kitchen with Ms Janet and Chef Gabe it was satisfying watching the men around work.

After she started getting bored she went inside to lay down, as soon as her eyes shut she got startled by one of the staff trying to wake her. The lady told her Ms Janet has been looking for her, Grace immediately rushed out to go meet her in the kitchen.

The kitchen was hot and busy with a flurry of activity, there were staff at every corner working on something. Ms Janet came over smiling at her, she spoke in low tunes so only grace would hear.

Grace couldn’t stop smiling when Ms Janet told her there was going to be a big dinner party with a lot of big people and she convinced Senator to let Grace cook the local dishes since everyone loves her cooking.

Grace was over the moon when she heard everything Ms Janet said, this was her chance to redeem herself and she was determined to do her best.

After several hours of preparing different local dishes, it was almost time to start taking the food out, Ms Janet asked her to go get ready while the dining table is being set in preparation for the guests.

When Grace stepped out, she noticed more uniform men patrolling the compound, if she wasn’t in such haste she would have stopped to ogle them. She wondered to herself when they started having sexy men in uniform, grace showered quickly and put on her best staff uniform.
By the time she got back, everything had been set, the sitting room looked even fancier with all the decorations that got set up.

The guest started to arrive after a while, grace kept her head down when the chief came down to welcome his guests to avoid making eye contact. Grace noticed one of the Senator’s wives was also in attendance wearing a matching outfit with the chief, the guest started to settle down as some more guests arrive.

After the guest settled down, Senator gave a short welcome speech and everyone applauded.
As everyone started to eat, Grace felt like she was being watched.

Trying to be discreet she raised her head to look around and see if anyone was watching, immediately she looked up her eyes locked with Brian. He was staring at her intently, Grace quickly looked away not knowing how to react.

She wondered what he was doing there and what was going through his mind now that he knows who she really is. Grace started to panic when she imagined him telling the Senator about what had happened.

She got distracted by a loud laugh that erupted throughout the dining area.

“I agree with the chairman for this Afang soup, I’ll willingly give you my vote, Honourable,” a man said smiling which brought about another wave of laughter

It took Grace a moment to realise they were talking about her food, she was so excited she forgot about her panic and tried hard not to smile sheepishly. The rest of the dinner contained more good remarks about her food which made her really happy especially with the chief looking visibly impressed.

The dinner ended with Senator’s speech declaring officially his intent to run for office, there was a lot of applause and congratulations. The night ended on a good night even though she caught Brian staring at her a couple more times, she immediately joined in clearing the table when she saw him walk towards her.

She spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen with the other staff as they gisted and gossiped about the dinner, after helping to clean up the kitchen she decided to retire to the staff quarter for the night when Ms Janet came in to tell her the chief wanted to see her.

Her heartbeat went up as she walked up to the chief wing, she hasn’t seen him since the last time he told her the trip was cancelled.

Tentatively she stepped into the living room where he sat talking loudly on the phone, he looked very cheerful which put her mind at ease a little. He talked and laughed over the phone before he ended the call.
“Grace my dear,” he said cheerfully after he ended the call

“You have outdone yourself, today went so well I can’t believe it” he said sounding happy

“Thank God for Ms Janet o, that’s how I was about to chase away my secret weapon,” he said loudly before chuckling

“You know why I was so angry because a special girl like you should not let all this small small chew gum boys to be treating you anyhow,” he said and grace nodded in agreement

She instantly knelt down and started to apologize

“No no no it’s okay my dear, I am sure you have learnt your lesson,” he said tapping her back
Grace kept saying thank you and agreeing to what he said

“Umm that’s okay, so I spoke to madam Janet and you can go back to the guest room downstairs and here for your efforts,” he said while dipping into his pocket

He handed her some money and she couldn’t help screaming out when she saw it was bundles of dollars

The chief chuckled and said

“Don’t worry, we’ll go to Dubai when there’s time eh”

Grace couldn’t contain her happiness, she jumped on him and hugged him before kneeling to thank him repeatedly.

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