December 6, 2023
Ge tting Even : A Fresh Start [Part 3] by Sixtie_9ine (18+)


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Ge tting Even : A Fresh Start [Part 3] by Sixtie_9ine (18+)

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Muna was a pretty good runner and had no trouble with the early training. We would run side by side, and because her natural pace was slower than mine, occasionally I would move out faster for a bit and then jog back to where she was. 

We soon began running together, all the while talking about anything and then after the run, oftentimes she would make us breakfast.

I found Muna very easy to talk to. Our minds seemed to work the same way. I could say almost anything to her, no matter how weird and the same went for her, wherever her conversation went, I got her.

I looked more and more forward to our workouts.

After about three or four weeks of training together our comfort level had reached a point of total ease. Muna would sometimes touch me when she spoke, and I became less hesitant to touch her as well. When we finally completed the run around the estate, she was excited so much so that she gave me a big hug and kissed me. 

After that our normal greetings and goodbyes included a hug and a kiss. When we ate together her eyes would linger on mine and her coy smile would give me chills.

The following Saturday, I used her bathroom and noticed her wash basin had a leak. I told Muna I would fix it for her, I just needed to go and get the parts required. She was very grateful and wanted to give me the cash but I told her not to worry about it.

That afternoon I went to the store to buy what I needed and took it back to her house. By this time knocking on the door had become an unnecessary formality, so I walked in and noticed her in the kitchen.

“I’m cooking your dinner o so I hope you don’t have plans!” she said as she came to the sitting room.

She was wearing a crop top with no bra and bum shorts. Her body drew my eyes like magnets attracting each other.

In the bathroom, I got down to work. In a few minutes I was done, and when I turned the tap on, it was as good as new.

I returned to the sitting room and Muna served a delicious portion of Poundo and Efo Riro. God, she was such a great cook.

After eating, we chatted for a bit. After a while, I felt I should leave, and not overstay my welcome, even though I didn’t want to. 

As we sat in the soft light, I looked at Muna and the subtle rising and falling of her breasts with each breath, her bare nipples under her top, and the beauty of her alluring legs and believe me I was falling in love or maybe lust.

“Thank you for fixing the washer, Tobi,” she said. “I had no idea you were so handy in the house!”

“Haha! I just try to get as much as I can done myself, so yes I’m good in the bathroom” I said. “But I’m better in some of the other rooms around the house.” I winked.

In the dim light, I could see a twinkle in her eye and a sly curl to her lip.

“Oh, you are now, aren’t you?” she said.

“You bet. If you have any other chores that need attention, just let me know.”

We stared at each other for a bit. I knew she was feeling something too, I just didn’t know what. I leaned to her and kissed her. I sensed a brief resistance, but I put my arm behind her back and pulled her to me. 

My lips parted, and although she hesitated, soon hers did the same and our tongues frolicked and I tasted her for the first time but her arms stayed by her side. When we finally parted I kept my arms around her waist.

“OMG Tobi!” Muna exclaimed. “What was that?”

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a while,” I said.

“Tobi, we shouldn’t…you’re Gbemi’s ex…”

“That was a long time ago.”

“But she still likes you!”

I kissed her again and her lips didn’t delay as much this time, our mouths meshed and our tongues twirled in a subtle wrestle, a long one, and I felt her arms around me.

When we broke the kiss our eyes were locked as we said goodnight.

I fell asleep thinking about her. When I woke in the morning my dick was harder than I could ever remember, it ached, and I masturbated thinking about her. Then I began to feel pangs of guilt. Did I cross the line? I thought I’d read her signals correctly and responded appropriately but I wasn’t sure anymore.

I called her on the phone that afternoon but didn’t get her. When she called me back that evening I began with an apology.

“Muna, about last night,” I said. “I’m sorry if I went a little too far. I’m very sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” she said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I love the way you look at me, and I always wanted it. But when we finally, actually kissed, I had mixed emotions.”

“…You know…. Gbemi. You’re her ex, and she still likes you”

“Muna, Gbemi and I had our chance and she…”

She went on to tell me that she would be leaving for Lagos for work training and would be gone till Friday.

“I hope you’ll be ready for our Saturday morning run!” I said.

“I will, boss, I promise,” she said,

“Good. And maybe this week you’ll have the time to think about what other rooms in your house might need my handyman services!” I said.

She chuckled and said, “Oh, I know of one already. That’s part of my problem.”

The week went by pretty quickly and Saturday morning was here. Muna had called me the night before to let me know she was back.

Written by Sixtie9ine

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