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The Friendly Neighbour (18+)

I really don’t know how to start this post, so I’m gonna write it as it comes to mind.

Big thank you to everyone who started with us – from the WordPress days till now and those who joined us on our own dotcom. It has been a very wonderful experience. Thanks for all the support. And if you’re waiting for me to address the haters, it won’t happen, so you can close the page right now.

Lets be adults and move on…

There has been an issue that we’ve had to deal with for a couple of weeks or months now. Plagiarism! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or sad, but my emotions is leaning towards happy. There was a time that I couldn’t get up to 20 views for any story for a day. I will always remember those days. Now, we get thousands of views a day and millions of views in a month. It has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve not started making money yet from this blog (incase you know a way we can, feel free to mail on deolu.bubbles@gmail.com, or just tweet at me on twitter on deolububble..lol), but it’s great that we’ve had partners. I wouldn’t call them guest bloggers – we’re partners in this endeavour.

These are people who have made a conscious decision to publish their stories on the blog, they weren’t harassed into it. I’m eternally grateful for this. The simple truth is that we always post something up every week, to make sure we don’t disappoint you, because you come first in everything you do. We always try to make sure that they’re stories that you enjoy reading, even though you don’t wanna comment, which is also fine by the way.

Our main joy is the fact that you find something new anytime you visit our blog. This is where we see joy and satisfaction.

So, back to the issue of plagiarising, I’m happy that we’ve gotten to that stage where our stories are been plagiarised, lol. When people ask for permission to use these stories, we never say no. Our only condition is that you write the name of the blog along with the blog address, either at the top or bottom of the story, shikena! That’s all.

We’re not asking for the whole world. Just a simple line that says the story belongs to us. Darisali!!!!!

Officially, the blog will become 4 years in January 2015. To be honest, I never saw this far when I first decided to start blogging. Infact, I thought I would abandon it in two months or so, but none of that happened. Thanks for all the kind words of Twitter. It really gets to me wipes face with helm of my shirt

I would like to say once more, thank you for all the years of support. If there is anything we can do to make you happier, please don’t hesitate to say – unless it has to do with money, remember I just spoke about not earning money on this blog yet. If you feel, there is anything within our power that we can do, please go ahead and ask, you know my email address (deolu.bubbles@gmail.com) or tweet @ me (deolububble). I know I have typed this contact details earlier, what’s your own na ehn?

Wetin ‘consign’ your agbero (autocorrect spelt this agbero as Amber, Amber ko, Wiz Khalifa ni) with overload?


So, for all the people asking for more stories from me, all I can say is I will think about it. Just kidding. I should be better. And I’m seriously trying to better.

Back to the main reason why we are all here, at least on this post. From all of us, happy holidays! 🙂



Uncle, please stop, Funmi begged.

The begging wasn’t exactly the kind of that was meant to be honoured.

And here is my reason why.

Funmi is a 300-level sexy 18-year-old neighbour’s daughter, who always flirts with me especially when she notices I’m leaving my apartment early in the morning. That is when she thinks it is best to go out to buy something or just have some business outside.

She is always clad in either singlet or t-shirt that is really tight, with no bra underneath. Not wanting to be the horny uncle, I always try as much as possible to look away. But she always seem so excited and actually stands in my way, forcing me to stare at those nipples aggressively visible on the shirt. The angle where the nipples sit on her chest, makes me wonder how incredibly perky those boobs are.

I would greet her and look up, smile a little and move on, ask her about her folks and just be nice generally.

I wasn’t feeling so good this particular day, so I left work early. I went straight home.

I went to The Palms to buy grub. My main aim was to go home, relax, catch up on a new show and just relax and enjoy my mini day off. As I got home, I carried the plastic bags with my laptop bag. I wasn’t struggling with them really and proceeded to my flat where I met Funmi on the stairs. She was fully dressed as she was going somewhere. She quizzed me about coming home early. I gave her the response like I usually would, not looking at her face.

She looked at me with pity and collected the bag from me. I was already at my door hence I didn’t need help, but I couldn’t talk her out of it. She followed me into my apartment, helped put them in the fridge. Then she put the grub on the table for me to eat. I came back to the living room in shorts and a shirt as I didn’t trust myself with Funmi. I didn’t wear my boxer short, but knee-length shorts.

She asked for a favour. She wanted my help with a Maths assignment from school. I said no wahala.

I continued watching my show and eating. My air conditioner had kicked in. It was cold everywhere. Funmi strolled back in, with bum shorts and the singlet and as usual, without her bra. I was forced to ask why she undressed.


She claimed she just got back from school when I saw her.

She sat at the dining table, opened her book and buried her head in the assignment. I walked over to the dining table and sat beside her to look at the assignment. It was differentiation, which I could help with, but the sight of the boobs was a big distraction for me. I stood up and went behind her back, bent in beside her head and my hands went directly for her boobs.

My hands stayed on her boobs for a while, caressing them softly. She threw her head to the back. I grabbed the boobs harder, feeling them more.

Uncle, please stop, Funmi begged.

How could I stop? It’s not possible. The softness of her boobs was spectacular, the feel against my hands were divine. I could massage her boobs all day.

Uncle… please, Funmi said in soft erotic voice.

I did not stop. I pulled the shirt from her belly up, took it off her and my goodness, the sight of her boobs are a wonder to behold from the view! She began to push her back into me, trying to feel my erection with her back. Funmi rubbed my arms as I continued to massage her boobs. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her up and we kissed slowly and super erotic.

Without any bother in the world, I yanked off her bum short and as I rightly guessed, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled down my trousers, made her bend on the table belly down. The pussy was staring back at me. I put a finger in to feel her wetness and it was overwhelming.

I grabbed my dick and rubbed the tip. It was getting harder, Funmi’s ass was beautiful to behold. She put her face to the side on the table, pushing her notebook as far down the table without falling off as possible. I held her waist as I gently guided my dick into her pussy.

Oh my Gawd!!!

The sweet feeling of a wet, tight pussy. My dick moved in and out smoothly.Her pussy had already been flooded. I could feel the walls of her pussy holding my dick, tightening against it. My hips began to increase the tempo, with my hands holding onto her waist. She opened her legs wider, giving me a better position in between her legs.

She began to moan slowly as the tempo increased. Funmi started slapping the table, as the tip of my dick touched the extreme of her pussy and the moans became louder. I removed my hands from her waist and placed it flat on the table. I slowed down the speed of my waist slamming into her pussy.

She began to hit her soft ass against my inner thighs. I grabbed her waist and went auto-pilot on her pussy, as fast as my waist could go. After a while, I removed my dick, and turned her around. This time she was looking up at me. I grabbed one boob, while the other hand was flat on the table for stamina.

Her mouth was left ajar, with little sound escaping from her vocal chords, while the other hand firmly squeezed her boobs, isolating the nipples in between her fingers. I joined in the fun, squeezing the boobs with intensity and that’s when the moans increased.

My dick inside was home finally. So this is what she wanted. I loved it too. The air conditioner was blowing at its best, but the heat of our sex was still there.

I could feel my seed. I ejected my dick from her pussy and blasted it onto her belly. My goodness! This is exactly what I needed. I feel better already.

I left her on the table, yanked off my shorts, and went to the sofa. I sat there, trying to recover my strength. She came over, sat on the floor in between my legs, with her face in between my thighs, looking at my dick in the eye. She looked at my face, with her hands holding up my dick from the tip and giving it a good lick from the bottom to the tip of the dick.

I hope this assignment arrangement lasts for a long time to come.


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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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