August 9, 2022

Fatima+Diezani: The Emancipation of Mira (18+)

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Fatima+Diezani: The Emancipation of Mira (18+)

Mehnnnnnnn! Where do I start from?

So, let me tell you about Mira

She is all shades of beautiful. Dark skin, spankable ass, full titties…

(You know that type you could feast on for days, weeks, months and years straight and it would still stand at attention? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about)

Legs so long with the right amount of hair to make you hungry for them, hair so dark, natural and dazzling (thick enough to pull if you know what I mean).

Dreamy fucking eyes, freckles on her face, lips so full and inviting for every swift of her tongue, curves in the right place, tech sis, matured, classy, etc

Let’s just say I saw the right amount of beauty in this woman.

I have known her for a while but I never thought she could be mine to feast on.

We got talking and she fell head over heels for me……. hey look at me.

I’m Fatima…… who wouldn’t be in love with me

But there was a twist. I’m not one to love. Diezani craved her more than I could and it was only fair to let her have her way. Don’t forget she is a fucking handful and she demands to be obeyed

It was a warm Friday afternoon and I was sipping my wine and watching TikTok videos on gay couples. I have no clue why TikTok decided to flood my page with them but I was loving every bit of it.

They are just too cute for comfort and I kept thinking about ways to be their third wheel.

So I got a call from Mira saying she was in town and needed to see me. I got so excited and texted her my address. I rushed to the bathroom and had a shower while I made sure my house was extremely clean.

She has mild OCD and I wouldn’t want her to be distracted by anything while with me. I needed her full attention.

Mira shows up 2 hours later and I welcomed her with a warm hug. Her perfume was so intoxicating and all I craved at that moment was to rip off her clothes and see what was underneath.

Yeah yeah… I know she had sent me loads of nudes of herself but I needed to see it with my eyes and feel her against my skin.

She finally spoke after laughing at me.

“Oh baby, you look like you want to eat me up. Breathe in, breathe out. The day is still young”

I moved in and gave her a kiss on her chin and whispered into her ears,

“In this house, I’m not baby. You would address me as MAMA and when you don’t, you would get punished”. I bit her ears and began to walk away

“What if I don’t call you mama, would you spank me?”

“You seem like a naughty brat but don’t worry, I like to get tested”

“Maybe you can’t do shit…… all talk I presume”

I smiled and walked toward her. I was standing face to face with her and I could literally hear her heart beating. Her breathing was fast and she couldn’t keep eye contact with me. I stared long at her and walked away

I loved the tease and I knew it was going to be a long day. Like she said earlier,

“the day is still young”, I was patient enough to see how far her smart mouth could go

I ushered her into my room and finally noticed what she was wearing. She wore a long flowery wrap gown and her cleavage demanded that you noticed them. Uhmmmm…. such a tease.

She got my wine and drank straight from the bottle and I wished, she had something else in there

We started to talk about work and her trip and I completely blanked out. All I could think about was ways to punish her.

She is sweet but I needed her to be my slut. Lost in thought for so long and I didn’t know she was calling me

“Baby, what’s wrong? What’s on your mind?”

My eyes became dark and I knew Deizani wasn’t pleased. I stared at her for a while and answered her,

“This is the last time I would correct you. In this house, you shall call me mama. If you say baby one more time, you would be punished”

Mira smiled so hard and got up from the chair
She walked toward me and was standing a few feet away and then the story began

“I have been a naughty girl mama, maybe it’s time I get punished”

I kept staring at her wondering what the next move would be

She slowly started to take off her dress and she did it with so much poise. Damn this girl was fucking sexy.

I watched so closely as the belt fell off leaving the gown opened. I could see it clearly now

She has sexy purple lingerie on and it was complete with all its accessories.

A thigh strap, lacy socks, corset body, bra straps to her neck, opening at the back and a sexy heel on

I got up and walked around her. I needed to appreciate the beauty standing in front of me.

Her boobs were cupped right and her ass was in full view. She smelled so nice and looked so edible. I loved what was in front of me. If I die, someone should bury me with a picture of this goddess

“I’m yours to do as you please mama. I have been naughty. Would you punish me?”

I smiled and walked around again. This time I ran my fingers on her boobs and I felt her jerk. I grabbed her ass and whispered into her ears.

“On your knees, and I need your hands raised up and don’t you dare look at me”

She does as instructed and I loved the high I got from it. I got my handcuffs and locked her hands with them.

I didn’t want her trying to touch me.

“Stay still baby… I don’t need you trying to touch me”

I got my whip and started to tease her titties with them. She released a soft moan and looked at me.

“Well… since she decided to disobey me, then I guess it was time to take away her sense of sight”

I got my blindfold and took away her sight. I need her to feel and not see.

I ushered her to the bed and spread her legs apart. I kept staring at the work of art in front of me and I could feel my pussy twitch back to back

I slowly began to take her lingerie off while planting kisses along the way. Her lips were so soft and inviting and I got lost in them.

I moved to her neck and bit them softly and I could feel her move underneath me like she couldn’t bear to stand it anymore.

I freed the left boob and saw how hard her nipple was.

“Oh wow… I guess someone can’t wait for me.”

I didn’t have the patience to tease it because I have craved it for so long. I got it in my mouth and her moan was so sharp.

“Omg mama… mama… mama… please… please… please, fuck it!”

Her legs were moving and I realised it was time to keep that locked as well

I got up and got a strap to lock them up. I spread them open and kept them in place. I needed her to take and take and take until she couldn’t take any further

Eyes closed✔ Hands cuffed✔ Legs trapped✔
Now let’s turn this shit up

I put on my deck and connected my Bluetooth to it and played Vowel Sounds by KEMENA and I kept it on repeat.

I increased the volume and ensured it was loud enough to drown her moans. I needed her to moan louder and beat the sexiness of the song playing

I moved back to her titties and sucked on them like I hadn’t been fed for long. She kept moaning and I kept feasting.

I ran my hand through her thighs and I kept teasing every bit of skin I had access to

I moved kisses to her belly, her ribs, her thighs, her legs, her toes, close to her pussy and back to her lips. She screamed,

“Fuck mama please…… please mama…. this torture is hard….. please mama….. fuck me already”

Her requests made me tease her more.

This is Diezani’s party and she gives the orders around here. I teased her harder and my finger found its way to her pussy.

Fucking shit…. this brat was dripping already. I love it.

I raised up her blindfold and asked her to look at me.

I started to tease her clit in circles and finally moved to finger fucking her and she kept looking at me and her moans were loud af.

I took off my finger and licked it all up and she screamed “fucking shit mama… please!!!!!”

Because she asked nicely I went ahead to eat her up. I ate that pussy and finger fucked her at the same time and she kept moaning so loud. I could feel her walls heating up and pulsating and I knew she was about to cum and I stopped

She had tears in her eyes and her body kept shaking. I covered her eyes back and flipped her over. I began to kiss that cute ass of hers and I knew I wanted to eat that too

I bent her over and she arched perfectly and damn I loved it!!! This girl is my slut!!!! I got out my wand and my rabbit.

Turned on the rabbit and put it in the wet juicy pussy and I began to fuck her silly with it. Damn shit….. her moans were loud and she gripped the sheets so hard with her cuffed hands and I didn’t stop.

I kept fucking her when I heard a loud scream followed by the hardest squirt I have ever witnessed.

Her legs were shaking and she kept screaming my name in between her moans and I spanked her ass so hard. I said,

“Do not fucking call me Fatima because that’s your safe word. Call me mama” I spanked her ass again and again and ordered her to scream mama and she matched my energy.

“Mama…. mama…… mama….. yes mama…. I’m your fucking slut….. yes mama….. spank that ass….. it’s yours mama…… fucking shit…… fuck me mama……” and I kept spanking that ass hard

I flipped her over and placed the wand on her pussy and fucked her with the rabbit. I kept going hard and her facial expressions reminded me to always love my demons.

She squirted again and again and again and damn it, I wanted more with every fountain she ushered! This baby is an unending sea and I loved every bit of it

I got up and watched her body shake back to back. She couldn’t stop moving and jerking even when I wasn’t in contact with her

I took off her blindfold and realised she had tears all over… I watched how pleasure could her to tears but hey let’s not forget I’m a pretty demon so yeah it’s safe to say thank you to me and worship me. Lol

Oya back to the story

I instructed her to look at me and she did

I took off my clothes and got out my strap on dick. Her eyes lit up and I loved the smirk on her face.

Thanks to PHSextoys, I have a bouquet of toys to send Mira to heaven and back to hell where we both belonged to.

Hey, don’t judge. I doubt heaven would have all of these sugar, spice and juice in one meal.

I took off the strap on her legs and I got in between. It’s time for this brat to have my six inches buried deep but I needed her to suck on it first

I asked her to get on her knees and she did and she began to suck on it without my instruction……. damn girl. I love it, she choked on it and I pushed in deep and she kept taking. I could feel my pussy was dripping at this point because I was fucking turned on but all I needed now was to drill her as hard as I could.

I pushed her back to the bed and her smirk was back and damn it, I wanted to wipe that smirk off her face.

I spanked her pussy and she moaned through her tears.

The song was blasting so loud and the lyrics was saying,

“She is making Vowel Sounds like A E I O U…..” and I told her to make Vowel Sounds for me with every thrust

I turned on the wand, placed it on her clit and slid my 6 inches dick into her and my slut began to scream the Vowel Sounds.

“Mama….. A…… E…… Fucking shit….. I……. Mama please……. O…… yes mama yes…… U!!!
I began to fuck her as fast and hard as I could and she kept blessing me with her fountain and I realised I had lost count of her orgasms

I fucked my slut so hard and realised her moans surpassed the Sound of the music and I decided it was time to have her rest

I got up and freed her hands and watched her find her balance

She asked for an energy drink and I fed her while kissing her face softly.

“Mama, thank you so much. OMG, your bed is completely soaked. I’m so sorry”

“It’s ok baby, I love it”
“Can I ask for a favour mama?”

“Sure baby, anything”

“I’m sad that you aren’t the first woman to touch me but you are sure the first to make me feel so good. But I want to give you something I haven’t given anyone. Can you please fuck my ass?”

This question threw me off and I couldn’t help but wonder what I did to land such a perfect doll
“Please mama”

“I will…. get your strength back and we would go again”

She gulped her drink and immediately bent over and she said, “I didn’’t cum to rest mama… I cum to cum. Now take what’s yours and rip me apart”

I got turned on all over again and I spanked that ass. I got lube and began to ease my way into her butthole with my fingers

One finger in… more oil… more movements

She kept gripping the sheets while she moaned softly and I asked if she was ready and she said yes mama

I oiled my dick and got in position

Slowly I eased it in and I began to go in and out… Fuck it, she squirts again and I knew this was right

I kept fucking her and intensified it by placing the rabbit into her pussy and I instructed her to keep fucking herself with it.

“Damn it… shit… mama… I’m gonna cum again… omg… omg… omg…

I pleasured her till her legs lost balance and I stopped

Baby girl went to sleep in the fountain of her orgasm immediately

Damn it….. I think it’s time I pay for her bride price because this is sure the best pussy I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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