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Fatima + Diezani: Nice to meet you, Emmanuel (18+)

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Fatima + Diezani: Nice to meet you, Emmanuel (18+)

Hey guys!

How are you? Hope you had a fantastic weekend? I just have two things to talk to you about before today’s story. First, the planning for the party is going swimmingly well. If you’re part of the people willing to donate, I sent an email last night about the event, there are some details in there that you need. If you’ve not gotten the email, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram (@deolububble). Also if you’ve not registered. Do so now! We’re closing the form soon.

So, the first thing is cleared up.

Now for the second thing, Deolu Bubble is going international!!!! Someone blow the airhorn…

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


This story is so exciting and I can’t help but share. Shall we begin?? Hell yeah!!!!!!!

It all began on a lovely Thursday evening. I had plans to step out and have a bottle of wine or shots of tequila but plans changed when I got a notification on Twitter (DEOLUBUBBLE ONIRANU SPACE: HOE PHASE …… IS IT A THING? SET NOTIFICATION FOR 8 PM)

With the speed of light, I turned on my notification and went ahead to charge my phone because I can’t be caught off guard by my phone’s battery logging off on me

DEOLUBUBBLE spaces have been so much fun and being part of it is sure the best thing that had happened to my day on Thursdays. Always fun to interact with fellow ONIRANUs and pick their brain on certain sexual conversations (well it depends on what the topic holds) and I always have a lot to say and the excitement that comes from being a co-host can’t be over-emphasized you know.

Bringing everyone together and ensuring they get carried along is so much fun. Let’s just say I get to have family meetings on Thursday evenings

The space began and we started off by welcoming people to the space while expressing our excitement for the new listeners. Conversations started and we had loads of requests for the mic.

Turns out a whole lot of people had so much to say about their hoe phase and how it started.
We had such a lovely evening and I had so many stories to share concerning my experiences with it and how breakfast (heartbreak) ushered me into my hoe phase.

Hey! don’t even try judging me….. I love it here and I love to just fuck with no strings attached and get the fuck out. Ain’t nobody got time for mushy feelings that comes with it when eventually the said partner would leave you broken again

Space ended and I realized I got new followers and tonnes of messages in my DM

Osheeeeeey Baddest! I must have been on fire

I followed everyone back and started responding to my messages one after the other but one caught my attention

We got chatting and his sarcasm was out of this world. Guy was all shades of fun and I couldn’t help but be excited chatting with him

He proceeded to ask for my number and I sent it (well let’s see how it goes)

We moved our conversation to Whatsapp and we spoke about a whole lot of things sexual. He learnt I was a femdom and he well….. as you can guess is a dom but willing to be a switch if he finds the right femdom

Emmanuel paused and said he would be right back and he had to go eat pussy (I love him already… Lmfao!!!!!). He got back and we continued our conversation and I couldn’t stop the thought of him eating my pussy too from messing with my head.

“Well… this is still young Fatima… You would get your pussy eaten by this guy by fire or force”, I said to myself

A few days later he video calls me at work and we spoke like we had known each other for years. It was the close of work but he stayed back alone to finish up the pile on his desk before heading home and that was when the story began.

I told him I was going to fuck him one day and he laughed and said

“Well, maybe I just might” and I could feel my pussy twitch
We started to talk dirty and he asked if I wanted to see his dick and hell yeah I said yes and damn baby it was healthy!!!!! Damn, I wish I wasn’t so far away from him.

All I wanted was to be bent over on his desk while he slams that hot meat inside my walls and bruise me as hard as he could. Mehn this man really unleashed a monster

One thing led to another and boom, he was stroking his dick for my pleasure and I went ahead to get my sex toy to pleasure myself for his pleasure as well

“Tell me how much you want me inside of you right now Fatima…. say it”
“I need you so much it burns Emmanuel… ahhhh… Shit… Please fuck me, Emmanuel”
“Oh baby I’m fucking you right now… squeeze that nipple for me, Fatima, I need to see your pussy clearly”

I went ahead and positioned my camera in the way my pussy, facial expressions and titties were visible enough for his pleasure and he did same.

Damn it, I was about to cum and I announced my arrival and he instructed me to do it

I did and I watched him find his release while I squeezed my nipples for him to behold and boom I could hear his moans and I lost it…

Baby boy moaned so loud and it was the best thing I had heard in my entire life and I knew I was going to cross the 7 seas and mountains to have him moan my name while I’m underneath him

Days and weeks passed and I was still in communication with Emmanuel and for every hour that passed, I craved him more. The excitement of having someone who was emotionally unavailable to me was such a high.

We spoke about him meeting my alter ego (Diezani) and he assured me he wouldn’t chicken out when he sees her. They spoke quite often and I love how he could tell the difference in each personality with every hello

Well, I couldn’t wait anymore and I booked my flight for Lagos to see him. As the days grew closer, my excitement grew as well and I just couldn’t wait to see him and have him moan my name.

Fatima is meant to be a lovely name to moan and I was more than ready to get that even if it took everything in my account to accomplish that

I told him about my flight schedule and he also expressed so much excitement. I love it

I arrived in Lagos and stayed at my family’s house and I really was more than excited to be there.

But Lagos is such a fast place mehn…. the drivers are impatient, bus drivers are insane and everyone kept moving and I couldn’t help but exclaim that nearly everyone in this city was mad! Where I was coming from (Port Harcourt) was a chilled city and we weren’t this crazy at all. Don’t even get me started on the traffic in this city… ahhhhh!

Well, I sent Emmanuel my address and he came over after work to see me and I went outside and met his crazy ass there. Baby boy kept messing with me and teasing me about being outside and kidding at the same time and I felt like losing my mind with his crazy jokes.

Mehn! He was more than beautiful for a man! Pictures and video calls didn’t do justice to his appearance at all!

He was tall, chubby, eyes were dark like they held on to so many secrets, his lips were inviting and I just wanted to taste them so bad. There is something sexy about a man dressed in his corporate attire and his sleeves folded.

I can’t explain the high it gives but I sure as hell can tell you it’s hot as fuck!!!

We got into his car and I got a kiss and damn it, it felt way better than I ever imagined. Nigga could kiss to save his entire life and that of the world, mehn. I was literally dripping and I could see he had a hard-on and I loved it.

It started to rain and we were trapped in the car and the sound of our voices having a conversation and I realised that this guy in all his elements felt I was “all talk”.

Like you think I’m just teasing you and can’t do shit?? More like a paper tiger that’s scary on paper and absolutely nothing when the book is closed. Lol

Well, I figured it was time to make good use of the weather and relax his nerves since he had a busy day at work

I went ahead and brought out his dick while I kept kissing him and I could hear his tiny moans and boy! It sent tingles in between my legs. I started to stroke his dick and I gave it a good taste and his precum tasted good.

I started to suck on that dick and he kept moving his waist to fill my mouth up completely with his king-size monster stick and I took it all in. Hey I have been starving and I deserve to be fed and the boy kept feeding me.

I could hear his moans and I kept going and I heard him scream he was about to cum and I didn’t stop. I kept going and he kept screaming and he eventually filled my mouth up with his juices and I swallowed it all up and ensured my lips cleaned him up thoroughly afterwards.

I wiped the sides of my lips with my finger and licked it all up and he kept staring at me like I was insane… LMFAO
Well, I ain’t all talk young man!

I went for the second round and took everything again and we both agreed it was time for him to head home. We kissed goodnight and he left excited while I left horny as fuck but hey….. the plus side is I had my first cum shot and swallowed everything in.

Emmanuel is sure going to be the end of me and I’m loving every bit of it

Days later we agreed to meet in a hotel and I got there before him and boy was he so sweet?
I got in and realised he had gotten me bottles of white wine and I felt that was so sweet. In order to reciprocate his kindness, I changed into sexy lingerie while waiting for him to come to tear it apart.

I really didn’t mind being devoured by him in every sense of it and I just couldn’t wait to have him walk through the door.

An hour or 2 felt like an eternity and for some reason I grew so impatient. I just needed this man already abeg

A little over 2 hours later and there is a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and there he was… Showtime!!!

I welcomed him in and boy… he smelled so good and looked way more ravishing than the first time I saw him. He stood there and looked at me from head to toe and smiled. I’m happy he appreciates what’s in front of him

He proceeded to have his drink while trying to make small talk with me.

“Hello sir, I don’t give a fuck about what we are talking about. I just want you man” I said to myself
I made the first move and got on top of him. I started to kiss him slowly. I wanted to take all of him but not so fast.

Slow and steady. I needed to learn about his body in every way possible.

I kissed his lips passionately and moved to his cheeks, his ears, his neck, and his left nipples while I teased the right. I could feel his hands slowly move on my body and I didn’t mind being touched at the moment. Fatima was in charge and she loves being touched.

His slow moans gave me the assurance to keep going and I didn’t stop. I moved to his right nipples and slowly eased my hand into his pants.

He was hard and ready for me but now….. not now Emmanuel
I moved my tongue to his cute belly and down to his thighs and then to his legs and they started to shake. The reaction from him was inviting my alter ego but I felt he wasn’t ready for her just yet.

I took off his pants and his erection was about to rip off his boxers so I took that off as well and I stared at the goodness in front of me… Damn… he is beautiful

I moved to his balls and started to lick and suck them while I stroked his dick and I could hear his moans louder with every touch. Finally, put the monster stick in my mouth and started to suck on it and I saw he was about to cum and I stopped.

I needed to punish him for leaving me hungry and horny the last time so I let his erection die out
It went flat and I got it hard again and watched it go down and I repeated the same process until he couldn’t take it anymore. Lol.

I’m sure a monster and I know.

He came on top and took over and this time his lips were hot and I could feel the flame with every kiss he gave. He freed my titties from my lingerie and started to feast on them like a hungry dog and boy my pussy was burning up.
He took off my lingerie and stared at me with a smirk on his face and moved to spread my legs apart

He started with planting soft kisses and then feasting and mehn… I lost my senses

Oh yes baby eat that… shit… yes… oh my…. shit

For every command I gave, he ate more and more and I lost count of how many orgasms I had in the process. God damn it…. this is hands down the best head I have had and he wasn’t stopping

“Oh god, please fuck me already Emmanuel, please, fuck me please”

I couldn’t imagine for the life of me that I would beg to be fucked but I did and he obliged
He eased himself into me and I felt my world crumbling right In front of me. His slow strokes followed with intense eye contact and I couldn’t understand or remember my name at that point and I loved the world he ushered me into.

He began to fuck me hard and fast and flipped me over while banging the shit out of me

His moans were crazy
“Oh baby you are so wet, shit, it’s warm and I love it, fuck it baby” and he kept spanking that ass and I cum again and I sure as hell announced my arrival but he wasn’t close to cumming yet.

He kept changing styles and his stamina was one thing I couldn’t help but give accolades for
Then he went back to doggy and started to pound hard and fast and his moans were louder with every stroke and I matched his energy while he did and he announced his arrival but I kept grinding regardless and I heard him scream so loud,

“Fatima…..Fatima……shit….. Fatima I’m cumin…..shit……oh shit…..oh shit……” and he exploded and I wished he came in my mouth again

He looked at me and said wtf and I smiled…

I wanted more immediately we were done and I sure as hell went for more…

He went to clean up and I did the same and had a stick of cigarette while he watched. The evening was still young and I sure as hell would have more. I needed to be bruised hard and fed large

We came out of the bathroom and engaged in small talks but all I needed was that dick again I was being entertained with the goodness walking around the room naked and listening to his sarcasm flow with no stop sign and then I realised Diezani was around and boy she is a handful and she wanted her fair share of fun.

I made way for her to take her place and try to see if he can recognise her presence.

She moved to him and asked him to stand up and he did… good boy
She started to plant kisses on him and she felt his dick and grabbed his balls while feasting on his lips and neck. I felt the tension on his shoulders but I wasn’t going to break the ice and tell him I wasn’t the one touching him at this point.

She went down and started to suck his dick voraciously and he tried to touch her and she stopped him. He tried again and she held his hands in place and boom he spoke,
“Oh shit mama is here. Hi mama”

She looked at him and continued while he kept his hands in place not moving while obeying her every command
She then ushered him to the bed and he was looking at her.

“Don’t look at me” She said and he quickly apologised, “Oh shit, I’m sorry mama”
Good boy… She ate him out while instructing him not to move but can speak and he kept moaning loud but mama didn’t stop… Naaaaaa… she ain’t stopping for no one. Then she flipped him over.

I could feel him so scared but mama wasn’t going to go all out on him….. she needed him to have a taste of her and not eat fully (Diezani can be pretty considerate to first-time male subs).

She started to lick his back and ass like a bitch nursing her puppies to ensure they are clean

She enjoyed every shiver his body gave and every moan out of his mouth. She spread open his butt cheeks and started to feast with her tongue and he lost his cool.

Emmanuel kept screaming and moaning “mama mama mama oh please mama shit mama…. mama…. shit” and Diezani didn’t stop…

She made sure his legs lost focus and then flipped him back over and his facial expressions were everything and more. She fed his dick some more and ensured his erections were hard enough for her and then she climbed on that stick to get fed while ensuring he still wasn’t staring or touching.

She began to ride that dick like her life was hanging by the thread and she fucked him like a lion who can’t be tamed. She tried to spell Emmanuel while grinding and she had her orgasm before she got to the letter “U” and exited the party leaving Fatima in charge.

Boom my moans sprung out and I grabbed his hands to touch me as much as he needed

“Fatima, is that you? Oh shit mama….. Fatima….. shit….. who is fucking me now?”

“Emmanuel, it is Fatima, touch me all over baby, fuck me hard, suck on my titty baby, bruise me, oh shit….. yeah baby….. shit…. fuck me please ”

“Oh Fatima I missed you…… shit…… mama was fucking good”

The excitement that comes from having a conversation while fucking can’t be overemphasized and damn it! Baby Emmanuel took his pound of flesh. He fucked my senses away and we both enjoyed every bit of orgasm shared. We slept and had a marathon in the morning before we left to each other’s reality. For every time I sat, I was reminded that Emmanuel was right in between my walls and they are forever grateful for it

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