December 6, 2023
FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 6) [18+]


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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 6) [18+]

Seun watched her stepfather as much as he watched her. Since she could strike a deal with Muinah over inviting Kayode to fuck them together, she started looking forward to fucking her sister. She wondered what it would feel like to be the fucker.

The eagerness was visible in her as she kept finding excuses that would lead her to the farm and her stepfather continued to foil her attempts as he understood that something was up and he did not like that he had no idea what was up. Every little time she got alone with Muinah, she groped the girl hard just like her stepfather did her.

She would sneak up on Muinah from behind and smooch her boobs hard while she rubs her dick on Muinah’s ass. Being a big slut, Muinah never hesitated to grab her sister’s dick from behind and play with it. Seun had the plan all set in her head. She wanted Muinah to bend over and grab onto something while she fucks Muinah from behind just like her stepfather does to her.

She wished he would see his precious little, slutty daughter bent over and moaning on her big dick.

With her path to Seun’s dick partially blocked by her father, Muinah gave most of her attention to Kayode who never seemed to get tired of fucking her pussy till it got sore. Once she visited him at home or on his father’s farm, he knew he had work to do. She always came back for more and he fucks her to her satisfaction in whatever style that suited him. After one of those hot rounds of sex, he told her he fucked her sister like he had always wanted to.

She was curious and asked him how, even when she had caught them in the act and he explained in full details without lying. She confessed to him that she wanted to fuck her sister too. Kayode was both shocked and confused. He knew with the way he fucks Muinah on a steady that the girl was not a lesbian.

She saw the confusion on his face and told him not to worry because one day, she would show Kayode something.

Muinah’s father was with his friends in the palm wine joint. It had been days but he still could not shake the feeling that someone else was fucking Seun. The girl was still tight and submissive to him yet, something felt off from that last sex. It was more like his dick went in and out of her asshole too easily like she had just got fucked by someone.

Every time the picture of someone bending Seun over and fucking her asshole plays in his head he felt a rush of jealousy since he considers her his plaything alone and never expected \her to find someone outside to fuck her. The thought continued to haunt him; he felt he would keep a closer watch on her. He never imagined he would become so addicted to fucking her ass but now he was willing to seclude her from the rest of the village if that would mean he would be the only one to make her scream and moan. He left the joint and headed home.

If his wife was not home, he would send MUinah on an errand and fuck Seun till he became sober. He could see his wife right in front of the house before he got home and his mood changed for the worse. It became worse when he entered the house and found out his daughters were not in.

He angrily asked for their whereabouts and she told him Seun had gone to the farm and Muinah had gone to play. He left angrily almost running to the farm. Something felt so wrong and he continued to hope that it was not what he was thinking.

Once their mother sent Seun to the farm, Muinah disappeared from the house to put her plans into action. She appeared at Kayode’s house and he was more than happy to see her. As she closed the door, he pushed her back on it and wasted no time in sucking her boobs with his fingers drilling her pussy already.

It made her relax as she rubbed on his head but she was not there for that. She stopped him as soon as he pulled his dick out to fuck her and gave him information on how she wanted him to show up at the store room on their farm at a particular time because she wanted to show him something. Kayode paid attention to her.

It was unprecedented that Muinah would refuse sex but want to show him something instead. He made up his mind to show up.

Seun did not wait long before Muinah showed up. She had already laid a wrapper and gathered heavy baskets to wedge the door with.

She was so anxious to get started, but she was more anxious when Muinah started taking off a piece of clothing with every step she took, and when she took her panties off, Seun’s dick jerked at the sight of a glistening pussy. She wondered what sort of slut her sister was to be that wet already when she had not seen a dick yet.

Muinah did not waste time, what she had done over at Kayode’s place had triggered her hormones and her pussy itched for a fuck. She lay her naked body on the wrapper and held her legs apart making her pussy lips open wide. Seun looked at the pretty little pussy staring down at her face and she brought her dick out.

Muinah’s pussy was beyond wet. It was dripping and she pushed her dick against its opening. Her dick cap went in and stuck. Muinah grabbed Seun’s forearms and tried to breathe as Seun pushed more dick inside her pussy forcing her to prop herself on her elbows.

Pussy sex was just too sweet. Seun could not bring herself to stop thrusting her dick into Muinah’s pussy and the girl’s moans were sweet too. She fucked the pussy deep and she knew she was hitting deeper than anyone because Muinah was scratching her with nails.

When it was time for her to cum, she heard a sharp noise which she ignored and she could not bring herself to pull out of her sister’s pussy. Instead, she pushed her dick all the way in and grunted as she shot hot cum into her pussy.

Muinah vibrated as her pussy filled up with sperm and she came too. Both of them were sweating and trying to catch their breath then they realized they had company.

It was not a company that Seun expected but Muinah had been expecting Kayode to show up since. Since she was already naked, there was no way to hide her dick from Kayode but he did not seem to be unfazed by its size, rather, he complimented the size and her stamina for fucking Muinah that long. Seun calmed down since she was not in trouble with Kayode but was surprised that he started to pull his clothes ready for sex.

Seun looked at Muinah angrily but she claimed that Seun already promised that Kayode could fuck with them after they have had their first sex. She was right and Seun felt nothing could go wrong. For the first round, both girls dropped to their knees and started to suck Kayode’s dick. Seun learned more about sex from her stepsister there as she fingered herself and played with her nipples as she sucked the dick.

Both girls ended up on all fours and Kayode knelt behind Muinah and fucked her doggie style. After watching her sister get fucked for a while, Seun came to suck Muinah’s boobs. When Kayode finished with Muinah, he entered Seun’s asshole with his dick and started to fuck her hard. Muinah lay on the floor and started sucking on Seuns dick as Seun was getting slammed from behind.

Kayode pulled out of Seun’s ass and spilt cum on her back. It felt so hot. The three of them took a bit of time to rest before Muinah sprang up again and asked if she wanted both dicks at once. Seun was shocked, she had no idea it was possible but when Kayode asked which hole she would love to fuck, she picked pussy. The first-time feeling still had her awestruck and she wanted more. Kayode maintained his hold on Muinah’s asshole.

Boyfriend and girlfriend put Seun on her back for Muinah to ride but before she started riding, Kayode’s dick was in her ass and both of them started fucking Muinah. Seunhiped to not cum because the sweet sensation from her dick sliding in and out of a wet pussy was too much to deny.

Muinah moaned louder and louder as she got it good in both of her holes at the same time. She did not let Seun’s boobs rest as she smooched them with no mercy, making Seun moan too. Muinah’s father was still rushing over to the farm and when he got there, his fear was confirmed.

He could hear the loud moans of his daughter. Seun was fucking his daughter. He rushed to the farm store and forced its door open right when the kids were cumming.

Written by Reezy Sama

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