September 28, 2023
FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 3) [18+]


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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 3) [18+]

She twisted in bed and quickly covered her mouth before her moans would be audible enough to wake their parents.

Muinah seemed to know what she was doing. She kept her lips wrapped around Seun’s dick cap and kept the pressure on it by sucking it into her mouth and letting it gently slide out. Seun almost freaked out from too much pleasure coursing through her veins and her toes curled up.

Muinah finally stopped the torture and let the shaft slide down her throat. It all got sweeter for Seun who was experiencing her dick in the moist confines of a mouth for the first time.

She was doing her best to not make too much noise but Muinah was not making things easy for her as she added her small palms to the mix and used them to jerk Seun off as she continued to suck hard on her dick wanting to suck the cum out of it.

Everywhere became too hot for Seun who quickly took the blanket off herself to reveal her little sister who continued to be hard at work and did not mind what Seun was doing. Seun could not breathe properly, she could not moan out too as she increasingly got close to cumming. Her hands grabbed Muinah by the head and started to push it down her shaft.

She also pushed her hips up so more of her dick would go into Muinah’s mouth. Muinah quickly fought off Seun’s hold and stopped sucking the dick. She put all her energy into jerking her sister off with her little palms.

She was not taking it easy on Seun who was getting severe pleasure from being jerked off. She continued to feel close to cumming but still, she was not coming and it was making her restless. Muinah was getting frustrated too because she wanted to make Seun cum.

That was her goal for that night. She was almost at her wit’s end with Seun’s dick remaining rock hard and refusing to produce cum.

Muinah was not one to give up though even though she thought Muinah had given up when the girl took her hands off her dick and stared down at it then lay on her chest. Seun thought the night was over for her even though she knew she needed to cum to feel the real sweetness of all the pleasure she had been getting all these while.

Muinah took her wrapper off her ass and her mound of flesh was exposed to Seun. She turned her head and instructed Seun to place her dick between her asscheeks and ride it up and down the channel gently.

She did as instructed and her dick was gliding gently between Muyinah’s asscheeks. It was another sweet one and she began to enjoy herself too much because she soon started to feel her orgasm on the way again and this time she was not going to let it fade off like the other times.

The want for orgasm started to control her body and she found herself grinding her dick harder and harder into Muinah’s asscheeks. It was not sweet for her alone as she could hear Muinah moaning softly too.

The moans coming from Muinah pushed Seun and she ground her dick into her sister harder her body was ramping up as she felt a big orgasm coming. Like a bomb, her dick exploded pouring loads of cum on her sister’s lower back and ass while her body stiffened till the last drops of cum exited her dick. Her body felt so relaxed after and she rolled off Muinah to catch her breath.

The only time she had enjoyed something like that was when she got fucked by her stepfather earlier that day. She was happy with the fact that she would no longer have to wait for him to come around before she got some sweet pleasure as Muinah was now an alternative.

Also, she felt she could give Kayode a chance to fuck her since he had always been on her neck and she planned to do that with one of the antics she had just learned from Muinah that night. While Seun was lost in her thoughts of how to secure a steady supply of pleasure, Muinah was not done.

She was restless in fact as her pussy had become wet and she needed something to satisfy her urges. She looked to the side and suddenly kissed Seun with her hand holding Seun by the head out of fear that Seun might not return the kiss.

Both girls remained entangled in a deep kiss and it did not take long for Muinah to start looking for one of Seun’s hands and place it on her boobs. Seun knew how sweet it was when the boobs were being played with, she squeezed Muinah’s boobs and pinched her nipples too.

There was some joy Seun felt as she saw the lust visibly displayed on Muinah’s face as she played with her boobs.

She loved that Muinah was moaning and twisting around the bed and she was the cause of it. The thought of sucking Muinah’s boobs crossed her mind and she did it. Muinah was gasping for air now as her pussy was now beginning to drip and she wanted something inside it.

She grabbed Seun’s hand and placed it on her pussy. Seun started to rub her clitoris. It was sweet and drove Muinah out of control but she needed more. She wanted it inside her but she could not converse with her sister because the pleasure had shut her up. She just went ahead and grabbed Seun’s hands and led her finger into her pussy.

She took a deep breath as she pushed the finger very deep in her pussy. She understood the assignment clearly and started to fuck Muinah with her finger just like her stepfather dick fucks her in the ass.

Muinah for sure was enjoying herself but still asked that Seun used two fingers to fuck her. Seun increased the number of fingers inside Muinah’s pussy and continued to fuck Muinah hard with them as she felt Muinah would explode soon because of the way she had her eyes tightly shut and her continual tries to shut her thighs which Seun made sure she did not accomplish. Seun soon started to sight cream coming out of her sister’s pussy and staining her fingers.

Muinah looked down at Seun and softly begged that Seun sucked her pussy. Seun looked at the pussy, it was a mess of whitish cream and yet it looked delicious. Since Muinah had just sucked her dick, there was nothing wrong with returning the favour.

If she can keep Muinah happy, she had an able plug that she could fuck and have fun with. She did not waste time before diving into the pussy and Muinah instructed her on how to use her tongue.

She easily got the hang of it and she knew Muinah was enjoying it because in her soft voice, she was gently begging Seun not to stop sucking her pussy and she also massaged Seun’s hair. Seun got more naught and returned to fucking Muinah’s pussy with two fingers when she never stopped sucking Muinah’s pussy.

Muinah was a full slut for her now, she lay there unable to stop whispering “please” over and over with her hands squeezing her boobs and colliding them. Seun eventually hit that nerve in Muinah and she found herself gushing her juice into her sister’s mouth as her hands jumped off her boobs to her sister’s head and she held it tight on her pussy making Muinah taste a large amount of her juice.

The rest of the night was nothing short of peace for both girls who had just known each other in new ways and had plans on what to do to each other in the coming days.

The morning started with trouble for them. They overslept and they were found sleeping all snuggled up like a couple with Muinah having her head resting on Seun’s boobs.

Their mother would have loved to handle things quietly but Muinah’s father was having none of it. He was angrily berating the girls and their mother clearly stating that it was inappropriate for them to sleep that way especially because of Seun’s condition because she could get turned on and have sex with her sister.

When the whole issue was over, Seun could not help but feel bad about her stepfather’s redaction towards her. He never acted that way when he wanted to fuck her in the ass but he was scared she would fuck his daughter.

She mopped for days before she eventually decided to move on with her life. She was unable to do anything with Muinah because there was high vigilance in place.

Muinah was still fucking outside because when she eventually went out and saw Kayode, he confessed that he still had sex with Muinah recently and defined Muinah to be good at having sex. Being hungry herself, she asked if Kayode would like to have a taste of her. He eagerly agreed but Seun teased by asking if he could handle her or have sex the way she wanted it.

Kayode boasted that there was no style she wanted that he could not give. She smiled and asked if Kayode had ever fucked the asshole before and he got shocked. Seun quickly added that she was keeping her virginity for her husband therefore she only allowed guys to fuck her in the ass.

She threw the gauntlet down at him and said if he was ready to have a taste of anal sex, he should let her know but if not, he should never disturb her over sex again.

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