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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 2) [18+]


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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 2) [18+]

Seun could not thank her stepfather enough for showing her the love she had wanted for a long time but was too scared to seek it. Every time she walked and felt discomfort in her asshole, she also remembered how sweet it was when the dick was sliding in and out of it making her moan and want more and she did want more even though the pain in the ass had not gone away.

She knew even though she had discovered she could also get fucked like her friends, she still could not approach the boys for it and because of her dick therefore her only sources of sexual pleasure were her hand and her stepfather who was not always readily available because the house was filled most of the time and they had no privacy to get down.

During the periods when her stepfather was unavailable, Seun never denied herself serious wankings.

She waits for the whole family to go to sleep then she grabs oil and smears a large amount of it on her dick. This always makes the wankings more sensational for her. She starts slowly from her shaft and as the pleasure spreads around her body, she starts to go faster. If she feels the movement is becoming less smooth, she adds more oil and continues always avoiding her dick cap because that part was always too sweet and she could not always handle it for too long before her toes curl and she cums on her palms panting and sweating profusely.

After this exercise, she sleeps peacefully for the night. Since she shares a sleeping space with Muinah, she always makes sure to keep her noise at a minimum because it feels wrong for Muinah to catch her playing with her dick.

She was always successful and had issues only once when Muinah almost caught her but she had cum already and Muinah was only asking why she was panting that much. She lied about having a nightmare and closed the case there.

Her once-a-night wank routine was helping keep her hormones at bay but she still felt the hunger for her stepfather’s dick. There was something about that pain and sweetness that comes from getting fucked that she wanted to experience again.

She was just waiting for the right opportunity to get fucked again and her patience soon paid off as her mother asked her to go to the farm and bring in foodstuffs. When she got to the farm, her stepfather was there waiting. He was not supposed to be there at that moment but since he was, Seun was more than happy because she knew what it meant. Just like she had been starving for his dick in her ass again, he was hungry to fuck her in the ass.
He looked right and left and entered their farm store. She quickly followed suit and closed the door behind them. He asked her to get naked. While she was at it, he was blocking the door with baskets filled with tubers so that nobody would walk in uninvited.

Seun was stark naked before he was done and she was happy to see him taking measures that showed he did not want them disturbed. Her dick was getting hard from just looking at her stepfather undress. she saw his asshole and wondered if she could also fit her dick in his asshole and fuck him just like he fucked her.

She knew it would be a sweet experience because she saw how her stepfather was acting the other day when he fucked her and since he planned and met her at the farm just for fuck, then it must be a really sweet experience. She wanted to try it out too but there was no way she would tell her stepfather what she wanted out of fear.

She also did not want to say or do what would make her lose him. She would just take whatever he gave her at the moment and if he offered his ass, she would gladly fuck it.

He came towards her with his dick oiled and shiny. Seun quickly turned around to present her ass but he stopped her and started to kiss her on the lips. She tried to keep up and learn from intuition. Her dick got harder and so did her nipples just from the long kiss. She was getting mad and turned on as he pinched her nipples and squeezed her boobs too.

Everything he was doing to her made her body go crazy. She loved it most when she had her boobs sucked one after the other. She did not know why but she was rubbing his head all through. After putting her in the mood, he oiled his dick once more and poured some in Seun’s palms so that she could wank herself too. He turned her around and bent her over.

The coolness of the oil dripping on her asshole and seeping into it, she remembered that sweet feeling. Her stepfather’s dick soon squeezed its way into her asshole.

There was that sweet pain again. She was held by her waist first and was getting fucked slowly. She had her hand jerking her dick off to the tempo of the dick in her ass and her other hand held on to a basket for stability.

Things began to get intense as her stepfather’s dick began to dig deeper into her ass and one of his hands now grabbed her boob and with each thrust, he forced himself deeper trying to go deeper than the last time. That made the fuck all sweet for Seun who received each thrust hoping that dick would reach a particular spot which it was just grazing periodically. She was jerking off like a maniac now and there were tears in her eyes.

Her ass slapped into her stepfather’s crotch and made a lot of noise. She made a lot of noise too with her loud moans. By the time his dick finally hit that itchy spot inside her ass for about three thrusts in a row, her dick pulsed hard in her hand and her body shook again.

Thick cum started flying out of her ass and her asshole muscles tightened around her stepfather’s dick forcing him too to cum hard inside her ass and on the floor.

After taking a breather, he dressed up and left Seun alone. It took longer for her to recover. When she did, she started to gather the foodstuff she was supposed to take home. As she made to carry it, her crush from the other day jumped out of nowhere and startled her again.

He helped Seun with her load and they walked home together. He started a conversation about Seun being unfair to him because she let him smooch her the other day but when things were about to get more interesting, she ran off and now he caught Seun getting fucked in the store.

Seun was surprised about what the guy knew but before she could continue, he continued and said maybe Seun did not like him enough and it was not a problem. He would have loved to peep and watch her get fucked but he was also teaching a girl some lessons with his dick.

Seun sighed in relief that he did not know her dick or the affair between her and her stepfather. She simply told him that she would love to fuck him too but it was complicated and he would not understand.

There was no need to wank that night because her body was still yet to fully recover from the last orgasm. Everyone was asleep and she wanted to do the same when Muinah tapped her and asked why her dad was sleeping with her earlier. She was shocked that Muinah knew about it. She started to beg Muinah not to tell on them and also asked how she got to know of the matter.

Muinah said their mother sent her to go and check on Seun when she was taking too long to bring the foodstuff and when she got to the farm, she heard them having sex in the store so she just went to play with her friend. Seun was alarmed and asked if her friend was Kayode. Muinah said yes, making Seun realize that the girl that was being taught a lesson with the dick was Muinah.

She asked Muinah how long Kayode had been fucking her and she said just five times in the past week because she and Kayode used to fuck plenty of times.

Seun felt bad that even her sister was getting it good but she had to wait for her stepfather. Both girls agreed to keep each other’s secret and call it a night. Seun was unable to sleep as different thoughts crossed her mind.

Something suddenly crossed her inner thighs and it was Muinah’s small palm rubbing her balls and making her dick gradually stand. She looked at her to ask what she was doing. Muinah asked if Seun had ever used her dick to fuck anybody before. She nodded “no”.

Muinah gleefully asked if Seun could fuck her sometime. That was a wish that came true. To use her dick on someone. She quickly agreed to fuck Muinah when their parents were not home. Muinah continued to rub Seun’s dick. It was the first time she was getting jerked by someone else and it felt so good.

Especially when Muinah tightens her grip around her cock. Out of nowhere, Muinah did something Seun never knew existed. She went under the blanket and covered Seun’s dick with her mouth. Seun moaned.

Written by Reezy Sama

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