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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 1) [18+]


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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 1) [18+]

Rekiya was the name given to her at birth even though her parents were not so sure about giving her a feminine name because she has a dick and a slit that looks like a pussy but it was all sealed up.

After an in-house deliberation, they decided to also name the child “Raheem” just in case he grows and becomes a guy but they decided to call the child “Seun” which is a unisex name so the child would not be confused growing up.

Days rolled over, the baby grew, the father continued to distance himself from it and its mother because of what the child was becoming and the mother eventually had to marry another husband to mend her broken heart. With the new husband, she gave birth to another child but this one was normal and maintained one gender.

“Seun” as the name stuck, grew fast, and as she approached the age of puberty, confusion started to set in for her much to the displeasure of her mother. Her vagina remained sealed up but her dick continued to grow, her breasts grew too and they were grape-sized at a young age.

As her confusion mounted, she made to ask her mother for answers during a period when her mother was also about to explain some things to her. The meeting between mother and child was much needed.

She told Seun that they had never been able to decipher whether she was female or male since her birth since she had a feminine face and voice, she had big boobs, she had a vagina which is closed up but the confusing part is that she has a working dick.

From that age, Seun was advised by her mother to not let any outsider know she has a dick because they would see her as a monster. Seun was to keep that part of her life secret till they were able to figure out a partner for her to marry in the future.

There was not much for Seun to say. Her mother had advised her, her stepfather promised to support her in whatever way he could, and her step-sister who was gentle never saw her differently. Everything was supposed to go smoothly for her but as puberty wore on, temptations got tighter. She had the urge to fuck someone, her hardons were always well-pronounced and she always struggled to hide them from peering eyes.

Her libido was one of a kind, not only did she want to fuck someone, but she also wanted to get fucked.

Even though she never knew how that would be possible as her vagina had no opening, she had that urge to get fucked badly and so, her nipples get hard when her dick gets hard. It was torture to her especially when she sat with her female friends and they started discussing their boyfriends.

How they snuck about in the farms and have sex under the trees using banana leaves or using their wrappers as mats. It turned her on a lot, the discussions her female friends had. As if that was not torturous enough, they freely undressed in front of her since they were all ladies or so they thought.

Seun would struggle to hold her stiff dick in place as his eyes would see fresh pussies just a few meters away from her. Chocolate bodies, cream bodies, fair bodies, boobs and asses everywhere. Some of these ladies also adorned their waists with beads!

Something that secretly drove Seun crazy. It would have been fun to beg one of her friends to let them try her dick on them and feel that pleasure they all claim they felt during sex but her mother’s words continue to ring in her ears that if they ever found out that she as a girl has a dick instead of a vagina, it might spell the end of her.

She held onto herself and did her best to keep her urges at bay. The words of her mother scared her that much and she was not ready to be an outcast.

If being with the girls was crazy, being with the boys for Seun was a crazier affair. They all wanted her. Why would they not? She had a nice set of boobs, a well-shaped ass, and a beautiful face to match everything.

True, they were not after her for love, they just wanted to have a taste of her like the other girls in the village and Seun was also interested in letting them have a taste of her but how would she do it? The urges were there, her nipples get hard when these guys tell her sexy things and how long they can fuck non-stop.

She wanted to try them out but while the urge was there, the opening was not there. What happens when she agrees to get down with one of the boys and she goes naked and he sees she has a hard dick like him?

He would run off of course and tell the whole village and they would start to see her as a monster. She had many male friends, some, very close to her but what they wanted, she could not give them. One of them always promised he would catch her alone on the farm one day and fuck her mercilessly because he has no idea what she was hiding from all the boys.

He always said it playfully but Seun wanted it to be true. She wanted him to pounce on her out of nowhere one day and make love to her with no pity but how would he do it? Where would he penetrate? What happens when he sees her dick? It happened one day, Seun had gone to the farm to bring foodstuffs home.

She had no idea she was being trailed. Her assailant hid in the bush and let her gather the foodstuff in a basket. Once she finished and stood upright to stretch her back, he snuck up on her.

A man on a mission to not startle the standing lady, he quietly got behind her and grabbed her by the boobs. Seun was startled, but when she managed to turn around and saw that the face was familiar, she relaxed.

The way her boobs were grabbed, it was her first time and there was a soothing feeling that immediately ran through her body. Was this what her girlfriends were always talking about? She relaxed her back into his chest and let her guard down to let him properly smooch her boobs. She did not know when her mouth opened and she started to moan.

Her dick was getting hard now as her boobs were getting crushed into each other. She had a strong urge to remove her wrapper and lay it on the floor like her friends always explained so she could get fucked too but she was scared. After fondling her big boobs and making her moan her heart’s content, she felt his hand gown down to her thighs. She woke up immediately and held his hand.

Ṣeun did her to fight him off and run away. He would have found out she has a dick. She shed tears all the way home for being unable to have fun like her other friends did. When she got home, it was deserted.

She rendered herself naked and took a long look at her hard dick. What purpose did it serve? Why was she born that way? She cried more till she had to open the door for her stepfather. He saw her swollen face and made enquiries but she was too shy to tell him she wanted to have sex in the farm but could not.

He did not give up and continued to press until she eventually told him with shame in her voice. He sighed and after some time, he offered to help Ṣeun if she promised to keep it a secret between them. She eagerly agreed.

He left and came back with something oily and asked her to stretch forth her palm. He poured some onto her palm and asked her to rub her dick with it. Seun did as told and continued to rub her dick.

Gradually, it became harder and harder and there was a very sweet feel to it. She stretched her palm for more of the oil to make the rubbing of her dick sweeter. Her stepfather smiled as he watched Seun jerk herself off harder enjoying what she was doing. As she continued to search for her climax, he undressed her and began to suck on her breasts.

Seun nearly shed tears of joy. This was the pleasure she had been denied of all these while? She could not thank her stepfather enough but he still had something in store for her. When he was done sucking her boobs, he motioned her to bend over. One of her hands held the bed for support and the other continued to jerk her dick off.

She could feel oil being poured into her asshole but she did not understand why however she was open to whatever would give her pleasure. It did not take long after that that she started feeling something poking her asshole.

As much as it hurt, she was determined to see it through. When a few inches of the dick penetrated her asshole, her body shuddered hard and she could not rub her dick anymore as her body shuddered violently. Hot white liquid started to shoot out of her dick onto the floor in what she knew was the best feeling she ever felt in her life. Her sight was blurred for a bit.

When she eventually came to, her stepfather was fucking away at her ass with his hands crushing her boobs on her chest. It was so sweet yet something was missing. She looked around and found the oil case, she managed to get some on her palm and grabbed her dick with it again.

For the second time in her life, she had a massive orgasm and her stepdad came inside her asshole and on her butt cheeks.

Written by Reezy Sama

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