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Edymaniac: Time for Chichi’s Practicals (18+)

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Edymaniac: Time for Chichi’s Practicals (18+)

“So…you’re sure about this? This is what you want?”

She looks at me with her sultry eyes, slightly hidden by her black hair. Her eyes drop away as I make eye contact, before finding the courage to re-connect our gaze.

“Yes.” She says, though there is a slight tremble in her voice. “I’m sure. It’s what I really want. But I worry I’ll get nervous when we get there, and I’ll be too embarrassed, and then you’ll be angry, and I’ll….”

“…I won’t be angry” I interrupt her. I take another sip of my coke before continuing talking.

“We go as fast or slow as you want. You say stop, we stop. And if you’re really too nervous we just sit on the bed together, fully clothed, and watch a movie on my laptop. OK?”

“OK.” She replies. A smile goes across her face, but she is smiling to herself, not to me. She takes a sip from her juice with two hands, her thin wrists shaking slightly. “Next Saturday”.


The girl is called Chichima, or Chichi for short. I met her online almost 2 years ago. She was 21  then. She’s 23 now. Her sweet but sultry face attracted me firstly, but her bio really got me interested. She’s the most confusing person I’ve ever met. It’s been 2 years, and I’ve only managed 3 dates.

Chichi writes erotic fiction. Mainly male/male, but sometimes straight and lesbian. She sells the books online and is popular enough in her genre to do that full time. However, she is also the world’s most shy woman, and…a virgin. All day she writes about cocks, but has never seen or touched one in real life.

We built up a strong friendship online, even though we are both sure we are not ‘the one’ for each other. I’ve dated other girls in the 2 years, but still kept my friendship with Chichi. Now I’m single, and so is she.

At her request, 3 weeks ago, we had her first kiss. We had planned it, talked about it, and then we kissed. Her soft lips were gorgeous, and I instantly wanted more. But I didn’t press things. She’s very nervous about men. And that’s very fair — I am 32.

We kept talking online, and she felt braver after the kiss. She said it helped her writing. 

“How do you write about cocks and sex all day, if you’ve never had sex? Never held a man’s cock, or felt what it’s like to have a dick inside you? Isn’t it almost impossible to write porn as a virgin?” I asked her on our first real date, over a year ago. 

“I’ve got the world’s dirtiest imagination,” she said, with a slightly out of place confidence. 

“And porn. Porn shows me how it looks like. Then I put that into words.”

“It’s not the Chichi.” I tell her. “Porn is acting. It’s not real sex. And anyway, you don’t know what a cock tastes like, or what it smells like in a room after sex. Or how it feels all over your entire body when you orgasm.”

“I have toys. I know that one” she says playfully. Her eyes meet mine, and I realize she has the sexiest, seductive eyes I’ve ever seen on a woman. But she’s never used them on a man. I think to myself that she could have any man she wanted, just by using those eyes. But her shyness is a barrier to her.

“Well,” I told her, on our first date. “If you ever want someone you can trust, to help you explore your sexuality, you can talk to me. Maybe we can make that happen.”

I said that over a year ago.

Last week she messaged me, asking if that offer was still there. I’m single, so I suggested we talk in a restaurant about it. I think that fills you in on the details.


Next Saturday, and I meet her near the bus station, and start walking her to the hotel room I’ve booked for the evening. I had already checked in as soon as I could, so we would have lots of time in the afternoon together. That way if she gets nervous, it’s easier for her to leave.

“You’re family OK?” I ask, making small talk as we go.

“Yeah. Mum knows what I’m meeting you for. She’s super supportive. Dad and my little brother just think I’m staying over at a friend’s tonight.”

“That’s not a lie” I reply back, smiling. I notice the beautiful dress she’s wearing, even though it’s a cold day.

We go through the lobby and up to my room. It’s on the 3rd floor. It’s nothing super expensive, but it’s not a cheap hotel either. It’s still quite a small room though, with just the bed and bathroom.

As we go inside, I immediately see her body posture become uneasy. I realize she’s seen the double bed. I take her coat and her bags, and then walk over and sit on the bed, fully clothed.

“It’s OK. Let’s relax. No pressure for anything.” I pull my pre-prepared laptop up and set it on my knees. “Let’s watch a TV show together. Maybe Game of Thrones, or House of Cards?”

She moves over, and carefully sits next to me on the bed. She still has her arms folded defensively. We sit and watch an episode of Game of Thrones, and over the episode, she begins to relax. 

As it ends I see her beginning to panic, so instantly put on the next episode without asking or making a big deal. Soon she is laughing at Tyrion Lannister and relaxing into herself. I hold her hand through most of the episode.

When it finishes, I fold up the laptop and kiss her lips. She doesn’t seem nervous, and our kiss becomes more and more passionate. I feel her hands start to move over my body as our tongues begin to dance within our mouths. Already the passion is building in me, and I feel my cock beginning to rise.

I pull away gently from our kiss. She resists, clearly enjoying our moment, before returning to her seated position. I stand, leaving her still on the bed. “I’m going to get naked now. So you can see what a naked man looks like. OK?”

She nods. I watch for signs of discomfort in her body language, but she seems fine. Slowly, I undress before her, first taking off my jumper and shirt, before moving down and removing my socks and trousers. Finally, I remove my underwear. My rock hard cock is staring straight at her.

A smile creeps over her face, and I know this is what she wants.

I lay back down, next to her on the bed. Her hands move tentatively over to my cock. “It’s OK,” I tell her. “You can touch. You can feel. You can even taste it if you want.”

She wraps her hand around it. “I can feel your blood,” she says surprised.

I just smile and nod.

She starts moving her hand up and down over the cock. First, it’s slow and gentle, but suddenly she speeds up, gripping too tightly as she does.

“Wow! Slow down. Be gentle.” I reply. She recoils backwards, releasing me.

I take her hand and place it back onto my cock. I wrap my own hand over hers and help her find a good rhythm. Her soft hand, now going at the perfect speed, feels so wonderful over my cock. I fear I’m going to cum already, so I move to kiss her and move her hand away at the same time. We kiss passionately, and I begin moving my own hand towards her breasts, but she instantly becomes uncomfortable again and breaks the kiss away.

“Sorry,” she says meekly. “I’m not ready for that yet. But I want to spend more time with your cock. Can I taste it?”

“Sure,” I reply, and stand up, walking over to her side of the bed. “But I’m already very close to cumming. Your hand felt really good. I’ll tell you when I’m close.”

Without saying anything, she puts her whole mouth over the cock. The warmth of her mouth feels so wonderful. I feel her lips at the base of my cock, and her tongue playing with the shaft. At first, I feel her teeth touching me, but then she opens her mouth wider and starts sucking me up and down.

She doesn’t take the cock out, she just focuses on the sucking, going up and down. It feels so wonderful, and I close my eyes to focus on the feeling. After a minute I open my eyes again to see that one of her own hands is now between her legs, playing with herself through her panties.

The sight is so sexy and so wonderful to me. I feel so pleased that she’s doing this, opening her sexual side up in front of me.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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