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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four VIII (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four VIII (18+)

“Mmmmm… Yes! But…” Aishat’s eyes squinted with exertion, and her impatience grew. She began thrusting harder, “Unhhhh!! He’s… holding… back…”

Indeed, Lekan had gone rigid — biting his tongue and locking his muscles in a desperate effort to keep from cumming. Aishat leaned forward, now planting her hands on Lekan’s shoulders. Sweat running down her cheeks, she glared fiercely into his eyes, “Come on!! Don’t stop!! Fuck me, damnit!!”

“Ssshh! Aishat!” Nneka leaned in and, without thinking, placed a hand on Aishat’s naked thigh. She spoke softly, so only they could hear, “…You’ll wake up Bunmi!”

Aishat quieted her voice but started drilling Lekan with longer, harder strokes. She didn’t seem to notice or care that Nneka was touching her leg. Instead, she focused on Lekan. Looking down on him from her perch, eyes locked with his, she whispered urgent commands while fucking him relentlessly,

“Come’on… Do it! Fuck me! Yeah… You know you want to… I watched you fuck your girlfriend while fantasizing about me… Yeah, that’s right! We both watched you! Mmm-hmmm! And it was so… sexy! Uhh! Yeah! So I know you want me… don’t even try to fight it! Do it, baby… yeah… come on! Give it to me!”

Nneka suddenly chimed in, “Come on, Lekan! She’s riding you into the ground, and you can’t fight back. She’ll fuck you all day if she has to! So just fuck her and make her cum! Get it over with!”

“YES! Fuck me and make me cum! Do it!”

All the willpower in the world would not have been enough. After so much build-up, he was now handcuffed, gagged, and pinned to the floor by a sweaty, sexy young girl riding him wildly and begging him to make her cum — all while another young girl watched and begged for it, too… It was just too much to handle. In defiance of his conscience, his hips started moving again. He started meeting her, thrust for thrust, drilling himself deeper and grinding up into her clit.

And with this renewed motion, once again, the heat rising in his veins grew hotter — the rising orgasm became harder and harder to control.

Aishat’s eyes drifted shut, her eyebrows pinched together, and she bit her lower lip in concentration, “Ahh! Yes! There you go… That feels amazing!… Mmmm… Keep doing that…”

“Hang in there, Lekan,” encouraged Nneka, “You can do it! Make her cum!”

The impossibly strong squeezing sensation of Aishat’s pussy made Lekan’s hips buck suddenly up from the carpet, catching her in mid-thrust and driving him deeper inside her than ever before.

“UHHH!!” She gasped loudly as the intense bolt of pleasure took her by surprise, followed by a long cringe of exertion. Her spine curled, her head hung down, and her chin tucked in, causing her hair to fall and dangle just over Lekan’s neck. Now their roles reversed, and she found herself frozen as he repeatedly pounded up into her from below. Her hair shook with each thrust, teasing his skin and driving him to hammer her harder.

He suddenly remembered Bunmi’s words,

“Fuck her!!… Make her cum!! Harder!!… She can take it!!”

Primal instincts raging, he strained to slam her harder and harder, driving her to the edge of control. More than anything, he wanted to watch her crumble under an unstoppable orgasm.

She had teased him so much, always giving him that grin as though he belonged to her and she could fuck him any time she wanted — as if it was a foregone conclusion that he would cum first. Now, indeed, the tables were turned. She was his, and now it was his turn to make her beg!

Just as her breathing started turning into ragged gasps, he pulled back and stopped abruptly. Her eyes flashed with sudden, almost frightened, urgency. She pleaded, “No!! Don’t stop!! Come On!! Keep fucking me!! I’m almost there!!”

For that short moment, Lekan was in control. He grinned and gave her a long, slow thrust. He took time to savour the feeling of his cock sliding deep inside her, then smoothly back out. Her pussy was incredibly tight and slick, and every muscle between her legs began quaking. Her body wilted as orgasm danced just inches from her reach.

He held her there for a moment, enjoying the view — sweat running down her slim young body, breath ragged, eyes ablaze. She was so close — right at the very edge — that even the slightest moves now tortured her. He took care to keep her there, controlling her with nothing more than the touch of his cock.

Finally, the devilish, teasing Aishat was getting her payback…

But it didn’t last long. She regained control with sudden, furious vengeance. Fire flashed in her eyes, and she slammed him to the floor with her hips, “Oh, that’s it!! You think you can tease me!? You’re FUCKED now! I’m gonna bang your fucking brains out!! I’m gonna make you cum inside me! You’re my bitch, now!!”

“Aishat, no!!” Nneka’s plea was hopeless. Nothing could stop Aishat now. Lekan suddenly realized that maybe it was a bad idea to tease her while he was still cuffed, tied, and pinned to the floor. He was completely at her mercy.

In a blur, Aishat sat up straight and yanked off her sports bra, revealing her small, round breasts. She was now completely naked except for her socks, and every square inch of her skin glistened with a sheen of fresh sweat. She reached up to fix her hair one last time, accentuating the fantastic shape of her body — slim hips curving into a slimmer stomach curving out to modest breasts.

Then she placed her palms on Lekan’s stomach, locked eyes with him, and spread her thighs impossibly wide, pinning him hard to the carpet with all of her weight on his hips. Then she fucked him.

“Unhhh!! Come on, hot-shot! You want to cum, and you know it! This is your chance! Do it, baby! Cum for me! Unhhh!! Yeah!! Do it!!”

As Lekan struggled against his binds, Nneka pleaded on his behalf, “Aishat! That’s cheating! You’re going to make him cheat on Bunmi!”

“Oh yeah?” the devilish grin returned to Aishat’s lips. Again and again and again she pounded him, keeping eye contact the entire time, “Well he better fight it, then. That’s right… ’cause I’m not stopping! Ohhhh, I can fuck like this for hours! Can you handle it, big guy?”

Nneka moved forward again. Sitting just inches away, she seemed to tower over the helpless man bound and gagged on the floor, “Fight it, Lekan! Don’t cum! You can do it!”

Aishat’s athleticism was unbelievable. She moved quickly and forcefully, with unrelenting rhythm, the muscles in her pussy clenching hard with every thrust. “Cum, baby! Yes!! Fuck me!! Unhhh!! Unhhh!! Comeon!! You know you want to! Unhhh!! YES!! DO IT!!”

“I believe in you, Lekan! Hang on! You can do it!”

Lekan reeled against Aishat’s onslaught. His body quaked, twisted, and shivered, fighting to stop the orgasm rushing down his spine. While this athletic young girl fucked him relentlessly, he screamed into the gag over his mouth — screams of overwhelming pleasure and exertion. How could he possibly fight this? How could he possibly hold back his own instincts and desires?

“Unhhh!! Oh fuck!! This is so good! Wow!! Fuck me, baby! Unhhh!! Yes!! I’m so close!! Oh, yes!! Cum with me, baby! Let’s cum together!”

“Don’t cum! Don’t do it!!”

“DO IT!! Comeon!! Unhhh!! Yeah!! Give in, baby, ’cause I’ll never stop fucking you! Unhhh!! Mmmm… Unhhh!! Yeah! I’m not stopping until you cum inside me! You know you want to! Unhhh!! You always wanted to fuck me! Can your girlfriend fuck like this!? Can she blow your mind, like I can!? Huh!? So fuck me, baby!! Yes!! Fuck me like you always wanted to!!”

Over and over again, she hammered him — her hair whipping violently over her shoulders — her fingers scraping across his skin — her thighs locked tight around his hips. Every muscle in her slender young body worked toward a single purpose — to make him cum harder than he had ever cum before.

No matter how much he struggled, she forced it out of him, and a rush of satisfaction gripped her as she knew she was succeeding.

Her pussy clenched tighter and tighter, milking him in spasms. He couldn’t hold on anymore. Laying there — drenched in sweat, exhausted, cuffed, gagged, and utterly helpless — he was entirely at her mercy.

She forced him to cum, and, in a wild, violent explosion, they came together, “UNHHH!! UNHHH!! Faster!! YES!! I’m cumming!! Cum, baby!! Do it!! UNHHH!! UNHHH!! PLEASE!! Cum baby!! Cum inside me!! Yes!! YES!! THAT’S IT!! I can feel you cumming!! OH FUCK YES!! OHHH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Ahhhh!! I’m still cumming!! YES!! OH FUCK!! That’s so good!! AHHH!!”

Surge after surge of cum pumped deep into Aishat’s pussy, driving her into hysterical cries of pleasure. Lekan’s whole body snapped and flexed, lifting Aishat entirely off the floor by her hips. Mid-orgasm, the makeshift handcuffs made from Aishat’s sweatshirt suddenly came undone.

Lekan moved immediately, without thinking — an animal possessed by the throes of sex.

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