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August 3, 2021

Edymaniac: The Notorious Four V (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four V (18+)

“No!! Ten seconds!!”

“YES!! He’s gonna cum! There he goes! That’s it, baby! Let it out! Do it!!”

“Just hang on!!”

“Come on, finish it!! Uhh!! Yeah!! FUCK me!! Ohhh!! That’s it!! THAT’S IT!! Yeah!! Don’t stop!! YES!! YES!! Do it!! He’s cumming!! YES!! Keep cumming, baby!! OH FUCK YES!! Keep cumming!!”

Pinned to the floor — stretched out — cuffed — soaked with sweat — eyes locked shut — screaming into a T-shirt — with three girls watching — Lekan came harder than he had ever cum before. One after another, crippling shockwaves of pleasure pounded through every inch of his body while his cum fired violently into the toy. Bunmi squeezed it tight around his cock and bore down hard, amplifying the incredible sucking sensation and boosting his orgasm into a prolonged, mind-blowing trance.

Again and again, divine relief surged through him, each time bringing new cries of pleasure to his gagged lips.

The girls watched in awe, holding him down while the orgasm wracked his body. With each quake of pleasure, he strained against their hold, his body naturally curling with exertion. As the orgasm began to subside, they simply sat dumbfounded, having never witnessed anything so intense before. Indifferent to the completion of his climax, the device kept pumping, milking him for every drop, each stroke sending chills down his spine.

Total relief, satisfaction, and exhaustion now soaked Lekan’s every muscle. He no longer strained against the girls holding him down. Instead, with a heavy exhale, he simply relaxed. Bunmi kissed his forehead, turned off the CyberSkin, and gently lifted it away. Cum, mixed with lube, poured from the shaft onto Lekan’s hips and stomach. None of the girls, including Bunmi, had ever seen so much cum. It really did pump him dry!

Nneka leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest, “Alright, Aishat! Get to it! I want to see you swallow every drop!”

“Hey!” Aishat pointed to her watch, “He held out for three minutes! That means I won! So you swallow every drop!”

“No, he didn’t! He was cumming with ten seconds to go!”

“No, he wasn’t! And by the way, nice performance, there — trying to make him cum with all that ‘Oo! Ahh! Fuck me! Yeah!’ …Cheater!”

“You never said I couldn’t!”

“Hey, hey!” Bunmi interrupted them both, “He came right at three minutes exactly. Believe me, I could tell,” she chuckled a bit. Her hands still tingling from holding the vibrating toy so tightly, “So nobody wins. The bet is off.”

“No, it’s not!” The disappointment in Aishat’s voice was clear.

Nneka replied smugly, “Well then lick him clean, Aishat.”

“How about we both do it?” Aishat ignored the surprised look from Bunmi and explained, “It was a tie. Three minutes exactly. We both won, and we both lost. And poor Lekan is laying here, covered in cum, after surviving three whole minutes with that… thing. He deserves what we promised him. So let’s split it, and call it even.”

Nneka took a moment to consider the idea. Aishat made some good points — especially about Lekan deserving a reward. That machine was ferocious! And Lekan’s performance was definitely impressive. He even held out while she basically faked an orgasm and repeatedly begged him to cum. She doubted her boyfriend had enough stamina to hold out like that. Bunmi was a lucky girl.

“Okay,” Nneka nodded, “if it’s okay with Bunmi.”

Bunmi looked to Lekan for an answer, but his eyes were rolled back into his head, lost in another world. Looking down at him, seeing him drenched in sweat and delirious with ecstasy, she wondered if she could ever compete with what just happened. In their few times together so far, she had never seen him cum so violently.

Could she ever satisfy him like that? Or would she always take second place to that crazy machine?

She would need incredible stamina to hammer him that hard continuously. If she started cumming, she would have to battle through it and keep banging him without stopping, something she had never done before. The overwhelming exertion would probably make her pass out.

Either way, it would be deliciously intense while it lasted, and she looked forward to giving it a try. Just thinking about it brought a rush of heat to her pussy.

Seeing Bunmi staring longingly at Lekan, Aishat took charge, “He will love it, so it’s okay with her. Let’s go!”

With that, Aishat eagerly leaned forward on all-fours to taste the salty wetness of Lekan’s exposed, sweaty skin. Without the slightest hesitation or regard for Bunmi, Aishat grabbed Lekan’s slick cock with her fist and attacked the area all around its base with her tongue, licking and sucking loudly.

Her eyes closed, she moaned faintly, and she seemed to escape into her own private world, savouring every taste as though it was some kind of exotic fruit. In this bent-over position, a dark, wet stain was clearly visible between her legs, but she didn’t care. At least her black striped workout pants still covered the river of wetness now rolling down the inside of her thigh.

Almost as aroused as Aishat and not to be outdone, Nneka crawled forward and attacked the other side of Lekan’s cock. Together, their lips and tongues feverishly worked every inch of naked skin from his belly button to his knees. Still holding his cock in her hand, Aishat worked Lekan aggressively — sucking hard along his pelvic bone, moaning and grunting with the effort.

Nneka worked gently but quickly — warm tongue darting out repeatedly while her lips barely brushed along the inside of his thigh. Neither girl approached his cock, yet, but their lips occasionally collided while their tongues fought for squares of skin.

Stunned by the spectacle before her, Bunmi just sat back and watched her friends devour her boyfriend. She never would have guessed that this would be a turn-on, but her heart raced and her hormones boiled. After witnessing his impressive performance against the CyberSkin, Bunmi could tell what her friends really wanted — they both wanted to go a round against him themselves.

So, now they were competing for him by giving him their best oral attention — as if he would reward the “winner” with a vigorous fuck — and watching her friends compete so zealously for a chance to screw her boyfriend brought a pleasant boost to Bunmi’s ego.

Meanwhile, Lekan still swirled in a haze of stimulation, unable to move while two hot young girls tangled their tongues across his skin. His abs, hips, and thighs now covered with a thin, glossy layer of saliva, the girls turned to attack the only thing left — his cock. Aishat braced herself by flattening a palm against his pelvis, and Nneka did the same on his other side, together pinning his ass hard to the carpet.

They exchanged a single, lust-filled look before locking their lips in a burning hot, extended kiss around the base of his cock, instantly reviving the warmth of his previous orgasm. His cock, having relaxed temporarily, swelled for action once again.

Something in Lekan’s mind told him to focus on these sensations and remember this marvellous moment because it would probably never happen again. A curvy 19-year-old Igbo girl with tight jeans and a teasing tongue was locking lips, around his cock, with a fit, slender, 19-year-old athlete wearing nothing but a sports bra and legging — all while his girlfriend watched! He never dreamed that such a thing could happen, but these girls had shed their last inhibitions and gone completely wild.

Apparently, with him tied down and unable to resist, they planned to use him to fulfil their every dirty fantasy. This could go on for hours!

They lingered for a minute, sucking and teasing the base of his cock. Then, lips still locked together, they slid smoothly up to his tip, dragging their tongues across opposite sides as they rose.

On their way back down again, Aishat let out a satisfied moan, the vibrations sending unexpected blasts of pleasure from Lekan’s core to his toes. He lurched against his restraints, but the girls held him down firmly, their fingers splayed on his waist.

Up again, together. Then slowly back down again. Up again. And down. Their breath burning hot, their lips wet, their tongues connecting — Lekan couldn’t tell who was who or what was what. As they found their rhythm on his cock, their mouths blended into a single furnace of heat and pressure — working him passionately from two sides at once.

Up together. And down together. Slowly, carefully. Eyes closed in concentration, they moved in perfect unison, communicating silently through the seal between their lips.

Up again. And down. Slightly faster now, tongues pressing against the sides of his cock — squeezing it between them — pumping him gently.

Up again. And down, together. Like a ring of fire. He felt their breathing accelerating and their excitement building.

Up. And down. Up. And down. Tongues pressing harder, coaxing him toward release. His heart pounding, his eyes rolled back into oblivion again.

Up — a pause to tease his tip — then down forcefully. He cringed and cried for them to finish it, only to be muffled by the gag over his mouth.

Up — another pause — a moan — then down forcefully, moaning the whole way down. Was that Aishat or Nneka? Or both?

Up slowly, together. Then down hard and fast. Up again, quickly now. And down hard. Hitting a faster, more urgent rhythm, they encircled his cock with their tongues, squeezed it, and began pumping him as hard as they could. This was it. They wanted him to cum.

Up, and down. Up, and down. Feverish rhythm. Squeezing, sucking, pumping, moaning. He felt the orgasm coming. Just a little bit more…

Up, and down. Up, and down. He felt them pressing down, with all their weight, to keep his hips pinned to the carpet. They also leaned in for an even deeper lip-lock, squeezing his cock impossibly tight between their mouths. The sensation was incredible.

Up, and down. Up, and down. Almost there! They sensed he was close, and they stopped being gentle.

One of them, Lekan couldn’t tell who, broke the lip-lock and swallowed his whole cock forcefully. The sudden change surprised and electrified him, causing him to buck and squirm. She curled her tongue around him and sucked hard, pulling cum from deep within him.

But, right before he could truly let loose, she backed off and released him with a sloppy pop. Again, the surprise caught him off guard and slowed his orgasm.

The other girl dove down on him immediately. She closed tight and sucked him repeatedly with short, rapid pulls, sending him into a primal frenzy. Every muscle flexed and fought, trying desperately to thrust his hips upward. Against the weight of two girls, he managed, for just a moment, to buck and drill his cock deeper into her throat.

Sensing his need and responding to it, she forcefully pushed his hips back down to the floor, took a breath, and then swallowed him completely, this time under her own terms.

She bore down hard and went all the way to the hilt — her lips now pressed to his pelvis — and gave him a single, long, hard pull. He felt the cum being sucked from inside him even faster than his muscles could push it out. And once again, sweet release swelled up — finally! Just one more second of wonderful suction, and it would all be over…

But, to Lekan’s agony, she pulled back suddenly. No!! He pushed upward, desperately begging for release with muffled cries. Looking down, he saw Nneka with a wild look in her eyes, panting for breath, mouth agape, glistening threads of cum and saliva still connecting her lips to his cock.

So she was the one who had just deep-throated him, sucked him hard, and brought him roaring to the very edge! The look of surprise and amazement in her eyes revealed that she had never done anything like that before.

She sat motionless, stunned by the intensity of the experience. She had brought him so close, so quickly — but would she have been ready to swallow, if Lekan had started cumming? Would she have stayed on and kept sucking, while he pumped his cum into her throat? Would Bunmi have let her? Perhaps more importantly, could Bunmi have stopped her, if she tried?

Aishat’s eyes expressed shock at what Nneka had just done, “Wow!!”

“Okay, that’s it!” Bunmi announced suddenly. For a moment, everyone was disappointed, until Bunmi finished her thought, “Time to fuck him!”

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