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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four IV (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four IV (18+)

Of course, this only made it worse. The tension doubled, burning for release. He wished he could scream, “Finish me off!” But the gag made it impossible. He would do anything to feel her hand again. Or Aishat’s hand. Or Nneka’s hand. Three girls, all primed and hungry for sex — and not one of them reaching out to finish him off! It was unbearable! If only they knew how close he was…

“Come on, Bunmi,” urged Aishat, “It’s not like we’re fucking him. We’re just going to lick him clean. He’ll like it, and it’s not cheating.”

“Besides,” laughed Nneka, “it will be fun to prove Aishat wrong!”

Bunmi snapped back, “Hey! This is my boyfriend you’re talking about. I told you he’s a champ, and he can fuck for hours. He’ll last three minutes against this thing, no problem!”

“Alright!” Aishat beamed, “The bet is on, then!”

“Fine,” Nneka sounded smug, “we’ll see.”

With that, Bunmi took firm hold of the CyberSkin and switched it on. Once again, a dozen mysterious vibrators and motors sprang to life. Before lowering the device into place, Bunmi leaned over to whisper in Lekan’s ear, “I know you can do it, baby. Let’s show them what you’ve got. Hold on as long as you can, and, when it’s all over, I will fuck you myself, like you’ve never been fucked before… I promise!”

Lekan desperately wanted to tell her that he couldn’t possibly make it. The build-up had been too much; he was ready to burst at any second. This was not going to be the proud moment that she was expecting — it was going to be complete humiliation.

But with his hands cuffed, his mouth gagged, and his body pinned to the floor, there was nothing he could do to stop it. His only hope was to hold on as long as possible. He told himself that two minutes would be respectable.

Oblivious to Lekan’s despair, Bunmi smiled and kissed his cheek, then turned to Aishat, “Okay… start timing!”

Aishat complied, checking the time on her wristwatch. She held up one finger, “Ready… Set…” Then, after an agonizing delay, a cheerful shout, “Go!!”

Bunmi gently guided Lekan’s cock into the toy’s narrow shaft. It took some effort, at first, to get past the toy’s rubbery “lips,” which naturally wanted to stay shut. To help, Bunmi gently parted the lips with her fingers, then slid them over Lekan’s lubed tip, with her fingers still inside.

The faint sensation of vibration, combined with Bunmi’s soft touch, already triggered shivers of pleasure throughout Lekan’s body. Unconsciously, he held a long, deep breath in anticipation of the stimulation to come. He didn’t have to wait long…

Bunmi removed her fingers and pushed the toy down slightly. A rubbery moving ring inside the toy grabbed the tip of Lekan’s cock and pulled abruptly upward, causing the toy to slip from Bunmi’s hands, plunge downward, and swallow him forcefully — all the way to the hilt. A bewildering array of sensations assaulted him, instantly destroying every ounce of control and rational thought. Vibrators and massagers worked every angle and every inch — squeezing and pumping relentlessly.

One after another, rings gripped the base of his lubed cock and tugged upward, milking him repeatedly with unyielding rhythm. Clearly, this machine served a single purpose — to rapidly drain every last drop of cum from a man — and served it well. Never tiring, never slowing down, it mercilessly fucked, sucked, and pumped in ways that no woman could ever match.

Lekan’s eyes slammed shut, and he roared into Aishat’s cum-soaked shirt. With each firm yank on his cock, an intense wave of pleasure surged up from his hips then crashed back down again — only to meet the next wave, more powerful than the last. Again and again and again, in rapid succession — it never stopped — it never let him catch his breath — it reduced him to a sweaty, quivering mess.

The girls struggled to hold him down as he thrashed and bucked violently. Bunmi pressed the toy down hard into his pelvis, so it would completely engulf every last inch of his cock. They held him there, helpless, while the machine worked its torment, and, no matter how much he tried to resist, they would only let him go under one condition — orgasm was his only escape, and his entire body burned to have it.

Indeed, cumming was inevitable. He no longer controlled his own body. Somehow, he had let these three young girls completely take over. Every function of his body now belonged to them. They were gleefully cranking his pleasure to its limit, and there was nothing he could do to stop them. Soon, they would have him at the edge, and he knew they would not stop there. They were taking him all the way as fast as possible, and they would not be satisfied until they watched him cum. But they were not going for just any orgasm — they wanted to blow his mind.

“One minute, thirty seconds,” Lekan was too mad with pleasure to identify the voice as Aishat’s. He could only tell that it was excited, “He’s halfway there!”

“No way he’s gonna make it,” every voice sounded strangely distant.

“Come’on, Lekan! You can do it!”

Again and again, the toy pumped him mercilessly. His mind ablaze with pleasure, Lekan vaguely remembered something about resisting the urge to cum. He feebly battled the burning need for release, but he could not recall why…

“I hope you’re ready to swallow a lot, because that thing is going to pump him dry any second now.”

Was that Nneka? Talking to Aishat? Between blinding bolts of ecstasy, Lekan fought to form coherent thoughts. He remembered something… something about a bet…

“Hang on, Lekan! Just one more minute and then you can let go. Nneka can’t wait to lick it all up!”

“Hey! No, Aishat wants your cum right now! Yeah, that’s it! Give it to her! Yeah, cum for us, baby! Do it! Harder!”

Like the tight fist of an over-enthusiastic teen, the machine squeezed and jerked feverishly along the entire length of his shaft. His cock now swollen larger than ever, it pressed outward against every inner surface of the toy, thus intensifying the vibrations. Violent surges of pleasure now wracked him continuously. Sweat gushed from every pore. But still, he fought back… holding on… not knowing why… knowing only that with every moment of resistance, the pleasure doubled and the urge to cum grew stronger…

“Thirty seconds to go! He’s almost there!! Holy shit!! This is fucking awesome!!”

The other voice grew more urgent, “Cum, baby!! Yeah, that’s it! Do it!! Unhh!! Yeah!! Cum for me, baby!! Faster! Unhh!! Do it! Unhh!! Faster!! YES!!”

Wave after wave of heat pounded from his cock to every corner of his body. He sensed his breath escaping — his muscles locking — his balls tightening for that final, glorious release…

“No!! Don’t cum!! Only fifteen more seconds!! You’re so close! You can make it!”

“Yes!! Cum for me, baby!! Unhh! Yeah! Comeon, fuck me! Harder! Unhh!! Like that! UNHH!! Yeah, just like that!! UNHH!! Yes!! YES!!”

Another hard tug — and another — and another. Up and down, again and again, it worked him. Relentless… Merciless. It would never stop. It would never tire. It would never slow down. There was only one way out, and these girls were taking him there whether he wanted to go or not. And, with that truth, all resistance evaporated.

Lekan surrendered…

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