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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four III (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four III (18+)

Lekan did not even realize that he had stopped struggling. Instead, his mind locked in anticipation — adrenaline surging — his body ready to snap with tension — every muscle instinctively primed for the slightest trigger. The fear of cheating had lost all voice in his mind. He still sensed it, but the message was erased by a gathering cloud of wild energy. The world, as he knew it, now reduced to a single point — the tip of Aishat’s finger as it brushed across his skin.

So close! It would be so easy for her to reach in and satisfy him, and, pinned to the floor, he would have no choice but to let it happen…

Meanwhile, Nneka had turned back to her victim on the couch, “Let’s ask Bunmi!” Amid another flurry of tickling, she taunted her smaller friend, “How long does he take, Bunmi? We know you jerked him off before! How long does he take? Tell us, or Aishat will see for herself…”

Between tears, gasps, and laughs, Bunmi struggled to answer, “More!… More than three minutes!… Please! Stop!” Nneka finally stopped, and Bunmi caught her breath, panting as though she had just sprinted a mile, “He takes… more than three minutes… He’s a champ… He wears me out… Sorry, Lekan. I had to tell. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

And with that, Aishat pulled back her hand. Tension released, Lekan exhaled with sudden heaviness, as though he had been holding his breath. His muscles relaxed, but his cock still throbbed with heat.

Both very pleased with themselves, Aishat and Nneka traded triumphant smiles. Nneka got up from the couch, but Bunmi continued to lie there, catching her breath. Not letting Lekan free just yet, Aishat turned back around to face him. She was aroused, and her eyebrows lifted eagerly for yet another question, “Have you ever tried a male sex toy, Lekan?”

“What!? No! Let me go!”

Once again, the questions had gotten absurd. Lekan struggled briefly, only to be reminded how pointless it was. Aishat still had him perfectly pinned to the carpet, with her thighs straddling his chest and her knees on his shoulders.

Her hair a complete mess, Bunmi still lay on her back, one arm resting across her forehead. From there, she could not see the hungry look in Aishat’s eyes. Speaking to the ceiling, Bunmi simply explained, “The gift for Nneka’s boyfriend is a sex toy for men. It’s called the CyberSkin-”

Between Bunmi’s laboured breaths, Nneka interjected, “-and it says it’s guaranteed to make you cum within three minutes.” She sounded sceptical.

Bunmi laughed to herself, staring at the ceiling, “Yeah, I’m not sure I believe that…”

Lekan saw the devilish grin return to Aishat’s mouth, and he knew by now that it would only mean trouble. Before he could say a word, she excitedly suggested, “Let’s test it on Lekan!”

“Oh no, you don-!” Lekan started to object, but Aishat quickly dropped her hand over his mouth. His words were muffled mumbles, and his eyes darted frantically around the room, searching for Bunmi. Surely she would put a stop to this.

At the same time, Nneka exclaimed, “Ooo! Good idea! I can practice!” She turned to Bunmi, who was now sitting up with a slightly worried look on her face. Nneka cupped her hands to her chest and pleaded, “Please Bunmi! Can I please try it on your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know…” Much to Lekan’s surprise, from the tone of Bunmi’s voice, it sounded like she might actually be considering it.

With another surge of adrenaline, his heart now pounded in his ears. Was this really happening!? Even more perplexing… did he want it to happen?

“Oh come on,” Aishat chimed in, “It’ll be fun. He’ll like it,” she added, giving Lekan a mischievous wink.

“Yeah! We won’t tell anyone, Bunmi. It will be our secret!” Nneka continued to beg, “I need to make sure it works before I use it on Chibuzor.”

Bunmi still could not decide. All this talk had her imagination racing, and the excitement of the earlier pillow fighting and tickling still had not worn off. Clearly, Lekan was excited, too. He had a visible, raging erection bulging under his jeans.

Against her own better judgment, Bunmi could not resist picturing herself yanking those jeans off and fucking him, right then and there on the carpeted floor, but not with Aishat and Nneka in the room. The next best thing would be to jerk him off — proving to her girlfriends, once and for all, that Lekan was everything she said he was. A selfish corner of her ego relished this rare excuse to show off her boyfriend’s cock to her girlfriends.

Once they saw it, they would definitely be jealous. And once they saw his stamina, they would never look at him (or her!) the same way again…

“Okay fine!” Bunmi stood up quickly. Brushing her short hair back with one hand, she tried to sound confident, “But I get to do it!”

“Whoa!” Aishat exclaimed, surprised that Bunmi agreed so easily.

“Yes!!” Nneka pumped her fist in victory and then turned to find the recently unwrapped sex toy.

Lekan tried shouting, but Aishat kept a firm hand over his mouth. As he struggled in vain to escape, she slowly leaned forward until a few of her dark hairs brushed his forehead. Eyes locked with his, she whispered to him so Bunmi couldn’t hear, “Ssshh… Relax… Just enjoy this. Trust me…”

She held him there, hand still covering his mouth until he finally stopped struggling. When she was convinced that he had finally surrendered to the inevitable, she quickly lifted her hand and leaned back. In an instant, she lifted her top over her head and pulled it off. Along with the top, she also pulled off her tank top that had been underneath. Now, only a tight black sports bra covered her smaller-than-average breasts. Her flat stomach was completely bare, and Lekan could not resist staring at the perfectly proportioned hourglass curve of her fit young body. She worked hard for that body, but it definitely paid off!

Distracted by Aishat’s little strip show, Lekan was caught off guard when she suddenly wrapped her sweater around his head and over his lips as a gag. A gag!? What was she doing!? Lekan tried to shout, but the gag completely muffled his voice.

“Hold his legs,” Aishat commanded the others. They hesitated, and Aishat clarified, “I’m tying him up, so he doesn’t get away! Come on, now hold his legs!”

Nneka and Bunmi exchanged a look that was part confusion, part excitement. Then they both dove eagerly to the carpet, each taking hold of one of Lekan’s legs. Still straddling Lekan’s chest, Aishat leaned to one side and tied a sleeve of her sweatshirt into a painfully tight knot around Lekan’s wrist.

Then she stretched the sweatshirt over his head, leaned the other way, and tied the other sleeve to his other wrist. Thus, his wrists were cuffed loosely together over his head. But what was she planning to cuff him to?

Aishat gave him one last devilish grin before moving forward to answer that question. As she moved, her knees shifted off his shoulders and down onto the carpet. She spread her legs and pinned his head to the carpet, mounting his face.

Now, only the cloth gag and the synthetic material of her leggings separated his mouth from her pussy, and he could taste the heat of her arousal through both. She smelled like sweat and sex, and her wetness was soaking into the gag. He could not believe this was happening… What was she doing?

A moment later, the cuffing was complete. Aishat got up slowly, leaving the taste and smell of her pussy in the cotton of Lekan’s gag. His arms were stretched above his head, and his hands were tied to two of the chair’s legs.

The chair was much too heavy to move from this position, and with Nneka and Bunmi holding down his legs, he was helplessly pinned as ever. Even worse, the gag prevented him from saying anything — everything came out as a muffled mumble.

Now the girls couldn’t tell if he was shouting in pain or moaning in pleasure. It would all sound the same. He was now a helpless test subject in their little masturbation experiment.

While Aishat prepared the toy, Nneka crawled forward and feverishly unbuckled Lekan’s belt. She continued to hold his leg down by sitting on his thigh, and he could feel the growing heat between her legs, as well.

Meanwhile, Bunmi’s eyes glazed over with lust. All three girls seemed hyper-primed and energized for sex, and Lekan started to worry that they were going to forgo the toy and just tear into him like a pack of hungry tigers. Ordinarily, having sex with three girls at once would be a dream come true, but this was a bit too out of control. Instead of pleasure, a bolt of fear shot through Lekan’s spine as Nneka violently yanked down his jeans and underwear.

All three girls stared for a moment at Lekan’s cock. It stood fully erect and exposed, precum already rolling down the sides. The building sexual tension had made it grow larger than usual — even bigger than Bunmi had told her friends. Nneka’s eyes went wide; Aishat’s grin widened, and Bunmi just licked her lips. They all leaned forward slightly as if getting ready to pounce on it…

Bunmi did not waste any time. She took the CyberSkin from Aishat, and Aishat took Bunmi’s place holding Lekan’s leg. Apparently, the CyberSkin was a battery-operated pump of some kind, in the form of a flexible, rubbery cylinder a bit wider than a drink can and about twice as tall, with a tight shaft up the middle. The rubbery material was translucent — like cloudy water — and Lekan could see various vibrators and other parts inside the toy, along the shaft. It was actually a bit heavy, and Bunmi needed to grip it with both hands.

Before lowering it onto Lekan, she tested it first by turning it on. A dozen vibrators and motors whirred into life. Through the semi-transparent rubber, the blur of moving parts was impossible to follow. Bunmi’s small arms shook just trying to hold the thing steady.

“Three minutes or less, eh?” Aishat grinned.

“Definitely less!” laughed Nneka.

“Hmmm…” Aishat gave Lekan a thoughtful look, “I don’t think so. I think he can handle it.”

With the CyberSkin vibrating wildly in her hands, Bunmi gave Lekan a concerned look. He lifted his head and tried his best to plead for her help, but he only succeeded in tasting more of Aishat’s gag. Then, to Lekan’s relief, Bunmi turned off the toy and rose to her feet. Perhaps she understood his plea, after all!

“What’s wrong?” asked Nneka, “Don’t stop now!”

After thinking for a moment, Bunmi answered, “He needs lube. Be right back!”

Bunmi dashed upstairs, and Lekan’s head fell back to the carpet in desperation. Meanwhile, Aishat turned to Nneka, “I bet you he lasts more than three minutes.”

“No way! Did you see that thing? It’s going to pump him dry in a minute flat.”

“Okay, then let’s bet,” Aishat had that mischievous tone again, “If I win, you have to lick it up when he’s done.”

Nneka recoiled, “Ew! That’s sick!”

“Oh come on, Nneka,” Aishat rolled her eyes, “We both know you swallow!”

Lekan’s cock twitched involuntarily upon hearing that juicy bit of gossip. Nneka swallows? The thought alone was almost too much for him to handle in his current state. Aishat continued, “Besides, if you’re so convinced it’s going to pump him dry in a minute flat, then you’ve got nothing to worry about…”

Lekan could hear Bunmi coming back downstairs. As Bunmi returned, Nneka retorted, “Well if I win, then you have to lick it up when he’s done!”

“It’s a bet!”

“What bet?” asked Bunmi as she dropped to her knees beside Lekan’s naked hips.

Aishat answered, “Nneka thinks he won’t last three minutes. I think he will,” as Aishat said this, she gently squeezed Lekan’s thigh, as if to encourage him, “So we bet on it. Loser has to lick him clean when it’s done.”

“If that’s okay with you,” added Nneka.

Bunmi thought about it as she poured lube over Lekan’s cock. With one hand, she grabbed him and worked the lube up and down his shaft, then over his tip. Out of habit, she pumped him absent-mindedly with her hand while she thought about Aishat’s bet. Lekan had been dying for this kind of contact ever since Aishat mounted him in the chair.

She had teased him, first with the thrusts of her hips, then with the lust in her eyes, and then with the tip of her finger.

The anticipation had been almost unbearable. Now, finally, he got the contact he needed, and every pump of Bunmi’s fist sent a burst of blinding pleasure straight to his spine. Only a few more pumps, and total release would finally come.

He moaned loudly, and his body bucked uncontrollably. Bunmi finally noticed what she was doing and let go of his cock, “Oh! Sorry, Lekan!”

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