June 9, 2023

Edymaniac: The Notorious Four [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four [Finale] (18+)

The gag disappeared in a flurry. Keeping his cock buried in her pussy, he grabbed her by her hips and lifted her off the ground. The adrenaline raging through his veins made it seem easy — like lifting a pillow. Alarm and surprise flashed in her eyes as he then slammed her down on the carpet on her back.

Forcefully threading his fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck, he lifted her head to meet him for a deep, passionate kiss, while his cock kept pumping cum into her pussy. Ravaged by an unbelievable, unending orgasm, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, returned his kiss, and held on for her life.

Their roles reversed, he now had her pinned to the floor, and she surrendered willingly. He palmed the base of her spine, lifting her slightly and arching her back — a seemingly magical move that drove her even deeper into orgasmic oblivion.

Lips and bodies locked together, they shared a prolonged, breathtaking mutual orgasm, followed immediately by countless multiple orgasms for Aishat.

Over and over again, all the teasing and all the tension of their previous encounters exploded between them. Lips still locked and tongues dancing, they moaned together in ecstasy, oblivious to everyone else in the room.

Sweat sliding down their bodies pooled in the carpet along Aishat’s naked back, leaving an outline of her slender hourglass silhouette all around her. Despite having cum already, Lekan kept going — basking in the glow of each orgasm radiating from Aishat’s smooth young body. Now it was her turn to be fucked continuously.

Struggling for breath, she broke off their kiss. He continued to pin her firmly to the floor, allowing her to relax and surrender all control as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. Her muscles quivered uncontrollably, but he held her in place with the steady pressure of his palm at her back.

She had never experienced sex like this before — the few guys she had been with simply couldn’t withstand her incredible energy and stamina, not to mention her tight pussy and fit young body seemed to make even the best of them cum too quickly.

But this was different. Lekan was satisfying her in a way she didn’t even think was possible. Now, a freight train of orgasms hammered her endlessly, crippling her consciousness and reducing her to a sweaty, trembling mess.

Awestruck, Nneka marvelled at the scene before her. She stopped protesting long ago, and now, as she watched Aishat’s miraculous multi-orgasmic bliss stretch on and on for minutes, Nneka felt the heat of arousal rushing to her own cheeks.

She couldn’t help imagining herself in Aishat’s place — slammed on her back, held down, and locked in the throes of such amazing sex. Without thinking, she touched herself and imagined it was Lekan.

She imagined his strong arms holding her and his firm hand guiding her expertly toward release — methodically erasing her thoughts, fears, and self-consciousness. She imagined his cock sliding smoothly inside her body — their mutual heat rising with every stroke.

She imagined him bringing her to the edge of control — holding her there — savouring the taste of her tongue and lips — basking in the moment of no return — before an unstoppable swell of gratification finally consumed them both.

And so, with Aishat still twisting and crying with pleasure, Nneka lost control as well. Head spinning and imagination racing, she fell to the carpet, on her back, with the clasp of her jeans blown wide open — fingers buried deep in the heat of her own pussy. Nneka’s moans of pleasure now joined Aishat’s ragged groans and desperate gasps for breath. Eyes closed, breasts heaving, hair a mess all around her — Nneka lost herself in fantasy.

The sounds of sex surrounded her — bodies pressing together in perfect rhythm, hands sliding over sweaty skin, waves of orgasm rising and falling with every breath — until finally a single grunt from Lekan sent her over the edge.

The raw intensity of it caught her by surprise. A cry accidentally slipped from her lips, revealing her masturbation to everyone in the room. She quickly bit her lip, struggling to stay quiet while a delicious orgasm steadily consumed her. Starting in her core, fantastically satisfying tremors pulsed through every inch of her body, followed by a warm wash of relaxation. Still lost in bliss and dizzy with relief, she sighed out loud, “Ahhhh… yesss…”

“You mean… Ohhh FUCK yes!”

Aishat’s voice startled Nneka out of her trance. For the first time since she started masturbating, Nneka realized that the rest of the room had fallen silent — Lekan and Aishat were done. Caught on her back, with her jeans tugged down and her hand in her panties, Nneka felt a rush of embarrassment.

Had they been watching? And how long? Blushing uncontrollably, she frantically sat up and started fixing her jeans, fingers still slick with her own juices.

After catching her breath, Nneka was relieved to see that Lekan and Aishat had not been watching — in fact, they had finished only moments before. Lekan had pulled out, rolled over, and seemed to be passed out.

Meanwhile, Aishat still lay on her back, panting slightly, with one arm laying across her forehead. She stared blankly toward the ceiling, basking in the afterglow, letting air cool the glistening streams of sweat running down her naked body.

“That was fantastic!” Aishat laughed giddily for no particular reason.

“Yeah, that was awesome… You went wild on him, but he held in there. Not just that… It looked like he rocked you!” Nneka emphasized the word “rocked.”

Aishat chuckled at the understatement, her head still hot from the sex, “Ohh, hell yeah! I’ve NEVER been fucked like that! He is a machine…”

“Well next time, it’s my turn! You did him hard and fast, but I’d rather take my time with him — drag it out for hours…”

“Yeah, you say that now, but I know you, Nneka… You’ll be slamming him after five minutes!”

“Wanna bet?”

The girls laughed together, then looked toward Bunmi. Miraculously, she still lay unconscious — now with Lekan laying unconscious beside her. Somehow all the heated talking, taunting, and fucking, just inches away, had not awakened her.

Apparently, the earlier onslaught of orgasms had completely knocked her out! As Aishat thrust her slim hips into the air to pull her legging back on, she smiled affectionately toward the sleeping lovers, “Awww… Look at them… So cute… All fucked out…”

Nneka giggled at Aishat’s irreverence and added, “She’ll never know… She’ll never know you banged the living shit out of her boyfriend… and he banged you back!”

Still naked from the waist up, Aishat untied her dishevelled ponytail, letting her smooth, dark hair fall around her slender neck and shoulders. Then, as she collected her hair into a new ponytail, she smiled, “Yeah! That will be our little secret. He definitely won’t tell her, that’s for sure! In fact, I bet he’d do just about anything to keep her from finding out about what just happened…”

And, with that, a new idea crossed Aishat’s mind. She arched an eyebrow deviously, and her mischievous grin returned…

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