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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Finale] (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Finale] (18+)

The bigger black man on her right, she now recognized him as the bartender from her wedding, looked so handsome, so different from the intense animal she had seen fucking her a short time ago. She shivered at the memory of the massive orgasm his monster cock had given her. The size differences, the rock-hard abs, and the hard chests. They all made sense now.

“W..what have you d.one with my husand?” she asked.

They just grinned at her and filled her in on the whole sordid story. At least Obi was alright, she thought, and she smiled when they told her that her husband never had to know about her infidelity and that she now knew how to please him better. They were both rubbing her legs, and one had slipped a finger into her pussy, causing her to sigh with pleasure. She could see the fat heads of their giant cocks, hard again and bobbing in the water.

“P…please stand up,” she begged. “I want to see you.”

Adamu and Haruna grinned at each other and stood up.

Amaka gazed in awe, as the water cascaded down the two perfect bodies before her. Every muscle in their bodies was well defined from their necks to their washboard abs and the monster cocks jutting out before them. She examined Haruna’s cock first.

It was a beautiful black cucumber that stood out about nine inches. This wonderful thing had given her, her first orgasm. “Thank you,” she said and she kissed the head of his cock.

She then turned her attention to Adamu’s cock. She still didn’t know how she had gotten that shiny monster all the way inside her. As if he could read her mind, Adamu said, “No bitch has ever taken it all before you did.”

She felt herself brim with pride at the compliment as she stared at the black beauty dangling before her eyes. This thing had taken control of her body and mind. It had changed the way she thought about sex and about herself.

She thought of herself as a cock-slut now. Just a tool to serve the needs of any dominant male. This was the thing that she had submitted to completely. “Master,” she said out loud just before she started slurping on it lovingly.

Haruna looked at his friend in surprise as the beautiful woman worshipped his cock. Adamu looked down at his slave. “Bitch, our drinks are empty.” She looked up startled, then scrambled to go fix them some drinks. “And go put that jungle bikini on for me,” Adamu yelled down at her.

She fixed them all some drinks and ran upstairs to throw her bikini on. She looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom. She was a mess and quickly cleaned herself off and touched up her make-up.

Amaka looked at the bikini and folded the bra edges inwards a little, making it even smaller. She then pulled the back of her panties up into her ass, making it look like a thong. She wanted to please these two Fulani gods so that they would fuck her again. She paused and looked in on Obi, still lying on the floor.

She kissed him on the forehead. “I’m sorry honey,” she said. “Everything will be back to normal in a few hours, and I’ve learned a lot about how to please you.”

She hurried downstairs, grabbed the drinks and handed them up to Haruna and Adamu. “Good, now go get us something to eat,” Adamu ordered her again. It felt good to please her men as she fixed them up some platters of leftovers.

They had her stand in the centre of the hot tub and model her bikini for them while they ate. Adamu told her to suck on Harunas cock, and she squealed with delight as she dropped down to her knees and plopped his cock into her mouth.

Amaka sucked on him for a while and then sat up and nestled his long cock between her breasts and began squeezing them around his shaft. He sighed when she put the head into her mouth and began sucking on it contentedly as she ran her breasts up and down his shaft.

“Enough,” ordered Adamu. “Come here.”

Amaka let out a sigh of despair when she released Haruna’s cock. She really wanted to have him cum in her mouth. Her disappointment was quickly replaced with pleasure when Adamu pulled her down onto his fat cock again. He groaned as he slid into her.

She took all 12″ easily this time and she moaned as she rode up and down his shaft. Adamu grabbed her ass with his hands and held her still. Her anus was right at the water level and filled with water as he pulled her cheeks apart.

Adamu looked over her shoulder at Haruna invitingly.

Haruna positioned his cock head on her rosebud and pushed in. She was still stretched out, and the wetness helped her take most of his cock all the way inside her ass before she started squirming in pain. Amaka had never felt so full in her life.

She ignored the pain and started concentrating on pleasing the men. Soon, she was screaming as another orgasm permeated her body. “Fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, never stop fucking meee,” she screamed in pleasure.

The orgasms just kept coming like a rapid series of machine gun bursts, and she felt like she was going to pass out again. “Omooh, you guys are good at this,” she moaned.

“We’ve had plenty of practice,” Adamu grunted in her ear. Their rhythm was perfect as she rode their cocks. They had been fucking her like this for about half an hour when she felt them cum again, filling her pussy and ass. Their orgasms triggered another big one, and she passed out again from the pleasure.


She awoke the next morning in her bed. Obi was sitting next to her. Briefly, she thought it had all been a dream, but her whole body was sore as she stretched, and the sheet was wet from where all their semen had leaked out of her ass and pussy.

“W..what happened,” groaned Obi as he held his head.

He couldn’t remember a thing. His wife would be furious at him for passing out on her. He glanced over at Amaka, and he saw the marks all over her gorgeous body and the dried sperm crusted on her mouth and crotch area. He must have really fucked the shit out of her. He smiled. She was absolutely stunning and seemed to be glowing with an inner beauty. His six-inch cock was the hardest it had ever been as he looked at her.

“How was it,” he asked. Startled, she looked over at her husband. “It was better than I ever imagined it could be,” she replied. He swelled up with pride at the compliment and heard her moan with pleasure as he pulled her on top of him for round two. His penis slid in easily.

He was surprised and disappointed at her looseness. Where was the tight virginal woman he thought he had married? He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t had sex in a year for this.

Amaka moaned with pleasure when she felt Obi’s cock head penetrate her pussy. Finally, she was going to have sex with the man she loved. She felt very little once the head was in.

“Oooh lover, let me have the rest of your cock,” she begged.

Obi looked down at his penis buried inside her to the hilt and then up at his wife. They just sat there and stared at each other.


The women were going wild at the club as some guy slowly stripped before them. Adamu was behind the bar. His chest was bare. It was a busy night, and he was taking advantage of a brief lull to catch up on the dishes behind the bar.

The male stripper was a favourite amongst the regulars and always drew the crowd away from the bar and towards the stage. He was bending over when someone said.

“What’s a lady gotta do to get a drink around here?”

Adamu looked up into the grinning face of the beautiful Amaka Nwankwo. He knew she would be tracking him down sooner or later.

“I said what’s a lady gotta do to get a drink around here?” Amaka repeated.

Adamu grinned and replied, “Whatever I tell her to do.”

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