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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Episode 4] (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Episode 4] (18+)

His hands kept pulling her forward, they were so strong, they felt like they could crush her if she resisted. “Obi, please don’t, it’s disgusting.” she pleaded again.

He just relentlessly pulled her forward so that the fat head of his large penis was pushing at her lips. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could feel the wetness dripping from her legs. She loved the feeling of being helpless and forced to serve her husband’s every need.

She had no idea Obi was this strong and dominant and she knew that she would be a satisfied woman for the rest of her life. She relented and opened her mouth to the monster trying to get inside. She took the fat head in her mouth and sucked on it for a while. Amaka removed it from her mouth and began to lick all around the tip of his penis, then down the sides.

She licked over a large vein on the underside and felt his pulse with her lips. Her husband had seemed to grow in size when she had submitted to him and now his body and his penis seemed absolutely gigantic. She couldn’t believe that she had taken all that monster inside of her and felt proud that she had.

She was new at pleasing a man in this fashion and Obi’s hands helped her as they guided her face all over his large penis. His hands had her taking about six inches down her throat. He was pumping her face when she removed it gasping for air.

“Oh Obi, I love you, I love your big penis,” She stuttered out as she breathed heavily.

He pulled her back down on him and she began sucking again. Her mouth was so full of his penis that it clogged her ears and she barely heard him grunt out “Call it a cock,”

She felt so slutty as she worshipped his monster “cock”. She relaxed her throat muscles and was able to get another inch and a half inside. She had been bobbing her head up and down for about 15 minutes when she felt his penis swell up. It grew so big that she thought her jaw would break as the big head swelled up and began releasing his load.

It reminded her of a time at university when she had drunk a beer. At first, the beer had poured smoothly down her throat, then she had gagged, and the overflow had spilled out of her mouth.

His hot semen filled her belly, then her mouth, and then it poured out the sides of her mouth around his cock and spilled down her chin. His cock jumped again, and another stream filled her mouth.

She liked the taste and hoped that in the future, she would be able to swallow all of it. She removed her mouth from the head of his cock and was caught by surprise when another stream hit her in the face. She kissed his big head worshipfully.

Adamu was surprised by Amaka’s cock sucking ability. What she had lacked in skill, she had made up for with enthusiasm. He needed a few minutes to recharge, and he picked his new cock-slut up and roughly pushed her onto the bed so that her legs were dangling off the edge.

Amaka was caught off guard as her husband tossed her onto the bed. Was he trying to make up for years’ worth of lost sex in one night? She felt her legs pulled aside and his face pressed against her vagina. Before she even had time to protest, Obi was thrusting his tongue in and out of her vagina. No, not her vagina, her pussy.

He was thrusting his tongue in and out of her pussy. And it felt incredible. Her friends at school had told her about this, and she had called them sluts and had stormed off to their laughter. Her belly was undulating uncontrollably, and she was throwing her head back and forth when the third orgasm of her life erupted from the depths of her body.

Adamu had been tugging on his cock as he ate her, and it was rock hard again by the time she orgasmed in his face. He stood and flipped the near-comatose woman over onto her stomach. He pulled up her hips so that her pussy was level with his cock as he stood on the side of the bed.

Her head was buried in the blankets, and she moaned when he pushed the head between her vagina lips. “Oh Obi, please fuck me again,” she screamed. “fuck meeee with that big cock.”

Adamu had pushed about eight inches into her before he met resistance. Haruna had done a good job stretching her out. He pushed in another inch and heard her moan in pleasure. her pussy was so tight and hot it was milking his cock, trying to pull it in deeper.

He was surprised that she was thrusting her ass back into him like she wanted more. He was fucking her hard with nine inches now and decided to slip in another, She screamed in orgasm when he reached ten inches. Out of the hundreds of women he had fucked, none had been able to take more than ten inches of his cock, and most found ten uncomfortable. Adamu knew instinctively that here was the bitch who could take it all. He fed another inch inside her as he fucked her hard. She screamed in pain at the eleven-inch mark.

“Nooo Obi it hurts,” she sobbed.

Adamu could hear her crying. He needed to take her mind off her pussy for a minute. He put two of his big fingers in his mouth to wet them and started working one around her anus. Amaka was shocked when she realized what her husband was doing. Her pussy still ached from the relentless pounding of his unsatiable monster, and now he was working a finger into her ass.

“N..o obi, d.. on’t,” she stuttered out and cried, “Aaaghh,” as his finger pushed in deep. Amaka forgot about the pain in her pussy as it was replaced by the pain from the finger in her ass. Adamu worked his other finger inside her ass, causing her to scream again.

He knew Haruna would want a crack at her ass later, and he was helping stretch her out as both his fingers combined were about the size of some guy’s penis. She seemed adequately distracted now, and he fed her all twelve inches of his fat cock. She didn’t scream this time, just moaned, and he felt the sheets slide up the bed as she must have been gripping them tightly.

Haruna had been wandering around downstairs. He fixed himself a drink and then walked outside, still naked, to get a breath of fresh air. He walked by the hot tub and decided to fire it up for later. He finished with the hot tub and walked inside.

In the living room, he looked up in surprise; he could hear the bed upstairs jumping every time his friend fed Amaka his cock. His own cock stirred as he imagined the fucking the girl was getting from Adamu. She would never go back to that rich guy’s dick after this night. He sensed Adamu was close to finishing and worked his way upstairs.

The pain was a fading memory and was quickly being overshadowed by waves of pleasure. Amaka thought that she had died and gone to heaven or maybe hell, and the devil himself had decided to make her his fuck toy. That was it. Only the devil could have a cock this large, no two cocks, one fucking her ass and one fucking her pussy.

She was now a complete slut for his cock. Her husband had invaded every orifice in her body, and she would willingly submit to his every desire from now on. She wanted to scream for him, never to stop fucking her.

She wanted to tell him how much she loved his big cock, she wanted to tell him she loved having his dick in her mouth and that she loved the taste of his semen, but all she could get out was a long moan.

She felt it getting closer now. It had started deep in her body the minute the pain had gone. She was about to have the mother of all orgasms, and the intensity of her feelings frightened her. Adamu heard Haruna come into the room and pat him on the back. He grunted in reply.

“I’m going to c..cum, M..m.aster” she screamed.

Haruna reached over and screwed the light bulb back in until the light flickered on. Amaka buried her head in the blankets until her eyes got used to the light.

“I’m going to c..um all over your b..big c..cock again.” she loudly moaned as she got up on her hands and knees, thrusting back into him hard. Amaka could feel the waves of pleasure spreading out through her body, and she turned to smile at her husband. The first thing she saw was a giant naked man standing by the lamp, grinning at her. The image seemed somehow surreal, and she turned to look at Obi.

Her eyes opened wide in horror at the sight of the giant fucking her. Sweat was pouring down his face, and his massive muscles were rippling on his chest. His eyes were closed in concentration, and he bellowed as he sprayed his load into her pussy. His cum hit places she didn’t know she had, and the feeling put her over the edge as the super orgasm erupted from her body.

She let out a scream so loud that the other man covered his ears with his hands. Amaka’s eyes rolled up in her head, and she passed out from the pleasure.

Haruna looked over at the collapsed woman. She was covered in dried sperm around her mouth and chest. Her pussy was gaping wide, and fresh sperm was pouring out in waves. It made her look even more beautiful.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Haruna said in awe. Adamu’s eyes were still closed, and he just grunted as he gasped for air. The sweat glistened off his heaving chest. “Hey, my guy, you look terrific, I turned on the hot tub.

Let’s go soak,” Haruna said. Adamu opened his eyes and grinned at his friend. He threw the comatose Amaka over his shoulder, and they headed out the door.

“She took it all, Haruna,” said Adamu, still in a state of shock.

Haruna just shook his head. he was as surprised as Adamu. “Just what was all that “Master” shit about.?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Adamu swelling up with pride. “but I liked it.” They made it downstairs, and Haruna went to mix them some drinks. Adamu climbed the ladder to the hot tub and sat Amaka down. He lowered himself in and sighed with pleasure as the heat penetrated through to his joints.

Haruna soon joined him, and they were laughing as they exchanged stories about the evening. They heard Amaka stirring.

She awoke from a fantastic dream. She was at her wedding, but instead of a wedding gown, she was wearing her leopard print bikini as she married Obi. Then after they had said their “I do’s” and kissed, she hurried through the crowd towards the beach.

Only to bump into the arms of a giant warrior. The man had told her, “Now my queen, you are ready to submit to the warrior.” He had forced her to her knees, and she was surprised to see that he had two cocks; one was a beautiful shiny foot-long monster, and the one above it was half the size, and it was covered in vaseline. “Choose,” he had demanded, and she had begun sucking on the cock as her parents, husband, and all the wedding guests applauded in the background.

Amaka opened her eyes and lazily looked around the tub she was soaking in. She jumped in shock when she saw the men staring at her intently. Tears burst from her eyes as she struggled towards the ladder. “No, no, this can’t be happening,” she cried in agony when two strong hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her back into the tub.

They sat her up and sandwiched her between their two strong bodies. Her nipples were right at the water level, and the fear and the heat had caused them to become erect. The two black men began playing with her breasts as she sat there crying and feeling helpless. She felt herself becoming aroused again as they explored her body.

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