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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Episode 2] (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Finessing of the Bride [Episode 2] (18+)

Adamu and Haruna were busy mixing drinks for all the guests at the reception. It was what they called the post-wedding rush, when all the bored guests filed out of the church and headed straight to the bar.

Adamu was on the inside, in the dining area, and Haruna was stationed outside on the large deck that ran around the Inn overlooking the beach.

People were talking about what a handsome couple, the bride and groom were when Haruna overheard someone say that the newlyweds had the big old inn all to themselves this evening. His ears perked up at that, and the first chance he got, he ran inside to tell Adamu.

Adamu had heard the news already and said, “That’s perfect; we’ll sneak back after everyone’s gone, and if we get caught, we’ll just say we were picking up some of our things.”

They were interrupted by someone announcing,
“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mr and Mrs Obi Nwankwo.”

Obi entered the room looking all handsome and dapper in his black tuxedo, but all eyes were on Amaka as she entered behind him.

She was absolutely stunning in her long white wedding gown. It hugged her lean figure perfectly, and it had a plunging neckline that showed off a nice amount of cleavage. There was a spattering of applause, and Adamu felt his cock become fully erect at the sight of the smiling bride. He had always found white lace to be very sexy, and he shifted the cock in his pants to get more comfortable.

There was another rush for drinks, and Haruna returned outside to his bar. Adamu and Haruna were busy serving drinks for the rest of the reception and during the buffet dinner outside.

Adamu tried to catch the bride’s eye all afternoon, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Her husband kept getting her drinks, and they both appeared to be getting a little drunk.

“You want a refill Mrs Amaka Nwankwo,” Obi asked his wife as she finished her wine.

“Why, Mr Obi Nwankwo, are you trying to get me drunk?” she replied. “I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to get laid tonight.” They laughed and kissed each other.

Actually, Obi was trying to get her drunk. He wanted her to loosen up so that tonight he could pretty much do as he pleased with her body. Obi felt a little lightheaded himself and figured he should slow down on the alcohol himself.

Motioning for some friends to join him. He headed over to the big guy’s bar.

“Well, well, Don’t you look good all dressed up in those fancy suits, boy,” Obi said.

“How I help you, Mr Obi,” Adamu replied. His patience was almost at the breaking point. The jerk had been making snide comments to him all afternoon, and they had gotten worse the more he drank. Adamu noticed a couple of big guys standing behind the groom. The fool actually brought some of his friends to back him up, he thought.

“Just one glass of wine, I think I had enough this evening,” he slurred, then turned to his friends. “I don’t want to miss out on anything tonight”. His friends grinned and clapped him on the back.

Shit, thought Adamu, I missed my chance. He listened to the rich boys banter back and forth. He swore he heard them say that the bride and groom hadn’t had sex yet. He looked over at the bride getting her picture taken with the guests.

How can anyone be around that sexy woman and not make sweet sweet love to her? He had already picked up on the fact that they had started dating over a year ago.

Adamu grinned, she must be ready to explode in frustration without having sex for over a year. He handed over the glass of wine.

“You boys, just be sure not to steal anything you hear,” warned Obi.

“We no steal anything, suh”, replied Adamu demurely. Nothing but your wife, that is.

Adamu watched the groom take the wine over to his wife. Adamu informed him that the plan wasn’t going well because the groom wasn’t drinking anymore. He also filled his friend in on the conversations he had overheard.

“We got one more chance,” Haruna reminded him.

“May I have your attention, everyone,” said the DJ. “Please gather around for the champagne toast.”

Obi looked around for a drink and saw the large bartender standing before him, holding two glasses of champagne.

The bartender was showing them the proper respect as he handed a glass to his wife with a little bow and then one to him with a grin on his face.

Obi was staring into his beautiful wife’s eyes, imagining all the things he was going to teach this inexperienced young woman tonight and over the rest of their lives. He had wasted years’ worth of sex waiting for this day, and she was going to pay for every minute of it.

He missed most of his brother’s speech as he fantasised about tonight. He caught the usual found true love, happiness, eternity, blah, blah, blah. The large wedding party cheered for the couple as they downed their champagne.

Obi frowned a little at the taste of his. His father-in-law must have cut corners on the good stuff, he thought.


Obi pecked at some of the leftover food as Amaka hugged her parents goodbye. The caterers were returning in the morning to clean up everything so that the couple might get something to eat if they got hungry later on.

Obi was a lot drunker than he had planned on, and he stifled a yawn. This past week had really worn him out.

Amaka waved to her parents and shut the door with a sigh.

“Finally, we’re alone”, she said as she walked into her husband’s arms. She felt his penis harden in his trousers and playfully gave it a little squeeze. Obi bent over and lifted her into his arms, and with a groan, he struggled to carry her up the stairs. He entered the honeymoon room and dropped her on the bed, breathing heavily. He began to undress as she watched.

“Wait, honey,” she said in excitement.

“I have a surprise for you.” Amaka lifted up her long gown and ran out to the room she had spent her last night as a single woman in. She stood before the mirror and unzipped the back of her dress. She struggled out of the dress and looked at herself in the mirror.

She wore a small lacy white bra that pushed her large breasts up and revealed the tops of her nipples. Just under her navel, she wore a garter belt that supported her white nylons. Her panties were see-through and revealed her well-trimmed bush.
She ran a hand down her belly and into her panties. She was already wet with anticipation. Then clad only in her lingerie and heels, she walked back to her and Obi’s room.

Adamu and Haruna were hiding behind the outdoor tub just off the beach. They had left the inn, parked their van around the next block and hurried back down the beach. The only light on in the old inn was upstairs in the bride and groom’s room.

They snuck up onto the verandah and entered through the large sliding glass door, which Haruna had made sure was unlocked earlier. Adamu had brought a flashlight, and he shined it before them as they crept through the dining area towards the steps.

Amaka walked down the dark hall to their room, She opened the door and stood before her husband.

“See anything you like,” she purred. He didn’t respond. Obi had stripped to his boxers and was lying on the bed, fast asleep. That insensitive bastard, she thought. What kind of a man passes out on his wedding night?

She climbed up on the bed and, throwing one nylon-clad leg over his body, straddled her husband. Amaka began rubbing her crotch against his, moaning. “Please honey, wake up, I need it so bad,” she sighed as she tried to shake him awake to no avail. Angrily she dismounted and stormed out of the room.

Adamu and Haruna were about to climb the stairs when the light on the second floor came on. They scrambled for cover and hid under one of the dining room tables. They heard the click, click of high heels coming down the stairs and peeked out.

Adamu couldn’t believe his eyes at the vision that presented itself before him. He looked up the stairs at her high heel; then he let his eyes travel up her lean legs to her panties and garters. He slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his 12″ cock, and began stroking it as his gaze travelled up her flat stomach to the breasts that were way too large for someone so thin.

He hadn’t gotten the leopard bikini out of his mind for two days, and the slut-bride look was about to put him over the edge. Her hair was still done up so that she looked every bit the conservative, elegant woman from the neck up, but from the neck down, she had a body built for a big cock.

Haruna looked down at his friend’s foot-long monster,

“Watch where you point that thing,” he whispered. When they had first met, Haruna had been a little intimidated by the size of his friend’s cock, he had always been proud of his own 9-inch rod, and he wasn’t used to being outdone in the cock department. The feeling of intimidation had turned to sympathy when he realized that none of the women they had fucked had been able to take all twelve inches.

Most found their own monster a little uncomfortable at first. They always came back for more, though.

They watched the sexy bride walk around picking at leftovers. She was sobbing a little in frustration when she fixed herself a drink. They heard her mutter to herself,

“I can’t believe how horny I am. That bastard,” They grinned at each other as she walked past their hiding spot and into the living room.
Amaka sat down on the couch and turned the tv on. Her state of arousal overwhelmed the horny woman, and she found herself rubbing her clit as she sat there. She grabbed her phone and searched Xvideos for “BBC wedding night gangbang”.

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