June 10, 2023

Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Finale] (18+)

Taking the cue, Kunle leaned down and forward between those gorgeous thighs until his mouth was just centimetres away from the doctor’s sweet pussy lips. A drop of clear erotic fluid was forming at the top of the lips.

Her clitoris began to grow and emerge from the swollen vulva. The doctor was definitely aroused! Kunle silently closed the distance and softly took the sleeping woman’s clitoris between his lips.

Still sleeping, Adaobi gasped and began to moan. Kunle probed his hot tongue between his lips and gently licked the underside of Adaobi’s love button. She cried out! But, incredibly, she remained asleep!

As Kunle softly tongued and sucked his first clit as if he’d done it for ages, Victoria continued to suck Adaobi’s left nipple and reached with her soft fingers to tickle and pinch the right nipple.

Adaobi steadily built toward what would be a crashing orgasm! Her moans grew louder and she reached the point where her wet dream would culminate. Her eyelids fluttered and spasms engulfed her body in this incredible nocturnal loving session.
A woman’s soft lips and tongue were nursing at her breast and a 18-year-old stud was sucking her clit!!

“Mmmmmmmm…Uhhnnnng….Oooooooooo….AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!” The doctor’s first orgasm grew past the point of no return! Her body shook in spasm after convulsive spasm as she came into her sleep! Juices poured from her pussy into Kunle’s eager virgin mouth. Victoria continued to torture the doctor’s full breasts. Adaobi’s pussy unconsciously jammed against the boy’s lips as if to urge him to stick his tongue deep inside her. Kunle caught the thought and snaked his long, strong tongue down her slit and into her vagina!

The gorgeous doctor could remain asleep no longer.

Adaobi opened her eyes in the middle of an orgasm and screamed! Kunle, taking the cue, lapped at the flowing cunt, tasting the woman’s sweet juices. The doctor came and came again, totally engulfed in erotic pleasure. Ten full, rich, powerful orgasms later, Adaobi screamed for mercy. Victoria and Kunle disengaged and gazed at the spent body below them on the bed.

Through heavy-lidded eyes, Doctor Adaobi Adaobi said to Kunle, “I want you to fuck Victoria. I want to watch you fuck her.”

Victoria, on her knees above the doctor, gazed down at Adaobi and let out a little whimper. She then turned her lusty gaze on to the boy standing at the foot of the bed between the doctor’s feet. Her smoky eyes were drawn to the huge, thick, 13-inch cock bobbing up and down at its 50-degree angle with every beat of Kunle’s strong young heart.

Doctor Adaobi raised up and slid off the side of the bed, silently directing Victoria to lie down in her place. Victoria responded by slipping her sheer robe off, letting it fall to the floor by the bed. Her huge, creamy globes were heaving up and down in anticipation of what was about to happen to her.

She hadn’t had an orgasm for months and had just broken up with her boyfriend who hadn’t paid attention to her for those long months. Victoria positioned herself nude on her back, staring at the boy’s huge erection.

She moaned as she saw a drop of clear liquid appear at the tip of Kunle’s cock and drip to the floor in a long, clear, thick stream two feet long. The string of precum finally released and dropped into a slick puddle on the floor.

Neither woman would easily forget the incredible experience they were enjoying this weekend with this virgin boygod.

Victoria’s vulva was slick and wet with her flowing juices in anticipation of what was about to be done to her. Adaobi, not to be left out, lowered herself onto the bed near Victoria and leaned over her breasts. She began to softly, urgently suck her nipples, back and forth, eliciting stronger moans from the nurse’s lips.

Kunle slowly lowered himself over Victoria and aligned his pelvis with hers. The giant cock slowly rubbed its full length up and down against Victoria’s protruding, engorged clitoris. Kunle’s giant balls brushed up between the girl’s buttocks and against her slit. Victoria’s moan grew to a cry of ecstasy!

Kunle kept the sawing motion of his huge, long shaft up and down against Victoria’s clit until she was on the verge of climax! Kunle then slowly dropped the tip of his penis to the tight, slippery opening of Victoria’s vagina, paused there for a few moments, then coaxed the large head in between the lips of her vulva.

Kunle suddenly slipped the head of his cock into Victoria until the girl’s tight vagina snapped around the base of his cock head. It was Kunle’s turn to moan and cry. Slowly, he urged his cock deeper inside the nurse. Victoria started to babble hysterically, feeling the huge, bulging 13-inch cock begin its ultimate journey deep inside her body.

“Kiss her,” commanded Doctor Adaobi as she slipped away from Victoria’s breasts and moved to the lower side of the big bed.

Kunle lowered himself down onto Victoria’s soft body and merged his lips with hers. Their hot tongues probed each other’s mouths gently and Kunle’s cock continued to slowly plunge ever deeper. The tip of Kunle’s penis reached the limit of Victoria’s capacity as it nudged against her cervix! Victoria screamed in ecstasy, then moaned like a wild animal when she felt Kunle against the very centre of her being.

Kunle began to slowly move in and out of Victoria, allowing the entire length of his shaft to emerge and steadily plunge back inside her, over and over again, steadily building the ancient rhythm of love between the boy and young woman.

Adaobi watched the two in their love dance for a moment, then quietly moved onto her knees next to Kunle’s smoothly heaving, pulsating buttocks. Doctor Adaobi reached out with her soft hands and gently brushed her fingertips across Kunle’s ribs, causing chills to suddenly spread across the boy’s torso. “AHHHH!” gasped the boy as he continued pumping in and out of the nurse.

Adaobi explored Kunle’s stomach and chest with her left hand, softly tickling every inch of his torso while her right hand searched across the heaving buttocks and tickled the flesh of his smooth, soft globes. Kunle cried out in ecstasy as the doctor tickled his nipples and stomach.

The ultra-soft fingers of her right hand suddenly explored down between Kunle’s soft globes and grazed his anus! “OHHHHHH!! GOD!!!!!” The fingertips continued their lascivious journey down across the boy’s perineum and softly tickled his surging balls!!! “AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Kunle would lose it at any moment and shoot his second load deep into Victoria! The nurse tossed her head from side to side as the giant cock continued to pump inside of her. The ridge of the over-sized head was perfectly stimulating her ‘G’ spot, bringing her closer and closer to a raging full-body orgasm!!! Adaobi relentlessly tickled the boy’s balls, anus, stomach and nipples driving him ever closer to his second orgasmic explosion!

Kunle thrust even deeper into Victoria. His giant cock head worked at the tight opening to Victoria’s cervix! Victoria screamed with erotic pleasure as her climax continued to build. The erotic sensation in the nurse’s ‘G’ spot blossomed until it grew into an explosion inside her body she had never experienced before. Her long abstinence was over.

She came all over the boy’s shaft!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!!!” she screamed in the throes of her huge orgasm! Her entire body vibrated to the convulsions that claimed it. Pitiful sobs escaped Victoria’s lips as she lay prisoner of ultimate orgasm after orgasm.

Suddenly, Kunle couldn’t hold it any longer. A severe itch began to build in his shaft just under the head of his penis. The sensation grew and spread through his entire phallus and into his stomach and thighs and back to his anus. Kunle froze at the end of his deepest stroke! Victoria’s tight vagina gripped the huge cock! She could feel a vibrating bubbly sensation travelling down the shaft into her! Then! Kunle pulled his pelvis back six inches and slammed his cock deep inside Victoria!

The huge head crashed through the opening of Victoria’s cervix and became trapped inside her womb!! Kunle came! Adaobi squeezed the boy’s balls, gently massaging them as he shot his megaload. During the next five minutes, wave after wave of thick, white, hot, frothy cumjuice shot from his cock and hosed down the inside of Victoria’s trembling, convulsive body with a quart of semen!

Victoria kept cumming in climax after climax! Nurse Victoria cried out in sobs of ecstasy as her orgasms washed over her body.

She could feel hot spurts of Kunle’s semen being forcefully injected deep inside her over and over again. Kunle screamed with each pulsating spasm of his never-ending orgasm as Doctor Adaobi continued to erotically touch and massage his balls and tickle his anus! Kunle’s ejaculations filled the nurse full and began to pour out from around his solid, surging shaft. The white cream puddled under Victoria’s trembling thighs.

Finally, the two bodies fell silent, exhausted against each other on the huge bed.

The nurse and her male patient showered each other with soft kisses in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm. Soon, the two fell into a sleep nuzzled against each other. Doctor Adaobi covered the young couple with a soft blanket and left the room to contemplate what pleasure she, herself, would gain during this long, private weekend at the doctor’s office.


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