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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 9] (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 9] (18+)

Suddenly, there was a vacuum inside the cylinder. Kunle could feel a tug at the tip of his penis! He cried out! Then! The soft rubber brushes began to rotate! The entire ultra-sensitive base of the gigantic mushroom cock head was engulfed in tingling swirling sensations!! Doctor Adaobi whispered in Kunle’s ear, “Cum, Baby. Let your gorgeous cock shoot for me, Sweetheart.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He could feel the doctor’s wonderful body against his, her soft lips kissing his mouth, her hot tongue slowly snaking in between his lips and teeth in a passionate french kiss!! The nurse continued worshipping his balls and anus!! The whirling brushes reached an unbearable level of erotic stimulation as his cock bulged and spasmed!!!!

Incredibly, the 18-year-old young boy held out for another ten minutes of this erotic torture. The substance the doctor had injected earlier was still working to delay the inevitable.

But not for long.

Suddenly, Nurse Victoria’s hands could feel Kunle’s ball sack shrink up and tighten. The tip of her tongue could sense his sphincter entering uncontrollable spasms! Doctor Adaobi Adaobi opened her eyes and looked beyond her kisses to Kunle’s big brown eyes. They were wide open, gazing deeply into hers! A moan began deep inside the boy as their eyes locked. His chest heaved up against Doctor Adaobi’s big, soft breasts!

The moan grew to a sobbing cry! Tears welled up in his eyes and flowed down the sides of his cheeks! His reaction to this stimulus took the doctor’s breath away. She began to moan with him as she softly buried her fingers in his hair and continued to lock onto him with her lips and her eyes. Kunle’s body suddenly froze!

The dark cock head inside the vacuum cylinder jerked! The incredible shaft grew another half inch!!!!! The hole grew to almost three-quarters of an inch!!!


The first, huge, thick, white load of cum exploded from that hole!!!!


Load after pulsating load of foamy, white cream continued to shoot into the vacuum cylinder beyond the soft, tight rotating brushes as the women kissed, licked and fondled the boy out of his mind! The ejaculations continued for the first minute with no indication of slowing down or the end in sight! Kunle continued to cry crocodile tears of erotic torture as his first orgasm swept through him. Two eternal minutes later Kunle entered his fourth minute of unending pleasure!

Doctor Adaobi saw his eyes roll back into his head in his madness. The beaker was becoming filled with white cream as the continuous stream of cum shot through the tubing. Kunle’s load of cum had reached just below the one-quart mark!! And it kept coming!

A minute later, while deep kissing the boy, the doctor felt Kunle go limp and close his eyes! Kunle had fallen unconscious! But he continued to shoot huge gobs of cum into the cylinder in the middle of what certainly must be the best wet dream imaginable!

Doctor Adaobi straightened up. “Victoria. He passed out.”

Victoria stood up and the two women watched Kunle in wonder as his huge cock continued to unload into the cylinder. The convulsions in the boy’s shaft didn’t stop until the white cream reached 1.5 quarts in the beaker!! Finally, Kunle’s capacity was spent. He lay unconscious on the exam table with his wrists restrained above his head, his legs spread apart and his gigantic cock still snuggly encased in the cylinder.

Doctor Adaobi shut off the vacuum. The boy lay in a deep sleep as the doctor and nurse just stared at each other, totally engulfed in their feelings of eroticism. Nurse Victoria carefully removed the cylinder from Kunle’s cock and placed it to the side.

Because of the vacuum inside the cylinder, the shaft and head were surprisingly dry. The wonderful cock was still long and hard as it lay against the boy’s stomach. Nurse Victoria softly dabbed any residue from the phallus with a towel and draped a soft blanket over Kunle’s body. The two women then went to work releasing the boy’s arms and gently placed them at his sides.

Doctor Adaobi reached down and raised the base of the exam table under Kunle’s legs and feet, then they released his feet and quietly placed his legs straight on the lengthened table that was now a soft bed.

The Doctor and Nurse picked up their clothes and quietly left the examination room.

The boy fell deeper into a sleep that would last for 10 hours.

Kunle, in his dream, could feel his stiff cock. It felt so full. He needed to cum again. A soft voice whispered in his ear, “Kunle, time to wake up.” The voice was so sexy. Made him want to shoot another thick load! “Kunle, time to come and play,” the sultry voice murmured in his ear. He opened his eyes. There, leaning over him, was Nurse Victoria. She wore only a thin silk robe, open to the lower cleavage between her full, soft, creamy, swinging breasts.

“Hi, Victoria,” croaked Kunle. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, aside from the incredibly gorgeous doctor.

Victoria giggled as she observed Kunle’s huge erection poking up beneath the soft blanket. He definitely had that young boy’s morning hard-on! She and the doctor would have to do something about that! “Come on. Let’s go wake up Doctor Adaobi!” giggled Victoria as she reached her hands out to coach Kunle off the leather exam table.

Once again, embarrassed, Kunle sat up, slid off the table and wrapped the light blanket around him to cover the huge erection throbbing tightly over his stomach. Victoria turned to the door and led the way out and down the hall with Kunle obediently following.

His erection got harder as he watched the nurse’s perfect buttocks and legs move under the almost sheer silk while she moved toward another room in the office building. The doctor’s office was actually a converted single-story house. One of the original four bedrooms had been kept as a fully furnished bedroom in case someone needed to grab a couple of hours of sleep in an emergency. The large king-size bed was cosy and comfortable.

Victoria led the boy through the bedroom doorway to the foot of the bed where Kunle found Doctor Adaobi sound asleep, nude, the sheets and blanket spread on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Doctor Adaobi, enjoying a dream of her own, lay on her back, long, exquisitely formed legs lazily spread apart with one knee bent, her arms were softly spread out and up at the sides with her hands even with her shoulders. Her full, creamy breasts softly jiggled above her ribs and narrow waist as she breathed in and out.

Her soft, round stomach moved with each breath. The lips of her vulva were moist with erotic juices. Her eyelids fluttered in dreams and her full, soft lips parted over perfect, white teeth as she dreamed, quite possibly, of what had occurred in the exam room the night before.

Victoria leaned into Kunle and whispered in his ear, “Let’s wake her up. I have a way we can do it that she’ll never forget.”

Kunle just stood there agape. He didn’t know what to do next. Victoria stepped around Kunle and stood facing his gorgeous athletic body draped in the thin material.

“Kunle, you can’t wear this. It’s time to play, Baby.” Nurse Victoria slowly pulled the light blanket from Kunle’s body leaving him completely nude. His stiff cock stood at 45-degree attention! Victoria looked at it and giggled. Then, slowly, she opened her thin robe and stepped up against Kunle as she enveloped him in her robe against her body.

Her huge breasts softly mashed into his ribs and her tender stomach brushed against his raging erection. The young woman fused her body against the boy’s for a long moment and she reached around with her soft hands and gently cupped Kunle’s smooth buttocks, squeezing them. Kunle’s erection continued to grow ever harder.

Victoria reluctantly stepped back, took Kunle’s hands in hers and led him to the foot of the bed where Adaobi slept. “Kunle, I want you to lick her sweet pussy until she comes.”

In a trance, Kunle slowly dropped to his knees on the bed between Adaobi’s prize-winning legs as Victoria climbed onto the bed and propped up on her right elbow next to the sleeping doctor. Kunle watched Victoria slowly lower her full, soft lips to Adaobi’s left nipple. She carefully engulfed the long, hard nipple and began to suck it.

The sleeping Adaobi began to moan in her dream. She unconsciously thrust her pelvis up from the bed, as if inviting the cunnilingus the boy would soon perform on her.

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