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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 8] (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 8] (18+)

Doctor Adaobi, beside herself with pleasure, felt a stirring in her right nipple as Kunle sucked. Suddenly, milk began to flow from her breast! Kunle immediately tasted the sweet mother’s milk and began moaning, sucking harder!

The doctor gasped with increased pleasure as her left hand ceaselessly tickled the boy’s upper body!

Victoria’s lips began a long, slow drop down Kunle’s cock until the head nudged up against her uvula! Everyone began groaning in ecstasy! Kunle was drawn closer and closer to his very first orgasm!

As Kunle sucked, Doctor Adaobi’s uterus pulsed inward, tightening with each stimulation. Juices began flowing freely from her vulva and falling to the floor in long, clear strings. Unable to stand it anymore, Doctor Adaobi stood up. “You’re too much, Kunle. I need a break. I think I’ll assist the nurse for a while.”

Kunle, left panting from his nursing and the incredible stimulation he was receiving from Nurse Victoria, could only watch as the doctor slowly turned away and walked to the foot of the table, her incredibly beautiful, round buttocks and thighs showing themselves to him as she moved away.

Doctor Adaobi stood next to Kunle’s left thigh, suspended in the air off the foot of the leather exam table. She placed her right hand over Kunle’s stomach and began to tickle his abs and chest with soft, feathery fingertips and nails.

This again sent Trev through the ceiling! As she continued this stimulation, and as Victoria continued moving up and down with her mouth on his big cock, Doctor Adaobi reached under Kunle with her left hand and found the crease between his buttocks.

Suddenly, the soft fingers of her left hand found his dark, puffy anus! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Kunle couldn’t stand it! He was gonna cum!!!!!! He couldn’t hold it!!!!!! But the drug was still doing its work, not allowing him release yet! How long could this last?!? Doctor Adaobi continued to tickle Kunle’s anus, perineum and buttocks as she tickled all over his stomach, chest and nipples!!

Victoria sucked away as she continued to tickle his balls!! The two women were like one erotic sex-machine totally engulfing the eighteen-year-old boy’s whole incredible body!

Doctor Adaobi finally breathed, “Nurse, I want some!” Victoria lifted her mouth off of Kunle’s shaft and dropped down to her knees between his thighs where she looked up at the doctor, inviting her in.

Doctor Adaobi, seeing precum juices continuing to flow out and over the head, immediately leaned down from her side and took the boy’s cock deep in her mouth in one swift motion! He cried out in ecstasy! Doctor Adaobi moved her tight, soft lips up and down his shaft as her tongue worked its wonders on the hard tube of flesh and blood vessels.

As the doctor drank down the juices, Victoria moved her lips up to Kunle’s ball sack and took his lower, left egg into her mouth! She washed his left ball with her tongue sending him into Heaven. She let the ball pop out of her mouth and greedily slid to the right one, taking it in her warm, wet mouth! He cried out again and again.

Doctor Adaobi briefly allowed the cock to escape her hot mouth and quickly moved around to join Victoria between Kunle’s thighs. Victoria stayed low, working on his balls and the doctor once again plunged her wet lips over the tip of Kunle’s cock and began sucking and tonguing the gigantic living, pulsating creature.

Victoria searched lower with her soft, cushion lips, finding Kunle’s perineum with her tongue! This drove Kunle mad! As Doctor Adaobi sucked the head, the young nurse searched lower with the tip of her tongue until it came in electrifying contact with the boy’s anus! Kunle cried out as if for mercy!
The combination of Doctor Adaobi’s lips and Nurse Victoria’s relentless tongue would send him into spasms any second! As the women gave Kunle the best of their oral attention, Doctor Adaobi softly gripped the boy’s long, slippery shaft and slowly pumped her fist up and down. Victoria reached up with her feather-soft fingers and began to lightly tickle Kunle’s balls.

The young guy’s genitals were on fire! No centimetre of his head, shaft, balls, perineum and anus were granted relief from the excruciating stimulation!

For fifteen never-ending minutes, the nurse rimmed Kunle’s anus and tickled his balls while the doctor pumped his shaft with her right hand and sucked the huge head of his cock!

As if that wasn’t enough, Doctor Adaobi reached up with her left hand and softly tickled and pinched Kunle’s nipples!!

The boy strained against his bonds but his arms, legs and body were unable to move away from the erotic stimulus. His very first ejaculation was building to the point of no return. The boy’s abdomen began to spasm and his powerful quads began to shiver!

“Oh, God, Doc! I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!,” cried Kunle.

Suddenly, Doctor Adaobi and Nurse Victoria stopped, pulled away and stood up between Kunle’s legs. “Nurse! Another measurement! Stat!”

Kunle cried out, “Oh, PLEASE!! Don’t stop!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!! Please let me cum, Doc!!!” The boy was hanging at the edge of an erotic cliff, his entire body convulsing. Precum juices had suddenly stopped flowing from the head of his penis and the purple head throbbed!

Doctor Adaobi saw a drop of white semen suddenly appear just below the opening of Kunle’s urethra, rising like hot mercury in a thermometer with each racing heartbeat then slowly receding! The hole gaped at an incredible two-thirds of an inch opening!!


Nurse Victoria grabbed the tape and stretched it against the top length of the penis, “Fourteen inches!!!,” she exclaimed.

“Incredible. Delicious!” replied Doctor Adaobi. “Kunle, hang on, Sweetie, we’re ready to take another measurement!”

“PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!” Kunle’s thick, fourteen-inch cock stood at a 60-degree angle from his abdomen, pulsating and throbbing, his huge scrotum on the extreme verge of shooting its first load!

“Victoria!! Lower the extractor! Place it in position!!!”

Victoria quickly reached up above the exam table and pulled down a strange-looking contraption connected to a long clear one-half-inch-in-diameter flexible tube. A fine electric wire ran the length of the tube. The other end of the flexible tube attached to a glass beaker hanging from a metal stand at eye level next to the head of the exam table.

The beaker was marked in cubic centimetres and ounces up to a half-gallon and was fitted with a powerful vacuum pump. The device at the tip of the tube was a clear, light-weight cylinder one foot long and five inches in diameter.

Visible inside the cylinder was a group of four small, rotating brushes that formed a ring four inches from the cylinder’s tip. The brushes were motorised, made of ultra-soft rubber that formed a ring inside the cylinder. The opening at the base of the cylinder was a soft, tight pneumatic seal.

The nurse took the cylinder in both hands and slowly, carefully, lowered the pneumatic lips over the tip of Kunle’s penis. Kunle’s precum fluids immediately coated the lips. He cried out from the stimulation the soft seal gave the head of his cock as it travelled down and snapped over the ridge of the three-inch mushroom head.

Nurse Victoria continued to slowly lower the cylinder over the beautiful shaft until the rubber brushes slipped down over the crown, engulfed the mushroom head and nudged into place just below the ridge and encircled the entire 360 degrees of the sensitive areas at the base of the boy’s cockhead.

The device was now in position for the next phase of Kunle’s excruciating testing. The boy let out continuous moans and groans. His cock was about to explode!

Victoria attached a length of the vacuum tubing to a clip hanging from the ceiling above Kunle’s cock so that the cylinder containing the huge phallus was maintained at a vertical angle from the body.

“Nurse, resume your oral and tactile stimulation of the genitalia and anus,” said Doctor Adaobi as the incredibly beautiful, nude doctor moved to a position at Kunle’s left side.

As Victoria knelt down between Kunle’s spread, exposed thighs, scrotum, buttocks and anus, Doctor Adaobi leaned forward over Kunle’s tethered body allowing her full, soft, creamy breasts to brush across his stomach and chest. Kunle’s eyes were wide, almost as if he were terrified. The nurse resumed softly tickling the huge, bulging ball sack as her tongue softly rimmed his sphincter.

The doctor, totally naked, climbed onto the soft leather massage table, nudging the length of her gorgeous body against the boy’s side.

She softly, slowly kissed her way up the boy’s chest and touched her full, soft lips to his left ear,

“OK, Baby,” Doctor Adaobi Adaobi whispered, “We’re gonna let you cum now. I know you got a lot. Let’s just see how much you got.” The doctor softly brushed her gorgeous lips against Kunle’s own swollen lips and began to softly kiss his mouth as Nurse Victoria pressed a button with her foot.

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