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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 6] (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 6] (18+)

She then skipped to just above his splayed, tethered ankles and worked her fingertips softly along his calves, bringing the boy sensations of immense pleasure in his legs.

The boy’s limbs were receiving the ultimate soft, tickly sensation! The doctor and nurse couldn’t take their eyes off of Kunle’s engorged genitals as they administered his treatment.

As he gloried in this love of his body, the four sets of fingertips slowly tickled their way inward. Taking another step forward into the opening, the doctor allowed her long, fine fingers to softly travel up the boy’s calves to his knees, briefly tickling the backs and tops, then on to his bulging, smooth quads!

The doctor’s creamy breasts swung with the rhythm. The nurse’s hands found their way back to his armpits, lingered there, then moved on to tease and torture his nipples again!! Nurse Victoria quietly leaned over Kunle, dropping her full breasts against his chest as she slowly, softly kissed his open lips.

Doctor Adaobi was mesmerised. She saw that his cock was fully engorged again, the big head was growing deep purple. The hole below the tip of the gorgeous crown was spread almost a half-inch wide!

The massive erection was beginning to bob up and down with the never-ending, intense stimulation but the drug the doctor had administered would delay the boy’s inevitable eruption.

The women continued their tickle torture of the lad for another fifteen minutes as he gasped for air and moaned against Victoria’s tender kisses. The women began moaning with him as he climbed ever closer to Heaven.

He could see Nurse Victoria’s own creamy globes swing and sway with her ministrations. He was steadily reaching sensory overload!

Then! Doctor Adaobi’s soft hands slowly, gently travelled over Kunle’s quads to brush against the inside of his thighs, spread open by the brackets and thrust out from the base of the examination table. Kunle’s ball sack jumped in mid-air!

The feathery fingertips were less than an inch away from the soft, sensitive scrotum as Doctor Adaobi continued to tickle the insides of the boy’s thighs. Nurse Victoria joined Doctor Adaobi’s ticklings, now slowly moving the stimulating fingers of her soft hand down over Kunle’s stomach and down toward his climbing shaft!

Victoria continued to tickle Kunle’s stomach, chest and nipples as the doctor played her soft tips up his inner thighs. The turgid cock continued to grow amazingly longer and thicker!

Then! Doctor Adaobi’s hands moved ever closer to the huge ball sack that hung below the towering phallus! Gently, ever so gently, Doctor Adaobi reached down with the soft fingertips of both hands positioned upward two inches beneath Kunle’s totally exposed buttocks and hanging scrotum.

The doctor’s soft fingertips reached under the boy’s buttocks and quietly whispered across the top of his buttocks. Kunle’s body from his lower back down was totally exposed off the end of the shortened exam table.

Doctor Adaobi’s tingly fingertips began sending a wave of gooseflesh across his buns. Kunle reacted with a sharp intake of breath! Doctor Adaobi continued to tickle his buns for a few moments eliciting moans and groans from the boy.

Then the doctor’s soft hands dropped away for a moment leaving Kunle to recover from the intense tickling he was receiving from both women. Ever so gently, the doctor’s right hand slowly reached up under Kunle’s scrotum.

The five soft fingers gently encircled and brushed against the bottom of Kunle’s balls!

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kunle strained against his bonds but was going nowhere! For the first time in his young life, his balls were being tickled! Not only being tickled but being tickled by the incredibly soft hand of a woman. Not only a woman but a GORGEOUS woman!!!!!!!!

Drugs or no drugs, he was about to lose it right there!!! But it didn’t end there. Doctor Adaobi continued to softly tickle the bottom of the lad’s balls, making them dance and lurch up and down!

She continued to softly tickle his buttocks, moving her left hand toward the crease and to his perineum, teasing that super-sensitive area between his balls and his anus. Victoria continued to tickle and stimulate his nipples and softly kiss his lips throughout! God!!!!!

Adaobi slowly worked her way gently, ever-so-lightly up the huge scrotum to tickle and stimulate his entire ball sack with her right hand! His cock continued to lurch up from his body, growing darker, thicker and longer!

The doctor’s left hand tickled its way to the crevice between his soft, smooth globes and her soft fingertips lightly slipped across his pulsating anus! The boy screamed! The doctor removed her left hand from the boy’s buttocks and sent the tickling fingers to join her right hand at the huge scrotum leaving him gasping for breath as she continued tickling his balls with ten fingers.
The boy’s balls virtually danced and pulsated to the tickling touch of Adaobi’s soft fingertips.

Then the feathery fingers of the doctor’s hands slowly, softly encompassed and whispered up the base of the boy’s giant cock, tickling their way up the shaft to just below the mushroom crown, back down to the base and down over his balls, only to repeat again and again!!

The nurse, gently mashing her creamy breasts into Kunle, continued tickling his nipples and kissing the boy’s lips, occasionally softly probing his open mouth with her sweet, hot tongue. Suddenly, a clear drop of fluid appeared at the tip of Kunle’s cock, vibrating at the opening of the hole that led to the depths of his body.

As Doctor Adaobi continued her excruciating tickle torture of Kunle’s balls and shaft Kunle cried out loudly, groaning in ecstasy! Victoria brushed her soft breasts and hard nipples across Kunle’s chest and whispered in his right ear,

“Don’t cum, Baby. Doctor Adaobi wants to taste your pre-juices. And then we’ll get that first measurement. OK?” Without waiting for an answer, Doctor Adaobi gently encircled the giant cock with left thumb and forefinger up against the base of the mushroom head.

A clear pearl of fluid appeared and danced on the tip of the engorged cock, poised at the end of that hot, dark tube leading to the boy’s soul. The doctor continued to softly tickle and stimulate her patient’s scrotum, making it dance to the rhythm of her unspeakable ministrations.

She then leaned down and steadily moved her lips to the tip of her patient’s huge cock, stopping within an inch of the vibrating transparent pearl! She opened her mouth and slowly exhaled her hot breath onto the cock head.

The liquid pearl vibrated perilously before the doctor’s eyes. Slowly, she lowered her full, soft lips the remaining distance to their target. As her slightly open lips touched the tip of Kunle’s cock head, the clear, thick fluid flowed into her mouth! It was salty and sweet!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Goddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This was blowing Kunle’s mind!!! He couldn’t move. His arms were stretched to their limit, tethered to the wall behind him, his legs were up and out, spread wide, feet locked in soft stirrups, his genitals and his anus were presented in mid- vulnerable and totally accessible to his doctor and nurse.

He could only lie there and receive the sweet torture his medical team was giving him!

The clear, sweet, salty liquid continued to flow through Doctor Adaobi’s lips into her warm mouth. Her eyes glazed over in erotic anticipation. She had to tear herself away from his cock! They must get that first measurement!

“Nurse! Get the tape measure!” Doctor Adaobi released the penis but it remained nearly straight up in the air! Nurse Victoria grabbed the tape from the exam table, pulled a length of it away from the spool and made it ready to measure. Victoria froze in erotic thought, gazing vacantly at the throbbing shaft.

“Victoria! Concentrate! First, measure the length from the pubic bone to the tip!” The gigantic cock was bobbing up and down to poor Kunle’s racing heartbeat. Doctor Adaobi gingerly took the sides of the shaft between the tips of her straight thumb and forefinger just under the huge mushroom cap and steadied the twitching phallus while the nurse quickly touched the tape end to the tip of Kunle’s penis and pulled the tape tight at the upper base of the god-cock.

“My God,” Victoria breathed. “I knew it! Thirteen inches!” The two women gazed at the cock unable to speak for a moment.

“Underside from the perineum to tip!” croaked the doctor as she let the magnificent creature go with her thumb and finger.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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