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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 5] (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 5] (18+)

Not to be outdone, Doctor Adaobi leaned over on Kunle’s left side, slowly lowered her mouth and kissed the boy’s lips, softly, warmly, sweetly! It was Kunle’s very first kiss!!! What a kiss!!

As Kunle’s paediatrician continued the tender, soft, tingly kisses, her right hand softly explored the boy’s soft hair while her left hand began to explore, tickling his left armpit and working its way down his left side, over his heaving ribs and on to his undulating abdomen where her left hand stopped its journey for a moment.

All the while, the nurse never stopped tickling his right side, tonguing his right nipple and teasing his left nipple. Kunle felt like he was close to really losing it! His erection was raging and he could feel little itchy pulses beginning in the head of his penis!

Doctor Adaobi’s left hand continued to lightly feather over and around Kunle’s tight abdomen. Then, her fingertips again slowly crept down to the boy’s soft pubic hair where the fingernails lightly caressed the skin over his pubic bone.

Through the Doctor’s sweet kisses, Kunle whispered, “Ma’am, I’m gonna lose it! Please stop! Something’s happening!!”

The doctor seemed not to hear the boy and slowly kept lowering her tickling fingertips along the pubic bone until they gently grazed the base at the top of Kunle’s penis! Kunle’s stomach suddenly began to spasm! Doctor Adaobi’s soft fingers gently encircled the base of the boy’s shaft! He cried out, “Please!!! Doctor!!!!”

The doctor’s hand froze. This is too soon, she thought.

“Break time,” said Doctor Adaobi. Victoria immediately retreated from her stimulation and stood next to the table, with her hands in the air like she was assisting in surgery, waiting for direction from the doctor.

“Kunle, let me give you something that will help you delay that reaction your body is about to experience. We need a little more time before something happens here, OK?”

Kunle couldn’t answer. He was in another world bravely fighting down the explosion that was about to occur in the head of his penis. His scrotum was shrunk up and tight. He didn’t know what was going to happen! The hospital gown looked like a tent!

The nurse turned away from the exam table and took a syringe from the counter, filled it with a light amber liquid and handed it to the doctor.

“This will prolong your inevitable reaction while still allowing you to feel the extreme, intense stimulation this procedure must provide you tonight. It may take another four to six hours for us to complete the tests we need. Is that OK? It’s Friday. No homework! Are your parents expecting you home soon?”

Before Kunle could answer, Nurse Victoria said,

“Actually, Doctor, Kunle is on his own this weekend. His mom was with his little sister this morning and they were all flying out of town for the weekend. Monday’s a holiday so they won’t be back home until late Monday night. They left Kunle to house sit!” Nurse Victoria had this wide, bright smile on her beautiful face.

“Wonderful!” Doctor Adaobi gently administered the drug to Kunle’s left shoulder. The doctor smiled inwardly at the thought of Kunle being completely on his own for the next three nights and three days.

The boy didn’t feel the injection but immediately began to feel a tingly, almost itchy sensation spread through his body, down his arms, across his torso and down his legs. A strange little itch began to build in the head of his “cock.” God, he thought of the word “cock.”

Usually, it sounded so dirty but it sounded kind of exciting now. A grin began to play across the boy’s puffy lips. “Cock.” His “cock” was big, stiff, long, thick and itchy. The warm tingle spread to his “balls.”

Oh, god, now he was calling his scrotum “balls.”

His “balls” were tingling, surging up and down inside their “sack.” Kunle began to feel like he was in a dream. He lay there stretched, open, helpless.

“OK, Kunle. Now we need to work toward the point where we can take a measurement or two,” said Doctor Adaobi. “How are you feeling, Sweetie?”

“Great, Doc. Just great.”

“OK. What we have to do now, in order to take the first measurement, is remove your hospital gown.”

Kunle’s mind lurched. Lose the hospital gown? That means my cock and balls will be exposed and my cock is big and stiff!!! They’ll see my hardon!!!!! But Kunle couldn’t react. He was tied down, spread out and open and his whole body was feeling strange from the drug.

It seemed like his skin was suddenly even more sensitive than before!

He watched the doctor walk around to the foot of his exam table and step forward between the stirrups into the opening between Kunle’s legs.

Kunle’s paediatrician reached forward and took in her hands the folds of the gown draped over the left and right sides of the boy’s hips and slowly began to lift the tented cloth up and away.

The nurse was the first to react. She suddenly gasped, touching her fingertips to her full lips, her gorgeous eyes wide. They both just stood there with their mouths open and their tongues absently travelling slowly across their teeth and lips.

There before them was the most beautiful, huge, longest, thickest, most gorgeous cock either of them had ever seen!!! The ball sack that hung below was the most enormous scrotum and gonads-either had ever imagined!!!

It was THEIR turn to be embarrassed! This would be some weekend!!! Kunle just lay there trembling with embarrassment and excitement as his health care providers allowed their gazes to slowly travel all over his body.

Their eyes were glazed over as they murmured,
“Oh, Baby. Aren’t we a gorgeous hunk of man here? Please don’t be embarrassed or afraid, Baby. This is going to be one weekend to remember.”

Doctor whispered to the Nurse,

“Get the tape measure. Let’s get that first measurement. I’ll resume stimulation until we think we’ve gotten to the largest size.”

Nurse retrieved a cloth tape measure from the drawer.

Doctor Adaobi said, “OK, Victoria, continue tactile stimulation of Kunle’s arms, sides, nipples and chest. Kiss his sweet lips. I’ll start with his feet and work my way up from there.”

“OK,” replied Victoria, her voice a bit husky for a moment as she anticipated what they were about to do to their patient.

Doctor Adaobi apparently was feeling too warm again because she swiftly and smoothly slipped her skirt down over her hips and let it drop to the floor!!! She wore only a thong!!!!!

God, is she ever gorgeous!!!!! This was the most gorgeous, erotic, exciting woman Kunle had ever seen! Her slim, tight, soft stomach flared to perfect, round hips and perfect, softly-muscled long legs! Kunle was in love. Doctor Adaobi didn’t stop there.

She gazed into Kunle’s tortured eyes and slowly turned to the side, leaned forward with her breasts swinging down and deliberately lowered her thong down her legs.

She straightened back up and kicked the thong to the side. Kunle gasped when he saw the doctor’s pussy, hairless except for a small, soft patch of dark brown above.

Apparently Victoria was too hot again, too. Seeing everyone nude probably made her temperature rise a little so she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leotard and slid it down her legs and off her feet! Now Victoria was entirely, gloriously nude!! Her body was flawless.

The beautiful creamy breasts jiggled over her ribs and tight stomach. Her beautiful hips flared out perfectly to long, gorgeous legs. The mound between her legs was completely shaved, the lips of her vulva puffed out from her heavenly, pink vagina!

“Oh, God!” thought Kunle. If my hands were free right now I’d have to touch every square inch of those beautiful bodies! The beautiful nude nurse stepped back up to Kunle’s side.

Victoria slowly lowered her hands to Kunle’s tethered arms and began softly tickling his super sensitive skin. Doctor Adaobi, completely nude now, moved to Kunle’s feet, stepped in between the stirrups and softly brushed her fingertips across the tops of his feet, tickling them slightly.

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