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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 3] (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 3] (18+)

As the muscles of Kunle’s neck and the area inside his navel responded to the touches with little twitches, he suddenly felt the fluttering fingers caress the tender skin of his hairless armpits!

He responded naturally by attempting to lower his arms again but he was held fast by the soft wristbands up in the air on the bar. “Ahhh!”

“You’re doing just fine, Kunle,” said Doctor Adaobi.

“Just try to relax your body. Your responses are completely normal.” As fingers slowly continued to softly tickle his armpits, other tickling fingers slowly ventured lower to Kunle’s shoulders and back, travelling down along his spine between his shoulder blades.

Kunle reacted with almost violent shivers. Nurse Victoria, as directed, mirrored the doctor’s action by slowly dropping her feather-light fingertips down across his collarbone.

“Use both your hands now, Victoria,” directed Doctor Adaobi as her soft right hand tickled its way around to Kunle’s right armpit.

All the while, her left fingertips played at his left armpit. Victoria immediately began softly touching and tickling across both Kunle’s collarbones, eliciting a louder groan from the boy. Fingertips continued their journey down Kunle’s torso.

The older woman’s fingertips brushed down from Kunle’s armpits to his sides, softly exploring forward across his ribs. This sensation nearly sent him through the ceiling!

Nurse Victoria softly stroked her fingers down across his pecs where they gently traced circles over his muscles then lightly flicked across his nipples!

“Oh!! God!!,” he declared. This was turning into too much! He suddenly felt a stirring in his groin under the folded gown. The exquisite sensations were causing his penis to grow! He had only seen it all grown out sometimes when he woke up in the morning and had to pee really badly.

He thought it was pretty big because, when it was stiff, it would stretch up way past his belly button. It was kind of thick, too.

As the almost unbearable stimulation continued without letting up, his penis continued to grow and lift up underneath the cloth in his lap! This was embarrassing! What would the doctor and nurse think?!?

As Nurse Victoria continued to touch, tickle and stimulate Kunle’s stiffening, engorged nipples, Doctor Adaobi softly tickled the boy’s ribs, continuing on down to his waist just above his hip bones where she lightly tickled the soft, sensitive skin there.

Then the good doctor would allow her feather tips to explore up against Kunle’s sides to his armpits and softly tickle upward over his smooth, expanding ribcage. After lingering there a moment, her fingertips made their erotic, slow journey down to the boy’s hips again, repeating the sequence over and over.

Kunle was gasping. The cloth between his legs kept lifting up! Kunle prayed silently that the nurse and doctor didn’t notice! Doctor Adaobi moved her right hand back around and lower along Kunle’s spine until her tickling fingers reached the cleft at the top of his exposed, protruding buttocks.

His round globes were naked, perched on the soft, smooth leather. The doctor’s fingers softly explored the crack at the top of those soft, hairless buns and ran lightly back and forth across his upper buttocks. Kunle shivered even more and groaned louder.

As she continued this stimulation, Doctor Adaobi reached around with her left hand and softly brushed her fingers downward across Kunle’s lower abdomen! This sent the boy practically over the edge with what certainly could not be confused with anything but erotic stimulation. His penis was just about at full attention!

The cloth was raised out and away from his stomach at a 60-degree angle! Didn’t they notice that??!!?? If his hands were free he would really need to cover himself up a little more! Doctor Adaobi wouldn’t stop! While the nurse kept tickling Kunle’s ever-darkening nipples, the doctor kept tickling his buns, his crack and all over his stomach real close to his pubic hair!

Then the soft fingertips of her left hand started brushing down across his pubic hair!! Once or twice her light touch slipped across the smooth, hairless top of the base of his penis!!!!

“Gawd!!” he cried. Sensations Kunle had never felt before were suddenly building between his legs and across his chest as Nurse Victoria continued to tickle and softly pinch his darkening, swollen nipples!


“Oh, God, Doctor! What are you doing? I’m sorry! I can’t help what’s happening to me! I’m sorry, Doc!”

“Don’t be embarrassed, Kunle. Your responses are perfectly normal. We really need to test those responses. Just relax and enjoy the treatment the nurse and I are administering to you.”

Kunle continued to breathe heavily as his tortured, tingling body reacted to what the two were doing to it. He could see that they were also starting to breathe more heavily.

“It’s getting a little hot in here, isn’t it, Victoria?” asked the doctor.

“Yes it is, Doctor.”

“Well, if we turn the temperature back down, poor Kunle may get too cold without his clothes on. Let’s just take off our coats and try to get cooler. Is that OK, Kunle?”

“Mmmmm.” That’s the only way Kunle could acknowledge it because of his heightened state of stimulation. It wasn’t hot at all as far as he could tell. He was just almost beside himself as the women constantly caressed so many of his sensitive spots.

Four hands suddenly left his awakened, stimulated body for a moment as the women removed their lab coats and hung them up on the wall. Kunle, his arms tethered above him, watched their gorgeous bodies turn and move. He could see Nurse Victoria’s ribs press against the nearly sheer white top as she stretched out to hang up the jacket. Her absolutely perfect hair was extremely evident now encased in her black leotard wear. As the leotards stretched he could almost make out bare skin underneath. The nurse wore no panties! Her legs were flawless. As she turned back toward the leather exam table Kunle’s heart suddenly raced! Victoria’s breasts looked incredible! He could see almost the whole top half of the soft, creamy globes, the nipples were both visible now, forcing themselves practically through the thin material! Her stomach was tight and he could see a mound between her thighs and, he swore to God, a crease right in the middle of her gorgeous mound! God!

Doctor Adaobi then turned back toward him and gave him another feast for his eyes. Her body looked absolutely heavenly in that short skirt and the white blouse. All he could do was gawk at the two women from his position, practically totally naked, tied up, and suffering from probably the biggest erection in his short life under the gathered material of his hospital gown.

“Guys, I’m still really warm,” said Doctor Adaobi. If you don’t mind, I’m going to open my blouse a little. It’s really uncomfortable, isn’t it, Victoria? Kunle, do you mind?”

“Uhhh…uhhhh…n n no,” stammered Kunle. He couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t hot at all!

Doctor Adaobi smiled, pulled out her shirttail from the tight, black skirt and slowly began to unbutton her white blouse. As she did, Kunle began to get a look at what had been hidden underneath all this time! The doctor began to reveal an absolutely gorgeous, creamy, soft pair of globes of her own! Kunle couldn’t take his eyes off of them. The doctor released the last button at the bottom and let her blouse gently swing open to reveal dark aureoles and eraser-stiff dark nipples! Kunle’s hospital gown jumped like a puppet just a little higher.

“You know, Doctor, if you and Kunle don’t mind, I’m going to get a little more comfortable, too. I feel left out,” giggled Nurse Victoria. “Doc, could you help me? I feel a little stiff in the back.”

YOU feel stiff, exclaimed poor Kunle in his mind. Nobody could be stiffer than he!

“Sure, Victoria. Don’t want you to pull a muscle like Kunle did. Raise your arms,” giggled the doctor. Doctor Adaobi stepped behind the nurse, grabbed Victoria’s top and slowly pulled it up. Huge, soft breasts bounced out of the top as it was raised over them and off of Victoria’s beautiful head. Kunle groaned loudly now at the sight!! The two women stood there gazing at him for a moment as their breasts jiggled and bounced free!

“What the heck, guys,” announced Doctor Adaobi. “I don’t want to feel left out.”

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