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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 2] (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 2] (18+)

“Well, Kunle, it’s a gland you probably haven’t used yet at your age, it’s tucked away in the lower part of your body behind your abdomen. When I saw the scan, I also saw your prostate. Your prostate gland is, shall we say, oversized. It’s supposed to be about the size of a walnut but yours appears to be the size of a grapefruit. It’s OK for it to be oversized. It doesn’t hurt a thing at your age, but it presents some incredible possibilities for your bodily functions and responses.”

Both women almost let out a little giggle at that point as they gazed at this gorgeous, young athlete. Kunle wondered what was so darned funny.

Doc went on, “Kunle, with your permission, we’d like to run a couple more tests. Strictly voluntary! You don’t have to take them but I think you might even enjoy it a little if you’re interested in advancing medical science and learning more about your capabilities. Kunle didn’t know what to think or say.

“Anyway, Kunle, while you’re thinking about it, let me just give you a brief exam here before you give us your answer.”


Doctor Adaobi nodded at the nurse who then stepped to the right side of the soft leather exam table. The nurse leaned slightly around the boy’s face,

“Kunle, first I’m just going to open up your gown and adjust it on your lap so the doctor can begin the exam.” The nurse leaned in and reached across Kunle’s broad shoulders with her right hand and grasped his gown on both sides of his neck, pulling the gown forward, away from his arms and down across his chest.

Doctor Adaobi stepped to Kunle’s left side and watched intently as the gown was lowered down the front of his body to come to rest against his lower abdomen and hips, still covering his upper thighs and spilling over the foot of the table between his thighs and knees.

The nurse was so close that Kunle could smell her body. Again there was just that hint of exotic fragrance mixed with the heat coming from her body he had noticed when she took his blood pressure. If he wasn’t mistaken, she looked in his eyes as she dropped his gown.

The two women stood in silence for a moment letting their eyes wander from his hair to his big eyes, across his strong nose, puffy lips, athlete’s chin, wide shoulders, smooth hairless chest with well-defined pecs and on down to his gorgeous six-pack.

Just a hint of short, soft, pubic hair could be seen peeking out from the gown folded over his groin. That groin was beginning to tingle with somewhat unfamiliar sensations as the young boy, practically naked, watched the looks in the nurse’s and doctor’s eyes and noticed their breathing come a little heavier.

The nurse’s nipple was continuing to probe her low top. The doctor’s lips were wet and slightly parted over beautiful white teeth.

“Kunle, I want to check your sensitivity and reactions. Victoria here is going to assist me. It should feel pleasurable to you. Don’t be nervous or embarrassed. Any reaction you have will be only physical and won’t harm you in any way. See the bar hanging above your head? We use it for physical therapy.”

“Yes,” Kunle replied. His breathing was starting to grow a little heavier, too.

“Please reach up and hang on to the bar at each end and don’t let go for any reason or it’ll ruin the test. OK?”

“OK.” Kunle reached above his head and grasped the bar that was over two feet above his head. His arms stretched up above his body and his back was arched straight up.

“Now, stay as still as you can during the process,” said Doctor Adaobi. The doctor and nurse exchanged a long look behind Kunle’s back, glanced down at his gorgeous butt and smiled at each other before beginning the procedure.

Victoria stepped forward to Kunle’s right side, nudging her thighs up against the exam table. Doctor Adaobi did the same on Kunle’s left side.

“Kunle, I’m going to check your spinal column. OK?”


Suddenly, Kunle felt Doctor Adaobi’s soft fingertips brush against the back of his neck. They lingered there for a few moments, gently tickling his neck and, occasionally softly brushing across his earlobes. Kunle’s breathing became a little heavier. He was getting chills from the gentle touches.

“I’m just testing your sensitivity to neuro stimulus. It’s OK.”

Kunle couldn’t help but squirm a little.

“Victoria, please mirror my movements on the front of Kunle’s body so we can check for any imbalances.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Victoria. The nurse slowly reached forward with her right hand and gently brushed her fingertips across Kunle’s right jaw and onto his throat where her fingers lightly tickled his neck and Adam’s apple, mirroring the doctor’s feather-like touchings on the back of the boy’s neck. Chills and goosebumps were rapidly growing from the boy’s face to his shoulders.

As Doctor Adaobi continued the ticklish stimulation of Kunle’s neck she reached up to Kunle’s left wrist and began brushing the soft fingertips of her left hand against his wrist, slowly descending to his forearm.

Nurse Victoria mimicked the treatment on Kunle’s right arm sending an avalanche of goosebumps down his arms and all over his face and neck as Kunle continued to receive stimulation of his neck and throat, too.

The two sets of fingertips slowly tickled their way down to his biceps and onto his hairless armpits. This latest stimulation sent Kunle over the edge and he quickly released his grip on the bar and reflexively dropped his arms down to his sides.

“Kunle! You’re interfering with the test, Sweetie!” Doctor Adaobi smiled as she admonished the teenager. I’m sorry, but we can’t let that happen again. Victoria, we’ll have to attach the wrist straps to the bar.”

“Yes, Doctor Adaobi.” Nurse Victoria turned away from the exam table to a drawer where she removed a set of soft, furry straps, two inches wide. She attached one to each end of the three-foot bar above Kunle’s head.

The nurse gently lifted Kunle’s right arm up to one end of the bar and placed his right wrist in the soft, furry loop.

She then tightened it snugly. Doctor Adaobi did the same with the boy’s left wrist at the left end of the three-foot bar, then activated a silent switch with her foot that caused the bar to lift a few inches higher.

This caused Kunle’s arms to be stretched a bit more tightly and his torso to be pulled slightly straighter. It wasn’t uncomfortable but he wouldn’t be going anywhere.

“Kunle, don’t worry. We won’t hurt you. Actually, you’ll probably start feeling really good as we continue with the testing process. Just let it happen,” the beautiful doctor urged.

Kunle couldn’t believe this was happening. Here he was with no clothes on, just the gown draped across his upper thighs and these two gorgeous women were touching him in ways that caused new tingling sensations in his body.

It was almost more than he could stand to be touched and tickled like that. He was real sensitive and the feeling was even stronger because he had no hair on his entire body except for his head and just a little soft, short tuft or so below his abdomen over his pelvic bone.

“OK. Let’s try this again,” murmured Doctor Adaobi. Kunle felt her right hand return and softly brush back up against his neck and earlobes.

Nurse Victoria’s soft right fingertips landed back below Kunle’s jaw and tickled the front of his throat, gently brushing across Adam’s apple and collarbones. Kunle again responded with major goosebumps and began groaning a little.

He could feel twitches in his belly button from the touching of his neck. Two sets of soft fingertips again gently whispered against his forearms, travelling down slowly toward his elbows and onto his biceps. Kunle groaned. This feeling was becoming unbearable. How would he be able to stand it when the tickling reached his armpits again!?

He was about to find out.

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