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August 4, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VIII(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VIII(18+)

He pulled his softening cock out of her slowly, and she rolled over on her side.

“Yeah!” He leaned in and kissed her, long and deep.

She sighed with contentment.

He sat up and pulled his condom off. Glancing around, he noted, “Shit. Bed’s wet!”

She giggled, and sat up, looking at the large dark stain on the green bedspread. “Oh, well! Hopefully, it didn’t go all the way through. Otherwise, you get the wet spot.”

“What do you mean? They’re your juices! Mine are all in here.” He dangled the condom, showing off the wad of cum that filled the bottom of it.

She laughed and climbed out of bed, going into the bathroom. She left the door open, but he could hear her running the water and then peeing. He got up and threw the condom in garbage, picking the other one up off the floor and throwing it away too.

He went into the bathroom just as she was finishing.

She stepped into his arms and they kissed again. She tasted minty.

“Wow!” she said. “I can’t get over how fantastic that was.”

He pulled away from her to pee, and she went back into the bedroom. When he came out she was standing at the window watching the rainfall heavily. The streets and cars were covered with water.

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked.

“It sure is.” Not as beautiful as you. He nuzzled her neck.

She shivered.

By unspoken agreement, they climbed into the bed and curled up together, avoiding the wet spot. After kissing her goodnight, he fell quickly into a deep sleep.

Temi lay in his arms, listening to his even breathing. It is so nice to fall asleep in someone’s arms. She wished it was someone she loved… like Segun. A tear slid down her cheek, but she did not give in to the wracking sobs that threatened to overwhelm her. Enjoy it while you can, Temi. And go to sleep.


Chidi shifted in his sleep and stirred. He felt the warm naked body next to his and woke up. It wasn’t a dream. She’s here in my arms!

His cock, almost always hard in the morning, twitched and stiffened. He traced lazily around one of her areolas with his finger.

Temi became aware of a hard body pressed next to hers, a stiff cock poking at her ass, and a wonderful tingle in her nipple.

“Mmmmm.” She turned her face toward his.

In the half-light of breaking dawn, his beautiful eyes seemed to glow. He smiled at her tenderly and they shared a long, slow kiss. Her body responded, a delicious ache growing in her pussy.

He kissed down her neck, very slowly, languidly making his way down to her succulent breast. He licked. He sucked gently.

She gasped and sighed.

It was very dreamlike. They were both half-asleep, seemingly. He took his time, savouring her. Tasting her. Moving onto the other breast as she rolled onto her back.

She moaned and stretched, revelling in the feel of him, his cock hard against her hip, his lips pulling little thrills from her nipple, making her clit throb.

He paused, pulling back to look at her face. She was exquisite in her desire. Lips parted. Eyes heavy. Her breath coming just a little too fast.

She ran a fingertip up his hard shaft and around the head, causing a bead of clear liquid to seep out of the slit. She stared at it fascinated for a long moment. Such a magnificent cock! So hard for me.

She slid her body down until her face was at his crotch. She smelled his masculinity and her chest tightened with need. She let her tongue slide out to taste his essence, that first drop of bliss to leak from his slit.

He stiffened and gasped when he felt her wet tongue on his cock. His hands entwined into her luscious hair. She began to lick him from the base of his cock to the tip. Very slowly. He shuddered with desire.

“Oh Temi,” he moaned. He wanted more. His cock needed more.

She was tired, making him wait. Her tongue circled the head, sweeping around the ridge, causing waves of pleasure to wash over him.

He moaned loudly.

She did not pick up the pace. Her tongue slowly explored every inch of his now straining cock. She went lower, licking each of his balls thoroughly. She pulled his balls one at a time into her mouth, rolling them around on her tongue. Sucking.

He quivered with desire. She was driving him insane with need. A steady flow of pre-cum began running out of his slit.

She ran her tongue back up his shaft. Still slowly. She lapped up the pre-cum.

He gasped in ecstasy as her mouth closed over just the tip of his penis. How did she get me so close to orgasm already?

She took his cock into her throat. Slowly, inch by inch, she swallowed it into her warm depths.

Watching his face, seeing the obvious pleasure she brought to him—his eyes were squeezed shut, his breath coming in quick pants—her pussy juiced with want.

She drew back so her mouth was covering only the head. She swept her tongue around the ridge and into the slit and went back down taking all of him deep into her throat.

He could no longer stand it—her slow pace. He was very close to orgasm. With a loud groan, he tightened his grip on her hair, holding her head in place, and he began to thrust into her.

“Temi! I’m gonna cum!”

She focused on taking as much of him as possible down her throat, breathing, and not gagging. He was doing all the work now. It thrilled her to be able to turn him on this much. His whole body went tense, his butt turning to steel under her hands.

Another loud groan ripped from his throat as intense pleasure swept over him. He shot sperm down her throat, the head of his cock pushing against her tonsils, sensitive now. He released another stream, then another.

She swallowed and gasped for air and swallowed again, trying to catch all of his release. His body relaxed. His cock twitched again, still in her mouth, and started to soften. She swallowed again, the last of his seed, and licked his cock clean.

“Mmmm. Temi,” he murmured. “Wow!”

She moved up to kiss him. Her face smelled of his musk and she tasted of cum. A strong emotion swept over him. Love? No, couldn’t be. I don’t know her well enough. He kissed her tenderly.

He felt extremely relaxed. He roused himself to touch her, one hand going to a nipple, the other to her clit.

She pulled his hands away gently, settling them on her stomach as she turned her back to him and snuggled in. “It’s early yet. Maybe we can just sleep a couple more hours and play more later?”

“If that’s what you want.” He let his guilt go. He was half-asleep again already.


He awoke some hours later. The room was bright and he could see clear blue sky out the window. He glanced at the clock. It was 9:05 am. He still had time.

He gently disengaged from her and slipped out of bed without waking her. He stepped into the bathroom to relieve himself, then quickly found his clothes and dressed. He considered leaving her a note in case she woke up while he was gone, but settled on leaving his still damp T-shirt on the back of the desk chair. He hoped that would be enough to let her know he would be back.

The key was on the dresser. He slipped it into his pocket and left.

Outside it was crisp and cold. The wetness had covered the streets. There was almost no traffic. The cold seldom lasted long. Lagos never shut down like this when it rained.

He lit a cigarette and enjoyed a smoke on the way to the supermarket. Once inside, he quickly found the card section. He was disappointed at their small selection—it had been picked through—but after looking at several cards, he finally settled on one. It was not ideal, but it was the best they had.

He paid for the card. 1000 Naira. He still had enough money left for the bus home—with 500 Naira to spare.

The doorman frowned at him as he came up the steps into the hotel lobby. He ignored him. He had a key. He belonged here even if he didn’t look like it. He went to the front desk and borrowed a pen from the receptionist. She looked him over curiously but seemed friendly enough.

He signed the card simply with, “Temi, thank you for the best night ever! Chidi”

Back in the room, Temi was still asleep, her lovely face looking peaceful. He went to the bathroom where he had noticed the disposable toothbrushes she had bought. She had brushed her teeth the night before. He hesitated briefly before using the second toothbrush. He wasn’t sure if she meant the other one for him, but he didn’t want to smell like cigarette smoke for her.

He shed his damp sweatshirt and busied himself making tea in the small pot that was in their room.

“Good morning.” Her voice was still heavy with sleep.

He turned to her and smiled. “Good morning. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

She frowned and groaned.

A stab of guilt pained him as he remembered that Valentine’s Day would probably be difficult for her, being a new widow and all.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to remind you.” He changed the subject quickly. “It’s beautiful outside. There’s wetness on the ground, and it’s sunny.”

She flicked her eyes briefly to the window and they returned to him. “You’re dressed!” she said, almost accusingly.

“Oh, I can be undressed quickly,” he replied, pulling off his shirt and kicking off his shoes. He bounced onto the bed next to her and gave her a brief kiss.

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