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May 16, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VI(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VI(18+)

He checked his phone. He turned the ringer off, but now he saw that his brother had called him several times. Damn, what does he want?

“Uh, I need to make a call,” he said apologetically.

“Sure, of course.”

He dialled and soon heard his brother’s “O boy! Where are you?”

“I dey Lekki.”

“Who are you with? What are you doing?”

“I’m hanging out.” Chidi did not feel like going into detail with his brother right now.

“See, you’re not getting into trouble, are you? Who are you with?”

“I’m cool. Look, I got to go. Did you need something?”

“Chidi, don’t be rude. You can’t afford to get arrested again.”

“It’s all legal.” It’s none of your business.

“You have a job interview in the morning, right?”

“Yep. Ten am. I’ll be there. Uh, I won’t likely be home tonight though.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”


He hung up and turned the phone off. Temi was looking at him curiously.

“My brother. He worries about me.” The conversation with his brother had irked him. He just wants his rent money. He needs to get off my case!

“Do you mind if I smoke?” He had already pulled out his pack. Only four left. Shit!

Yes, I do. “No, go ahead.”

He offered her one and she declined.

Damn! Now he’s going to taste like cigarettes. Well, can’t have everything, Temi. He still has a damn fine cock, and that is not going to taste like cigarettes.

He was smiling at her though, and her heart melted. She returned his smile and he pulled her close, his arm around her waist. She snuggled into him.

She had been leading, and now he noticed they were in front of a pharmacy. She obviously intended to go in, but he still had half a cigarette. They paused in front of the drug store. He took a couple more drags, then dropped the cigarette onto the sidewalk and ground it out with his foot.

When he glanced up at her, she was frowning at him.

What the hell does she expect me to do? Go hunting for a stupid dustbin?

That was exactly what she had wanted him to do. She said nothing, and they went into the store, shivering as the warm air greeted them, chasing the cold away.

She got a basket and wandered around the store. She let him pick out the condoms. She added a waterproof mascara and package that held two toothbrushes.

“Anything else?” she asked.

He shook his head.

She paid with her debit card. How much money has she spent tonight? Almost a hundred thousand Naira maybe—with the hotel room—probably more than One-fifty thousand? Damn, that’s more than a month’s rent for me!

As they walked to their hotel, both of them were filled with delicious anticipation.

Her new panties were soaking already. She had been juicing onto them throughout dinner. She could not wait to get that hard cock back inside her. Damn, he was fine!

No sooner had they closed the hotel room door behind them, than he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. His mouth covered hers. Fiercely. Aggressively.

Her body responded with a wave of heat. A whimper of desire came out of her mouth and she kissed him back, passionately. He did taste like cigarettes, but that observation was in the background. She was aware that her nipples were ultra-sensitive—hard nubs. Her pussy contracted and she could almost feel her clit swelling.

He pushed up against her, dominating her. His muscled shoulders rippled under her hands. She could feel his cock, hard as iron against her groin. Oh, Lord! Her knees went weak.

She pulled out of the kiss to gasp for air.

He stared into her eyes hungrily. Dangerously.

He kissed her again. Slowly. Forcefully. Demandingly. His hand crept up and rested briefly on her bare chest, between her breasts.

He took one long finger and swept it under her bra from the front, dragging it across her bare nipple.

She emitted a short, sharp cry and sagged into him, gasping. Damn, she’s ready!

His finger on her bare nipple had sent a jolt right to her clit. A couple more of those and I’ll be orgasming already! I need to get this top off so he can suck my nipples.

He took her hand and led her to the bed. She sat on the edge and he pulled her shoes off. As she climbed into the middle of the bed. The curtain was open, showing the beauty of the night.

He kicked his shoes off and climbed onto the bed with her. Her hands immediately found his butt, pulling him on top of her.

A low growl came out of him as he felt her underneath him. His groin automatically pushed against hers. He kissed her neck, trying to take his time, trying to go slow this time. He was already more than ready to mount her.

He trailed kisses down her neck to her chest and kissed between her breasts. Easing her sweater neckline to one side, he pulled the top of the bra away from her breast, continuing to trail his kisses onto her soft mound. He found her nipple and sucked.

She let out a groan and convulsed into him, humping.

“Oh God, Temi. You are so sexy!”

“Mmmmm! You are getting me very wet!” Her voice was low, sultry.

He undid the button and unzipped her jeans. She helped him pull them off. Her long, slender legs were gorgeous. He pulled off her socks, one at a time. She sat up and took off her top. Now she was wearing only her new lingerie. His eyes widened in approval.

He started to kiss her again, but her hands were on his shirt, tugging. He pulled off his shirt.

She ran her hands over his chiselled chest, moaning in admiration.

He kissed her again. Her hands did not stay on his chest long. They found the front of his trousers and undid the button and zipper. He groaned as he felt her hands close on his bare cock.

“What! No underwear!” She squirmed out from under him and used her weight to push him over. She dragged on his trousers, laughing. He helped her and was quickly naked. She climbed on top of him, wiggling and moaning with desire. Her hands started to pull and stroke his cock.

“Oh fuck! Oh!” He was overwhelmed. He felt her sheathing his cock with a condom. I’m glad she remembered. I might not have.

She did not even take her panties off. She just pulled them to the side with her fingers and slid down onto his cock. They both cried out in bliss. She started to ride him slowly and he matched her rhythm. Her pussy was doing all manner of fabulous contractions. Her breasts bounced gently within their bra-home. Her face was a study of passion: eyes closed, head back, lips parted.

He slid a hand under her bra from the front and pinched her nipple. She screamed in ecstasy and convulsed, driving into him with several quick, hard thrusts.

Did she just cum again? Her pussy juiced all over him. Yes, she must have.

She settled back into a slow steady rhythm. Good thing too. Many more of those pussy contractions and I would have lost it already!

It didn’t take her long to quicken the pace again. She started making little high-pitched moaning sounds.

So sexy! “You feel fantastic, Temi!” He tried to distract himself, to control himself, to delay his gathering orgasm.

She rode him, feeling his pelvis against her mound, pushing on her clit rhythmically, insistently. Her clit swelled again. His hands cupped her butt as he drove up into her. She squealed in delight and orgasmed yet again.

I’m going to cum soon if I’m not careful! Her pussy squeezing his penis was exquisite. In his efforts to distract himself, he became aware that she was still wearing her little lace panties, and they were rubbing painfully on the side of his cock.

“Hang on, Temi. Can we take off your panties?”

He held the condom in place. She disengaged and quickly shed her wet panties. As she went to reposition herself on top of him, he caught her around the waist and pushed her down on the bed, climbing onto the top position himself. He entered her again immediately and they both convulsed with fresh ecstasy. He growled with lust, picking up the pace and pounding into her.

The extremely masculine, animal sounds he was making drove her crazy with desire. She was way past thinking of anything. She was lost in lustful oblivion, helpless under his driving thrusts. Another wave of orgasm hit her and her muscles contracted hard. She screamed and moaned, wrapping her legs around his thighs, trying to force him even further into her. She could not get enough.

He was on the edge, and he fought hard to stay just there. She felt amazing. She was soaking wet; her pussy kept squeezing his cock like a vice. He slowed his rhythm, wanting to enjoy her, but he kept his thrusts long and deep.

He began to chew on her earlobe and her pussy clenched again. A fire ignited in his groin and he felt his balls start to scrunch.

“Oh, fuck, Temi!” he breathed. He pulled out of her, not wanting to cum yet. Breathing heavily, he attacked her mouth with kisses.

“You cum?” she asked breathlessly, around his kisses.

“Not yet, but I’m close. I don’t want to cum yet.” Even now that he was disengaged from her, he still felt as if the slightest touch would push him over. He sucked hard on her lower lip.

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