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May 8, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine IV(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine IV(18+)

He ordered a cocktail. Mojito. She ordered something called ‘Belvedere.’ Her drink arrived in a bottle, looking very blue.

“Would you like to try it?” she asked.

He did. “That’s good! It tastes smooth. It doesn’t taste like alcohol at all.”

“Yes, but it’s strong,” she warned, smiling.

She talked about her job as a customer support manager at Interswitch.

No wonder she has so much money!

He talked about his hopes to go to university and his lack of funds and focus. He didn’t know what he wanted to study. He loved acting. He loved dancing.

She encouraged him and drew him out. They finished their first drink and ordered another round. He decided to have a belvedere too. The conversation became easier. They talked about movies. He was surprised she liked some of the movies he did. He would have expected her to be old school.

By the time he was halfway done with his drink, he could feel its effects. He was more relaxed. More confident. He rested his hand casually on her thigh and she almost seemed to moan. His eyes kept wandering down to her fine cleavage, and sometimes lower to her shapely hips and long legs. The beast within him howled.

She could smell his musky scent more and more. His eyes were appreciative, sensual. She ached with a yearning so strong it was almost painful. Her panties were hopelessly wet. She hoped her jeans weren’t getting wet too.

He excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he slid onto the stool next to her and crept his arm around her waist. She shifted, leaning into him.

His arm felt so strong around her. Visions of them both naked, wrapped in passion, kept leaping into her mind. Temi, please! Chill!

He kept smelling her wet pussy, stronger, sharper. It was driving him mad. His cock was granite. He fought back the urge to nibble on her neck. Control, Chidi! She doesn’t want to be smooched in public.

“Do you want to come to dinner with me?” she asked.

“I’m yours for the evening.” His voice was growly, suggestive.

Her heart began to pound. Oh, yes! It’s happening! I will for sure get some of this young beast tonight!

When she was almost finished with her drink, she excused herself to go to the ladies room. The facilities were across the lobby from the bar. While she was peeing, she made a decision. On her way back to the bar, she stopped at the reception and booked a room for the night. The Jacuzzi suites were full, the next day being Valentine’s Day, but she managed to get a room with a King-sized bed.

She returned to her barstool bursting with excitement but trying to hide it.

What’s up? he wondered, but he didn’t ask. He was definitely feeling the alcohol surge through his brain.

She smiled at him, eyes dancing.

He focused on her lips. So close. So kissable.

He wants to kiss me! She envisioned grabbing him by the shirt and dragging him off the barstool. Dragging him all the way up to her room, pushing him onto the bed, and jumping on him. Fuck! I wonder if he has a condom. If not, we’ll have to go buy some. First things first though. I want to check out the room and change out of these soaking panties. How to tell him?

“Another round?” the bartender asked.

“No, I’m good,” she said. Chidi shook his head as well. She signalled for the bill.

If I spend much more time in this bar, I’ll be stripping him down and fucking him right here.

“Dinner now?” he asked as they stood and she gathered the packages.

“Um…well. I would like to change first,” she said.

She looked him in the eye and he knew something was up.

“I got a room.”

Holy Shit! “Here?” his voice squeaked slightly.

“Yes.” She looked embarrassed. “I just got it—on a whim.”

“Well, we better go check it out!” He took her hand and led her to the elevators. A huge grin split his face and she smiled back, looking relieved. Did she think I would have a problem with this? It’s been months since I broke up with my girlfriend. I am more than ready to fuck you, sweetheart!

His cock strained against his pants. He took a position behind her in the elevator, trying to play it cool, hoping she wouldn’t notice how horny he really was. He stood close but not pressing against her. He took her right hand in his, entwining their fingers.

She pushed the button. They rode in silence. She could feel his hot breath on her ear. She almost swooned with desire.

His head was spinning. She is so gorgeous. I can’t believe she’s bringing me to her room!

She let them in with her key, and set her packages down on the dresser, taking in the room at a glance. It was elegantly furnished. The fireplace was nice. There was a view of the downtown city lights from the window. He was still standing in the short entry hall and she turned to him.

He was sometimes weird and spontaneous; the alcohol had squashed his inhibitions. They walked into the room, he closed the door behind them, and he quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. “You want some of this, baby?” he asked, waving it back and forth.

He meant it as a joke. He thought she was certainly experienced enough not to freak out and she would say something like, “Put your dick back in your trouser, man.” And they would both laugh.

He was not prepared for her reaction.

Her eyes glued themselves to his cock, widening. She took a few steps and fell to her knees in front of him. “Christ, Chidi!” Her voice was strangled with emotion.

She could not remember ever having seen such a beautiful penis. And so hard! Segun had not gotten fully hard in years. Chidi’s cock was like a rock. It glistened. Large veins ran up from the base. Beautiful!

She lost all control.

She pulled his pants and his boxers down, fully exposing his hard cock and balls. Her face was full of awe. A whimper of desire came out of her throat and she ran her tongue up his shaft.

His balls clenched and pre-cum immediately dribbled out of the head of his cock. He staggered a step back against the wall, helpless.

She moved with him. Another whimper of desire. She closed her mouth around the head of his penis and went down, sucking hard.

He could not help the scream that issued from his throat as he felt her mouth close around his sensitive head. Incredible!

She cradled his balls in one hand and held the base of his shaft with her other. She slid her mouth quickly up and down his cock, sucking and tonguing and pushing the head all the way back into her throat.

“Jesus Christ, Temi!” His fingers clutched her hair. He screamed again and lost it.

He had been hard already for hours, but the orgasm caught him unexpectedly. It overwhelmed him completely. He felt his balls tighten and sperm rush into his shaft. Pleasure consumed him, engulfing his groin and spreading like wildfire to his limbs. Sensation flamed into the head of his cock. He spasmed and shot load after load of cum deep into her throat.

It took him a while to recover. He leaned against the wall, eyes closed, small moans coming out of his mouth. “Fuck, Temi!” he finally managed to say. “Fuck!”

“Do you want to?” she asked. She seemed to have finished swallowing all his sperm and she grinned up at him wickedly.

He let his knees relax, and he slid down the wall so he was sitting on the floor. She still knelt in front of him. He put a hand under her jaw and pulled her face to his. Their lips crushed together passionately. He thrust his tongue between her lips, tasting his own salty semen on her.

She moaned and clutched his shoulders tightly.

They broke away, both gasping for air.

“That blow job was amazing! I was not expecting it though,” he said.

“Well, you take your hard dick out and start waving it around. What did you think would happen?” she asked, laughing.

He smiled. “I thought you would tell me to put it back.”

“Oh, no way!” she said. She looked at his cock, which was still mostly hard. “Do you have any condoms?”

Condoms, fuck! He hadn’t even thought about them. “I think I have one.” He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and rummaged for a few seconds before producing a somewhat tattered looking condom package. “One,” he repeated.

“That will never be enough, but it’s a start,” she said.

“You have entirely too many clothes on.” He tugged on her sweater.

She laughed and climbed to her feet, offering a hand to help him up. “Do you want to take a shower with me?”

“Shower?” Both of us naked in the same little space together, lathering each other’s bodies with soap? “Sure!”

He shed his clothes and followed her into the bathroom, rumbling in anticipation.

She heard a low animal noise coming from him as she stepped into the bathroom. It sent her over the edge. Christ Almighty, he is sexy! And he’s got a fucking fine cock. It was larger than she would have expected for someone his size. And so stiff! Iron stiff. She wanted it inside her—bad!

He stopped just inside the bathroom door and watched her undress. She seemed to have no inhibitions, and as her clothes came off, he understood why. Her body was perfect. She was amazingly fit. Her thigh muscles bulged; they weren’t huge, but definitely defined. Her breasts were nicely rounded and still high on her chest. As she bent over to remove her soaked panties, he got a fine view of her very firm butt with a flash of pussy below.

He stepped forward, laid a hand on her ass, and emitted a low growl. He couldn’t help it. It just came out.

When he growled, she shivered with desire. She stood and turned into his arms. He was still wearing his damp singlet, his eyes drinking in her naked body. She tugged on his singlet. “Your turn,” she said. “Take this off. I want to see you naked.”

He watched her face as he slowly pulled his singlet off together. Her eyes widened in appreciation. As soon as he got his shirts off, she began running her hands over his muscled chest. Her body trembled.

“Nice tattoo,” she whispered, tracing the edges of the lion that was on his upper right arm.

“Thanks. I have one here too.” He turned and pointed at a very small tattoo on his ass cheek.

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