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May 16, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine III(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine III(18+)

She ordered fried chicken for them.

The silence stretched again. Finally, he had to say something. He had to find out what her situation was, whether he had any hope at all of sex with her.

“So, what would your husband think of you—being here with me? Buying me a drink?”

“Huh?” She seemed confused.

“Your husband?” He nodded toward her ring. “He doesn’t care?”

“Oh!” She finally seemed to understand. Her eyes darkened and her face became very sad.

Oh Damn! Not only is she married… she’s in love with her husband!

“I’m sure Segun’s fine with it,” she said. Her voice choked on his name and tears sprang into her eyes.

Well, now I know! What a fool I was to think I might have a chance with her. She’s obviously having major marital issues. She’s buying me a drink as part of some sick little game she’s playing with her husband. Oh well—just enjoy, dude.

“I’m a widow,” she finally said quietly. “Since April.” It was still very difficult to talk about. She was just getting used to her status herself, and people never knew how to react when she told them.

A widow! A sharp pang of pity struck him, followed by a strong urge to protect and help her, followed immediately by a rush of sexual desire. Damn! A damn hot widow! He was sad, though, and he looked at her closely again, just to make sure she was genuine. She was. Her pain was real enough, so unless she was an incredibly good actor, and also psychotic, she was on the level.

“I’m sorry,” he said. He reached for her hand as they sat shoulder-to-shoulder at the bar. It was a purely instinctive move. As his larger hand wrapped around hers, a jolt of sexual energy travelled through him. He looked into her beautiful, sorrowful eyes and his chest tightened. April. I wonder if she’s had sex with anyone since then. Chidi, you selfish, horny bastard! Don’t be taking advantage of her situation.

She tried to shrug off the heaviness that always descended when she thought about Segun. When Chidi grabbed her hand, heat sliced through her and her heart soared. This is the path to freedom from pain. He can help me. She looked into his deep dark eyes so filled with concern. And something else—lust perhaps? Her pussy throbbed.

“I don’t know why I still wear the ring,” she said, looking at her hand and pulling it gently out of his to touch her ring with her other hand. “I guess I’m just not ready to… to…” To what? Forget about Segun? Give up on my marriage? Start dating?

He sighed in soft regret as she pulled her hand away. “That’s okay. I understand,” he said.

Their food arrived and they both busied themselves eating, watching each other, flirting gently with their eyes. The mood had become serious, though. Heavy.

She finished her drink. When the bartender asked, she declined although she really did want more drink. She didn’t want to look like an alcoholic.

What now? Think, man. We’re done eating. She’s done drinking. It’s over unless you figure something else out.

“Do you want to hang out?” That’s dumb. She doesn’t want to hang out. “I mean, I could help you shop… at the lingerie store.” He gave her a slow smile.

Her heart skipped three beats. Did he really say he wants to go lingerie shopping with me? Heat surged through her body. His smile was devastating. She could not help but smile back. “Okay. Sure. That will be fun!” And exciting!

His engine accelerated. Full speed ahead! His cock was almost hard. Slow down, horny goat. Don’t seem too eager. Chill.

She paid the bill, N9000 , and they left.

“Where to now?” he asked as they exited. He wasn’t sure if she really wanted him to come with her or not. She grabbed his hand and a thrill ran through him again, straight to his cock.

“Trouvai Lingerie Store. It’s at Centro Lekki mall.” She started off down the street, leading him. He seemed happy to hold her hand. They grinned at each other like children with a secret.

He is so… fucking… sexy! His walk was extremely masculine. Just the way he moved was driving her mad. She was very wet. She glanced secretly at his crotch. Yes, there’s definitely a bulge there. Sweet Jesus!

This could be embarrassing, she thought as they entered the store. What the hell am I doing here with him?

However, her natural shopping instincts kicked in as she spied sexy underwear and bra set on a mannequin. She stopped to admire it, letting go of his hand to finger the panties that below. “These are pretty.”

This is so hot! He followed her as she moved through the store, pausing now and again to look at something more closely. The store was full of tiny, lacy bits. He couldn’t help but picture the perfect bodies that would be wearing them. His hard-on raged.

She stopped to admire a bustier in black lace over red satin. He stood very close behind her. She had taken her jacket off and he could feel the heat of her body. “That matches your sweater,” he whispered in her ear. “It would look awesome on you.”

His voice was low and sultry in her ear. She stifled a groan as an intense wave of desire washed over her. “You think?” she asked, turning to look at him. She didn’t step back and found herself face to face with him, their bodies only inches apart.

He put his hand lightly on her hip. “Yes,” he said, smiling into her eyes. He could smell her spicy perfume. If we don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to embarrass myself by leaking onto my pants.

She turned away from him, but his hand lingered on her hip. She forced her breathing to normal and busied herself looking through the bustiers for her size. “I need to try this on,” she said, pulling one off the rack.

He followed her to the dressing rooms but stopped outside. “I’ll wait for you here.”

“I’ll be quick,” she said, disappearing into the room.

Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. Oh, my God! I’d love to see her in that lacy thing. Her body seemed perfect—what he had seen of it.

Join me in the dressing room—we can fuck right here!

Whew! Get a hold of yourself, Temi. Let’s show a little patience. Have at least a little class. Sure enough, her underwear was soaked. This could get embarrassing. I need to have more control… somehow.

The bustier fits her well and it did match her sweater. She bought the bustier and matching panties, and three more panties that were on a table at three for 7,000 Naira

The charge came to 40,000 Naira. She paid for it with her debit card and didn’t seem to flinch. He was impressed. She’s rich. What is she doing with me? She was definitely flirting with him though. And when she stood close, he was pretty sure that scent he was catching underneath her perfume was wet pussy. His cock swelled and throbbed. He didn’t even try to hide his erection. It was hopeless. He tried to ignore it and hoped it wasn’t too noticeable.

He carried her package and picked up her hand again as they left the store. They wandered slowly around the mall, walking close, holding hands.

She paused outside the door to the men boutique. There was a huge poster of a shirtless man, looking sultry. His abs were amazing.

“Can I buy you something? A shirt, maybe?” she asked. She turned and looked at him, standing very close.

“Well, I don’t… I’m….”

“Please?” she interrupted. She put a finger lightly on his lower lip. Her eyes shifted to his mouth. So kissable!

She wants to kiss me! The sexual tension was so thick it seemed almost tangible. It was all he could do to restrain himself from leaning over and sucking on her pouty bottom lip.

“Please?” she asked again.

“If you insist,” he answered. He wasn’t sure he was comfortable with her buying him clothes, but he couldn’t seem to deny her. She probably had great taste and she certainly seemed to have plenty of money.

“Something casual,” he said as they entered the store. He didn’t wear collared shirts.

They eventually settled on a long-sleeve T-shirt with a cool design on it. It was red-blue. She insisted he tries it on before buying it.

When he stepped out of the dressing room to show her the shirt, her eyes widened in admiration. Wow! She had suspected he had nice muscles underneath his shirt. The tight T-shirt didn’t hide much. He was muscular! Down, girl. Down! The bill was N19,000 —almost N22,000 with VAT. She paid for it with her debit card again. She didn’t seem to lack funds. He beat down his guilt.

She wants sex, but she’s not buying me. I want sex too. I would fuck her in a hot minute whether she spent a kobo on me or not.

“Do you want another drink?” she asked as they left the store. “Let’s go to the sailor’s lounge.” She saw a slight hesitation in him. “I’ll buy, of course,” she added.

“I’m not used to being paid for.”

“It’s nothing, really.” I would like to get used to paying for you!

They held hands again as they walked. He had never said yes, but it was clear to both of them that he wasn’t going anywhere.

The bar was a few streets away. It had huge windows overlooking the street. When you sat at the bar, you could watch all the shoppers coming and going.

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