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Edymaniac: The Birthday Girl (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Birthday Girl (18+)

Onyeka gasped her husband slowly kisses his way down her back, kissing each and every spot of her body, making her moan and shiver. Onyeka is sure that Hassan knows her body better than she does. He knows how to tease her. How to make her tremble with pleasure.

How to make her cum.

Hassan kissed Onyeka’s left butt cheek before moving to the right butt cheek. Onyeka’s pussy gets wet as Hassan starts playing with her ass. She sucks in a breath as his finger slide over her pussy. Onyeka’s muscles tense under his heated touch. Hassan’s movements are slow and juicy, and Onyeka is so wet that she’s dripping onto the bed. Two fingers enter her heated pussy.

“These long, lazy mornings having sex with my own sex goddess are the best… Nothing will ever be better than this,” he mumbles into her ass.

“You’re right on that,” Onyeka says as he continues licking her clit, pushing his fingers in and out of her cunt at an agonizingly slow rhythm. “God, Hassan, I want you in my pussy,” she moans, wiggling her ass. Her husband’s cock is so big that taking it into her pussy full length hurts, but Hassan loved sex with Onyeka, and Onyeka loved to give him that pleasure. Onyeka had planned this before her husband woke up. “I emptied my bowels before you woke up,” she says.

“God, you’re too good for me,” Hassan says as he reaches and opens the nightstand’s drawer and pulls out the lube. Teasing Onyeka’s pussy with his fingers, he presses the fingers of his other hand against her anus. Whimpering and biting her lip Onyeka relax her ass, and a finger slides in.

Onyeka can feel the coolness of the lube, but it fast warms up, heats her ass. Another finger enters her ass. Her husband’s talented fingers are sliding in and out of her pussy and ass. It feels incredible, and Onyeka moans and writhes.

Then he pulls her ass up and slides a pillow under her belly. “Christ,”
Onyeka moans, sliding her hand to her dripping wet pussy. When she feels the thick tip of the massive cock pressing on her asshole, Onyeka starts rubbing her clit. The head of her husband’s cock is enormous, like a small fist, and she whimpers in pain as he struggles to get it inside her.
But he is insistent, and finally, Onyeka’s well-lubed asshole opens and gives way for his big cock to slide inside. He pushes his head into her tightness and then holds still.

Inch-by-inch, her husband, makes his way into her constricting ass until his hips are pressed against Onyeka’s butt cheeks. He stays like that for a moment, letting her get used to having his huge cock inside her bowels. Then he slowly pulls back, and when he pushes back in, Onyeka starts getting into it.

“Oh, fuck! Ohhhh, fuuuck!” Onyeka moans furiously rubbing her clit as her husband fucks her ass with slow and deep strokes. She’s writhing and wriggling. The pleasure is surging through her.

“So, fucking tight.” Hassan grunts. “I love your ass.”

He drives it into Onyeka. “Ahh! Yes! You’re so fucking big! That monster cock is ripping me open!” she cries, rearing to meet him.

That is her way of telling Hassan that she is ready to be fucked hard. Hassan starts pounding it into her harder and harder. Onyeka’s asshole grips his cock as it lashes in and out of her. “Fuck! I love this! You’ve got such a tight ass!” Hassan pants. “I love fucking your ass!”

He rams it into Onyeka, rides her like a bronco buster, his balls thumping her pussy. Onyeka groans uncontrollably, rubbing her clit, taking her husband’s quivering cock all the way into her ass with every thrust. His fast thrusts make Onyeka’s body shake, her ass constricts on his cock, making Hassan moan and grunt in pleasure. Onyeka loves hearing the sounds he makes when he’s too horny to care anything else than his own pleasure.

“Oh, baby, I’m cumming!” Hassan shouts and swells inside Onyeka, and hot jism explodes into her ass. Panting, Hassan collapses on her back. Onyeka smiles when she feels his body shuddering against her back. Getting her ass fucked always hurts a little, and afterward, her ass is sore, but it is worthy of giving her husband the pleasure.

“What do you want for your birthday?” Onyeka asks her panting husband.

“A threesome,” Hassan whispers in her ear. “Fuck,” He then grunts and pulls out of her ass. “That was unfair, you know I’m dazed after anal sex. Baby, I didn’t mean—”

Onyeka kisses him hard and passionately. Then she smiles at him. “I’m not angry,” As strange as it is, that is true; she is not at all angry at him about his threesome fantasy.

His eyes widen. “You aren’t?”

“No, honey, I’m not. I asked, knowing well that you were not thinking straight when basking in the afterglow. You confessed what you want, and I cannot be angry at that,” Onyeka says. “Besides, sex with two women is the most common male fantasy.”

Hassan pulls her on top of him. “God, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Onyeka says, smiling at him. “so… mĂ©nage Ă  trois?”

Her husband blushes. “Baby, you are more than enough, much more than enough for me. We have the most incredible sex life, I’m not bored with you or our sex life. Forget what I said.”

“Sorry, honey, now that the cat is out of the bag, it cannot be put back in,” Onyeka says, thinking about it. Hassan was not the type of man who would cheat on her. Closing her eyes, Onyeka imagined some slut on her knees, Hassan’s fat cock in her mouth, she’d be sucking it hard, draining him, swirling her tongue around his bulbous head. Even though she spent most of the morning having sex, Onyeka finds herself getting aroused at the fantasy of her husband with another woman.

“Baby? Why are you so quiet? Please, don’t be mad at me, it is just a fantasy. Nothing else, just a fantasy, I’m not planning to make it happen,” Hassan says.

Onyeka opens her eyes and caresses his cheek. “I’m not mad.”


She nods. “Yeah, I’m not mad at all. As you said, it is a fantasy,” she kisses her husband. “let’s get into the shower.”


“She’s too slutty, and what’s with the duckface? Why are they all doing that?” Onyeka mutters as she looks at the picture of a girl. “None of these pretty ducklings are worthy of my Hassan’s time.”

Two weeks she had been looking for a woman for the threesome she wanted to give her husband as a birthday gift. But while she been looking for the girl, she had been imagining watching Hassan with another woman. And that idea instantly made her wet. More Onyeka had thought about it, more aroused she had gotten when fantasizing watching her husband fucking another woman. Not a night went by without Onyeka waking horny after a wet dream about her husband fucking another woman. Finding the perfect mistress for her husband had become an obsession of hers.

After she had googled it, and Onyeka had learned that she was not alone in her desire to share her husband with another woman. The Internet was full of women like her. She even had found an online support group for like-minded women.

When Onyeka had created a dating profile for her husband Hassan had been a hit. There were dozens of women who wanted her husband and that made her proud of Hassan. However, to Onyeka’s disappointment, most of the women who offered themselves to her husband were fitness model type.

And that wasn’t what Onyeka was looking for her husband. She was a short, athletic woman with strong muscles and tiny, almost boyish ass and small tits. Onyeka wanted to give some variety to her husband; she wants her husband’s mistress to be physically just the opposite of herself.

The waitress brings her food, interrupting her thoughts, and sighing deep Onyeka puts her phone off and starts eating. As she is eating, a tall, curvy woman comes into the restaurant. Onyeka gasps when she recognizes the plus size fashion model.

The young woman is an embodiment of all the things Onyeka wants from her husband’s mistress. A beautiful, tall, deliciously curvy woman with a big heart-shaped bubble butt and huge breasts. As she looks at the woman, Onyeka imagines her voluptuous naked body under her husband.

Her head tossed back in ecstasy, her curly hair spread on the pillow. Her long luscious legs wrapped around Hassan’s waist, big boobs jiggling with every thrust as Hassan pounds it into her. Onyeka feels her nipples beading against the thin fabric of her bra. She waves for the waitress, and when she comes to her, Onyeka nods toward the model at the door. “Please, go and ask if she wants to share a table with me,” she says.

The waitress nods and goes to the sexy woman. She glances at Onyeka and nods giving her a big smile. The waitress leads her to Onyeka, who gets up to introduce herself. The plus-size model is almost as tall as her husband; Onyeka barely reaches to her jaw. Onyeka gulps, staring at the woman’s extremely ample cleavage. Onyeka then looks into the model’s eyes, offering her hand to be shaken. “Onyeka,” She says.

“Ireti,” The model replies, shaking Onyeka’s hand.

Onyeka nods. “I know, I’m a fan of yours.”

Ireti gives her order to the waitress, and after the waitress had left, she looks at Onyeka. “I’m sorry, but if you are interested in me… I don’t swing that way.”

“I’m srea, but that wasn’t what I meant. I just think that you are not only beautiful and sexy, but there is… sort of an ethereal aura around you in all the pictures that I’ve seen,” Onyeka smiles at her. “And it seems that you have that same aura in real life too.”

Ireti chuckles. “I’m still not sure if you’re not trying to pick me up or not. But a girl does like to hear compliments like that. You are a lot better at it than men.”

Onyeka grins at her. “Any woman is better at complimenting another woman than a man. We’ve heard all possible compliments, and all we have to do is to pick up the best one,” she said. “Although, the thing about you having an ethereal aura around you is true, and I think I’m going to put the ethereal thing into the mouth of one of my male protagonists.”

Ireti raises her eyebrow. “Male protagonists? Are you a writer?”

“Yeah, although, I’m an accountant,” Onyeka says. “But writing is my passion.”

“What kind of books do you write?”

“My husband calls my stories as romance novels with a lot of elements from the magical realism. My stories have the magical element, and I kinda got into writing after I read Achebe’s Arrow of God,” Onyeka said.

“Oh, I love Achebe,” Ireti said, and very soon they were engaged in a lively and exciting conversation about their favorite writers and books. They got along very well together, and Onyeka enjoyed Ireti’s company immensely. So much, that she almost forgot why she had asked the woman to join her.

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